Neuromuscular Disease Foundation “CURIOUS III” Fundraiser: Does Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?

For the third year in a row, the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation (NDF) has hosted a fundraiser to raise awareness of the debilitating disease that attacks the muscles. This year, NDF hosted a celebrity red carpet event at a fabulous Beverly Hills estate. Sponsored by L.A. Downtown Motors – Mercedes Benz, proceeds from the event directly goes toward the support of the NDF, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research programs at UCLA Medical Center, Hadassah Center in Jerusalem, Ishizo Nishino in Japan, and the Mary Crowley Medical Research Center at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. In a town that can seem to be glossed over with many fallacies, it was good to be a part of a cause that is real; a cause that can positively affect the outcome of humanity and the prolonging of life itself.

Gila Michael NDF's founding chair presents

Guests began to make there way down the red carpet

Upon arrival, guests were immersed in the vibrancy of the evening’s hot pink décor that draped throughout the estates palatial settings. The deejay pounded out electrically charged beats that filled even the outer regions of the estates patio and pool area with a never ending stream of beats. Guests snacked on a bevy of savory treats from pizza to thin butter crackers with rich Gouda. The open bar on the patio area kept glasses full with wines and cocktails, while guest circled about chatting and laughing. One of those guests was Gila Michael, NDF’s founding chair. Michael iterated how important awareness is to the foundation through events such as this third year fundraiser.

Check in at the front of the estate

Guest enjoying the outdoor area

“There is a tremendous amount of cutting edge research being done globally,” states Michael. “This truly is a global effort.  Unfortunately, one of the difficulties in dealing with this disease is the lack of money to carry out all the necessary research.”  The organizations goal is to raise $5 million over the next five years aiding the ability to help service victims of the disease. One guest stated that in order to realize this goal, it is going to take the support of everyone at the event and all those that didn’t make it out. He is absolutely correct. It is going to have to be collaborative effort, nonetheless. Since the formation of NDF just a few years ago, world-renowned researchers around the globe have been working to find a cure for neuromuscular diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Hereditary Inclusion Body Myophy (HIBM), Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. NDF’s mission is to fund vital research and to support progressive medical advances in order to bring the cure for neuromuscular diseases within reach.

Card tricks were fun (l); Guests converse (r)

Models Ashley and Tiffany (l) show off Lyric Culture fashions

Although this is a serious cause, the night was about fun and that was what guests had on their minds. As models strolled around showing off new fashion designs from Lyric Culture, guests enjoyed the VIP experience of massages given by Savvy Le Chill. But that wasn’t all that guests were treated to. A live auction and a raffle give-away allowed some of the nearly 400 in attendance to walk away with a little bit of swag! Two of the models from Lyric that I got to speak with, Ashely and Tiffany, showed of the cool jean and T-Shirt designs of Lyric Culture. They not only felt good about showing off the designs of the label, but also they felt good about being a part of an event that aimed to show support and awareness of such a deserving cause.

Massages were given to guests by Savvy Le Chill

(l)One of the coordinators of the event; (r) guests snack in the kitchen area of the estate

Celebrities and special guests in attendance included Stephen P. Webb, ex Mayor of Beverly Hills, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson, Bahar Soomekh, Amy Bailey, George Gray, Gunner Wright, Wayne Jobson, Adam Gaynor, Danny Arroyo, Suzette Tomlinson, David Dastmalchian, Kali Hawk, Brody Hutzler, Shelby Young, Tom Malloy, Adam Tsekhman, Jason “Heat” Rosell, Carrie Keagan, Lisa Cash, Jessica Hall, Ben Decker, and Kyle Carlson.

Gunner Wright (l) and Ben Decker (r)

Many notable guests turned out for the event

Takeisha Rayson with GOE's Ashton LaMarr Wilson (l) show support

Curiosity does kill the cat if the cat represents the lack of knowledge and awareness about this disease. I look forward to seeing what steps are taken to encourage awareness and prolong life of the victims in the next year.

For additional information on Neuromuscular Disease Foundation, please visit:

Special thanks to Steven Yamin at Conscience Entertainment Group for coordinating the event.

Photo Credit: Devere Photography

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