Jewish Distribution Committee with Gen-D Fundraiser Celebrates Cuban Cause - Good People for a Good Cause

Over 200 people came out to support the Jewish Distribution Committee at La Bodeguita de Pico restaurant in Los Angeles.  Among the star-studded crowd was Nikki Hilton and Mischa Barton to help celebrate the work of this organization and the Arnall Family, Essakow Family and Flesh Family’s close work with so many generous and caring individuals.

Crowd enjoys the party

What Started Tonight

This past March several families traveled with the Jewish Distribution Committee (JDC) to Cuba to better understand the situation.  What happened, wasn’t part of your average trip.  The travelers became very inspired.  They decided they had to do something to help the community and their fellow mankind.

Nicole Guzick, who works at nearby Sinai Temple and was part of the Cuban trip, explains it best: “The JDC enables Jewish committees worldwide.  Hundreds of countries; and allows them to thrive at their home.  I’m very proud to be associated and proud of this evening.”

Jackie Flesh (L) with Nicole Guzick

Tom Flesh was also on the trip along with his daughters Jackie, Michelle and Jamie.  Now the whole family is here to show their support. He furthers: “We were inspired by the trip.  And so we want to inspire young people in LA to give back.  We’re putting on this fundraiser and 100% of the money raised will go to the Cuban Jewish Community”.

Tom Flesh with daughters

The funds are being raised through a silent auction that has gathered crowds throughout the evening.  And for good reason.  Some very generous items are being offered.  Designer clothing, amazing opportunities, even entertainment like tickets to Dave Matthews, Madonna, floor seats to a Lakers game.

Nikki Hilton

Nikki Hilton was spotted reviewing the auction items.  “I’m here tonight to support my friend Jackie [Flesh].  She’s great and I want to help her.”  With a smile she moves on, trying to decide which auction to begin with.

In a nearby crowded room, beverages and appetizers are served.  TV Star Mischa Barton spends time with friends and enjoys the atmosphere.

The Jewish Distribution Committee supports and maintains high operating standards by adhering to their core values, mission and operating principles.  Mainly that all Jew’s are responsible for one and other; and to repair the world.  These values underscore all of the JDC’s work around the world and JDC believes that these are shared values, supported by their partners across America.

Currently, JDC is working in over 60 countries around the world.  Their primary geographic areas of priority are Israel, the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Mischa Barton with guest

Their Global mission is to rescue Jews at risk, deliver relief to Jews in dire need, renew the Jewish communal life, enhance Israel’s social services for the most vulnerable, and provide non-sectarian aid and relief in times of disaster.

The money raised is intended for many purposes.  It’s to help meet the humanitarian, religious and cultural needs of the Jewish community. Provide assistance for the renovation of Jewish communal structures.  Train local religious and youth leadership to run educational, cultural and religious activities.  Coordinate visits from rabbis and Jewish educators to facilitate religious services and programs.  Also to monitor social, political and economic developments in the country that may impact the Jewish community.

To learn more about this incredible committee and their activities, please visit:

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