In Defense Of Animals Benefit - A Great Party for a Great Cause

In Defense of Animals Benefit at Paramount Studios was a brilliant Star-Studded success! American Idol's, Paula Abdul took time away from filming Idol in order to host the event.

Paula Abdul Hosts IDA Benefit

The event was held both inside and outside on the Paramount Lot and we were blessed with the kind of weather that shows off the 'perfect LA night'.

Dr. Elliott Katz, President & Founder of IDA

President and Founder of IDA, Dr. Elliot Katz, who is a Veterinarian, shared some very poignant stories with us and explained some of IDA's accomplishments. I was really moved by Dr. Katz and the love and devotion he and the others in this organization have not only for the animals they are guardians for, but for all animals everywhere.

Me and Steve Valentine

Everyone was having a great time. I attend many events and happenings but anyone I spoke to that night agreed that this was one of the most fun, good-vibe events ever. It was a very loving group of people all coming together for a noble and necessary cause. The many celebrities at the happening joined in the festivities, and partied along with the crowd. It was like a giant house party with good friends on a very large scale. The sponsors and celebrities at this event entertained and inspired people while giving to an essential and worthwhile cause, and most of all, to the innocent animals who rely on us to champion their cause.

Warren Hill was a WOW!

There was music, entertainment and dancing at IDAs first-ever star-studded Benefit Concert. There were incredible performances from all of these terrific, famous entertainers. All of the performers rocked the house. It was hard to stay in one's seat and most of us weren't seated for long.


This special event helped the animals affected by Hurricane Katrina, who are still alone, scared and hungry, wandering the abandoned streets searching for food, water and shelter. This event will also launch IDA's Disaster Relief Fund to help animals in future disasters and help fund other IDA rescue operations throughout the world.

The Fantastic Deborah Gibson

There were stellar performances by one music-great after another, working together to put on an amazing show. There was activities going on inside and outside, but no matter where one was cool things were afoot. You just wanted to be everywhere so you wouldn't miss anything.

The soulful, sexy voice of Robbie Dupree hypnotized us Robbie Dupree

Alas, I missed Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), and I was so looking forward to seeing him perform. Other artists I wish I had seen slipped by me as well. I did get to see the magnificent Stephen Bishop with his elegant voice and dreamy lyrics. I was lucky enough to be at dinner with Stephen Bishop once and I didn't realize until then---he is not just entertaining; he is one really funny person' what a treat. I've never laughed harder. Deborah Gibson, Howard Scott, Robbie Dupree, Lester Chambers, Joey Gian, E.G. Daily, Tony and Amanda Maiden, Warren Hill, and Alphonso Johnson, were more than awesome---the place ROCKED OUT!! I enjoyed presenter Steve Valentine's playful antics too. Eric Roberts was also a presenter.

Howard Scott Rocks the audience

Dancing and Revelry

Participating Artists: Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night), Howard Scott (from War), Robbie Dupree, Lester Chambers (from The Chambers Brothers), Stephen Bishop, Robbie Dupree, Joey Gian, Deborah Gibson, E.G. Daily, Rich Dikerson, Tony Maiden & Amanda Maiden of Rufus, Warren Hill, Amana Melome, Laura MacLean, Sally Zito, Steve Farrone, Alphonso Johnson, Jeff Levine, Paul Peress, Peter Wolf, and Justin Hopkins. The All-Star Band: included Steve Ferrone, Alphonso Johnson, Haley Kitts, Peter Wolf, Jeff Pevar (from CPR), Jaared, John Leftwich, Seleno Clarke, Paul Peress, Steve Postell (Musical Coordinator), Jeff Levine (Musical Director), and many more.

Howard Scott pictured with (l) Tea Mindeli (Olympic Hopeful) (r) me

While the musicians played, Cuban-American artist Rolando Diaz transformed a blank canvas into a beautiful work of art titled, "Animal Magic" which was auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting IDA.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

The food stations had quite an interesting and yummy array of vegan delights that could convince one to become a vegan.

The creator of Purely Decadent Soy Ice Cream

More Partying

The Art of Tea

There were specialty stations featuring, among others, O2 Oxygen Bar, Gardenburger, Kudo Beans Coffee, Whole Foods, Mani's on Fairfax, Turtle Mountain which makes both 'So Delicious', and 'Purely Decadent' Soy Ice Cream (it's soooo good!), Lagunitas Brewing Company, Kudo Beans Coffee, Sunergia Soyfoods, Pop'n Mama Organic Kettle Corn, The Art of Tea (they will make a custom Blend for you), One World Vegetarian Cuisine, tantalizing gourmet vegan cuisine, and delectable desserts created by celebrity chefs and restaurants like Organic Oasis, Red Bamboo, The Vegan Joint, Follow Your Heart, Hearthstone Vineyard and Winery, Patron Tequila, Pama Pomegranite Liqueur, Field Roast Vegan Grain Meats, May Wah Healthy Vegetarian, Le Bon Restaurant of Santa Barbara, Food, Inc.,

"Skin: by Monica

Brenda Christian Cosmetics

'Skin by Monica,' gave out the most terrific products for the face, body, hair, feet, cellulite cream, wrinkle cream and a line for men as well. Other sponsors who donated awesome gifts included: Brenda Christian Cosmetics,
NuCelle Spa Skin Care Products, Scentiments, Candle 75, The Beauty Show, Spa Angels, The Fine Arf Collection, Perfect Oxygenated Essentials, Flying Basset, 'Pet' Shampoo (which smells better than any Shampoo I've had---I think I'm going to use it, after all that's how Mane and Tail started.
Other Sponsors were Tails of Hope Sanctuary, Project Hope, That's Cool Events, A-One Events and Party Rentals, and Barry Selby Photography, Diva Dog, the movie.

Candles and Scents

That's Deborah Gibson Posing with Guests

Jane Garrison, who led the animal rescue in New Orleans and personally rescued over 1300 stranded animals stated, "The majority of the animals who died in New Orleans did not die from the hurricane or the flood...they died from starvation and dehydration because there were not enough rescuers to get to them in time. It was absolutely devastating to find these animals locked inside houses; we must not let this happen again. IDA's Disaster Relief Plan will assure action when the next disaster hits so no animal dies alone and scared ever again. Please join me in supporting this crucial work."

Immortalizing the event

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and resulted in a massive loss of life, both human and animal. IDA-Project Hope was one of the first groups on the ground when Katrina hit the Gulf region in August 2005. Over the months, Project Hope provided shelter for homeless animals at their sanctuary in Mississippi, coordinated food and water
drops for strays still wandering the barren streets of New Orleans, and continues today to transport surviving dogs and cats from devastated areas to shelters and new homes in other parts of the country. It's been well over a year now since Katrina struck, yet IDA's Project Hope remains one of the few groups in the Gulf region still helping Katrina's animal victims.


These celebrities are on the Honorary Committee: Grant Aleksander, John Archibald, Ed Asner, Justin Baldwin, Antonio Banderas, The Barbi Twins, Laurel Barrett, Ed Begley, Hakim Bell, Pete Bennett, Eric Burdon, Tom Callahan, David Carradine, Jillian Clare, Chris Cory, James Costa, James Cromwell, Princess Tamara Czartoryski-Borbon, Rolando Diaz, Jim Dratfield, Brian Drolet, Andrea Eastman, Michael Franks, Adrienne Frantz, Cecille Gahr, Deborah Gibson, Dr. Marty Goldstein, Melanie Griffith, Randy Grim and Quentin the Miracle Dog, Emmylou Harris, Justin Hartley, Tippi Hedren, Warren Hill, Heather Holley Hoffman, Rob Hoffman, Lori and Jeff Hyland, Joel Iskowitz, Dominic Scott Kay, Amelia Kinkade, Ellen & Robbie Little, Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop, Yvette Lopez, Bobbie Sue Luther, Kate Linder, Joan MacIntosh, Jim Mason, Candice Michelle, Dave Mirkin, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Shelley Morrison, Kevin Nealon, Willie and Amy Nelson, Flip Orley, Joey Pantoliano, Peri Parker, John Andrew Parks, Alexandra Paul, Joaquin Phoenix, Dan Piraro, Emily Scott Pottruck, Eric Roberts, Arnold Shapiro, Marina Sirtis, Billy Squier, Loretta Swit, Jeff Timmons, Mariana Tosca, Ann Turkel, Steve Valentine, Maureen Van Zandt, Steven Van Zandt, Vegan Vixens, Ken Wahl, Diane Warren, Dan Wells, Bernie Williams, Debra Wilson Skelton, Nikki Ziering, Barry Zito, Joseph Zito, Sally Zito and many, many more! New celebrities and artists added daily.

The Swag Bags

Founded in 1983, In Defense of Animals (IDA) has long been at the forefront of the fight for animal rights. Their efforts over the years have resulted in some exceptional accomplishments and achievements both at home and abroad. Some of their victories include:
1. Liberating 40 dolphins off the coast of Japan when IDA investigator Ben White swam underwater to cut the nets that imprisoned them.
2. Closing the infamous Coulston Foundation, once the largest chimpanzee research center in the world, saving hundreds of chimpanzees and monkeys from the horrors of vivisection.
3. Securing the transfer of eleven bonnet macaque monkeys the subjects of cruel alcoholism and maternal separation experiments at the University of Colorado to a Texas sanctuary.
4. Preventing the U.S. Army from breaking the legs of 120 retired racing greyhounds.
5. Closing down puppy mills, dog fighting rings and abusive sanctuaries and shelters saving the lives of thousands upon thousands of animals.
6. Saving the lives of hundreds of Catalina Island goats and buffalo.
7. Creating a chimpanzee sanctuary and education center in Cameroon, Africa and a sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals in rural Mississippi.
8. Freeing 180 beagles scheduled to be dissected by UC Davis veterinary students.
9. Spearheading the rescue of hundreds of dogs and cats after a devastating "firestorm" swept through the Oakland/Berkeley hills, destroying more than 3,500 homes.
10. Preventing the bow hunting of Tule elk at the Point Reyes National Seashore.
11. Canceling a proposed slaughter of thousands of baby seals off the coast of South Africa.
12. Ending NYU's crack cocaine experiments on monkeys, Rockefeller University's vomiting experiments on cats, and Michael Berens' brain cancer experiments on Beagle puppies.
13. Coordinating hundreds of protests and nonviolent civil disobedience actions including sit-ins, lock downs and banner hangings.
14. Convincing fifteen U.S. cities, two counties and one state to officially recognize their citizens as animal 'guardians' by incorporating the term into their city ordinances.
15. Blocking the construction of an animal research facility within the National Park system.
16. Pressuring the San Francisco Zoo to transfer its elephants to a sanctuary.  

Photos by Lawrence Davis or Judith Orr with exception of !DA's photo of Paula Abdul

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