Financially Hung’s Playboy Mansion Superbowl Party to Benefit California Police Youth Charities -- Big Game for Big Cause

Hundreds of partiers, industry bigwigs and deal-makers came to the biggest party in town on Superbowl SundayFinancially Hung hosted their Second Annual Gameday at the Playboy Mansion to benefit California Police Youth Charities.

Hugh Hefner celebrates Super Sunday Photo:Mark Valinsky

Bret Michaels of Poison joined former Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick and Playmate Colleen Shannon with guests such as Jeremy Piven, Pauly Shore, Samantha Presley (VH1’s Rock of Love) and AnnaLynne McCord (from the new 90210) to celebrate the pigskin pugilism.

Hosts: Brande Roderick and Bret Michaels of Poison Photo:Mark Valinsky

The Sequel is better

AnnaLynne McCord Photo:Mark Valinsky

The late-great Francis Albert Sinatra sang, “Love is lovelier, the second time around.”  The same can be said for the House that Hef built.  Your first time, you’re too awe-stuck.  Too much to see, too much to experience.  Add in, the bountiful beauties and it’ll leave your head spinning.

The second time you’ve already seen it.  It’s more comfortable.  You’ve fed the monkeys, taken the tour, posed for a picture at the grotto.  Okay, many many pictures.  But, still--  

I Read it for the Articles.  Really.

I woke up Sunday morning not sure about who was playing the big game.  I’m not a sports guy, I’m a story guy.  More concerned with recent Playboy events (they cancelled their pre-party) and way more interested in the (hopefully) intriguing guests who I’ll be meeting in the next few hours.

HGTV's George Gray with guest, and Steve Yamin Photo:Mark Valinsky

On my drive over, I learn one of the teams wore red.  Up until Jennifer Hudson’s National Anthem, that’s still all I knew.

As I walked through Playboy’s pearly gates, I met several fellow guests.  A veteran film producer, a neophyte genre director, and a rock music stage director.  The one thing we all had in common: no one knew who was playing.  But yet we were all excited for the day.  And that is the magic of Playboy.

Cardinals VS Steelers, as portrayed by paint and fabric

Playboy and Financially Hung know this.  Yes, the game is playing.  Yes, it’s on many big screens.  But, and this is a big but, it’s never the focus.  And that’s what makes it a winner.  Their intoxicating interior bar holds the largest real estate of the area and between the two are visual vixens wearing only strips of fabric as they move and grind in the most delightful ways.  Good game indeed!

Massages courtesy of Exquisite Care

Just outside, were two tables of sports memorabilia in a silent auction.  Autographed footballs, jerseys, and posters of the biggest sports names in history.  And of course, an appearance by Mr. Sinatra.  

Superbowls can be stressful.  But have no fear.  The team from Exquisite Care
( offered relieving massages with units stationed around the perimeter of the event.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  You give the girls a few minutes of your time, and their tender and talented hands melt away all the worries your body hold.

For the Good Cause

Since its inception, June of 2002, the California Police Youth Charities (CPYC) have grown rapidly and consistently making strong, positive changes in the lives of children throughout the State of California.

CPYC provides spirit-lifting opportunities to critically or terminally ill children allowing them to experience something unique and important to them and their families.  They also focus on at risk kids between the ages of 6 and 18 years of age, offering programs that have shown an ability to make a real difference in the lives of kids.

Happy Endings!

All in all, a great Superbowl Sunday.  A nail-biter ending that brought crowds to those giant TV screens.  A Jurassic-sized cheer that may have shattered a few nearby Holmby Hill windows.  And like all good things, it came to an end.

Bunnies celebrate the Bowl Photo:Mark Valinsky

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