Day of the Child - let the children unite nations

Day of the Child

The Good Year blimp flew over head and planes from the Santa Monica airport dipped low in the sky, thrilling the children in attendance at Day of the Child – Children Uniting Children.  The US Marines were popular as kids got to see the inside of a military Humvee and talked to the soldiers.  There were rides, face painting, arcade games, give aways of backpacks by the Israeli consulate, tee shirts from Fred Segal, cupcakes from Famous Cupcakes, and numerous other gifts and toys.  The day lasted from 10 am to 3 pm and each child went home with treats that they would not have expected.  Three lucky kids won Wii games.  Over 2,000 foster children and their mentors gathered for the day of carnival fun.  

Day of the Child: Marines talking with kids

Entertainment lasted throughout the day.  Some of those present included Lashanda Demos (Olympian) , Kim Shepard (singer) , Congresswoman Diane Watson, Natasha Blasick (Days of Our Lives) Beverly Todd (actress) , Frankie J (singer) Snoopie, Uncle Sam, Louie Vito, Excel (the music group) ; Jabbawockeez (group) , Ethan Peck (10 things I hate about you) , Erica Hubbard (Lincoln Heights) , Patrick Kilpatrick, Scott Krinsky, Maxso (rapper), Hen Gee, Twinkle Time, Mateo (r&b singer)

Day of the Child: Julia Anderson winner of True Beauty

Julia Anderson
(True Beauty), Morgan Brown (singer), Mariah Wilson (Dream girls) Pink E Swear (group), White Hot (group), the Clipper Girls, Young Maestro, Snuggly Bear (polar bear of a new syndicated show), Sheyna Gee (singer) Jara (group), Teairra Mari (R&B singer),Laker Girls, Samantha Lester, Danielle Lester, Aiuku Girls, The Architect (rapper), and Jessica Hill.

Day of the child: singer Teairra Mari

The rides were all sponsored by the Jackson family and the Neverland Foundation. 

Day of the Child: Congresswoman Diane Watson

“This is something that these children rarely get to have.  It’s all about survival and the system for them.No one remembers their birthdays, no one gives them eye contact.”  This is one reason why Daphana Ziman started Day of the Child, which has expanded into Children Uniting Nations.  .  

Day of the Child - Israeli consulate giving away backpacks

It all started as a personal journey for Daphana.  “I had been supporting the Sunlight mission and visiting regularly.  As Pastor Kenny showed me around, I saw a small five year old girl sleeping on the bench in the kitchen.  Her hair was matted and her face caked but when she looked up at me, she had the greenest eyes.  Out of the blue, she reached out and took my hand.  

Day of the Child: Snoopy

“In the beginning, I didn’t know about the abuse and neglect. I realized that I lived in a whole different world.  Her mother had been a drug addict.  Her brothers and sisters had already been adopted out.  It turned out that her mother had been born in the same mission.  I kept on coming back weekends and seeing her and realized that she did not even know her ABC’s.  She and her mother had been eating out of garbage cans and living in homeless missions.  The first time I took her shopping she began to scream. She was afraid we would be arrested for not paying.  

Day of the Child: singer Frankie J

I called my friends in the entertainment industry and we did a huge thanks giving for the mission. Soon I realized that if you give a child attention, it comes back ten fold.  Children who are given attention stay in school longer, get better grades and avoid trouble.  78% of all inmates come from the child welfare system.  Once they are institutionalized, they commit crimes. They are swimming against the current.  I realized that if I turned my back at this point, I am as unconsciousable as everyone who lives in their own monied world.  

I realized that these kids are in the system not because they have done anything but because their mothers are below the poverty line and they end up in foster care.  They are innocent victims of the time.  

Day of the Child: rapper Maxso

That was over eleven years ago and today she is my daughter, graduating from college. Working through the Intercouncil agency for abused and neglected children and Children and Family Services, Daphana developed the organization, Children Uniting Nations.  

Not all the children are adoptable, but they all need mentors.  Daphana’s motto is one child, one mentor.  Someone who can encourage the child, show interest in them and give them the love that they have been denied.  The kids that have mentors have improved their cognitive skills and many become professionals, themselves.  

Among the many heroes of the organization have been Bill and Hillary Clinton, Sharon and Grey Davis,  Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Joe Cowley = NY, Congressman Dennis Cardoza, Dr. Vicki Stevens, Michael Bloomberg, Judge Cindy Lederer,speaker of the house , Nancy Pelosi and California speaker , Karen Bass.  The project became a bipartisan unifier for both parties as Democrats and Republicans joined forces to help the act, which would help the kids, pass

Now not only is the Los Angeles area doing this, but she is expanding to other cities in California and hopes to expand across the country to Chicago, New York and Washington DC.  She has also gotten foreign governments to see the wisdom of her ways and will soon be testifying at the Israeli Knesset to assist them in sponsoring a similar bill.  

Day of Child: mentor drawing with child

Because mentors are so very important, she has encouraged university students to sign up and hopes to arrange it so that time spent working with the children can be transferred into military service or into abolishing their student loans.   

Not everyone can be a mentor, she said.  They are made to sign contracts and attend workshops so that they can teach the life skills to the kids. “It’s far more intense than Big Brother or Big Sister.”  

Day of the Child: Snuggly the Polar Bear star of a new series

Also present at the event  was Kid Save, who concentrates on the older children from 9-17 who have not been adopted.  (Information about them can be had at 310 642 7283)  

Sponsors of today’s event Dasani, 93.5 , Fred Segal, My Stuff Bags Foundation, Humanity, Rocket Fizz, Stanley and Joyce Black Foundation, Michael Lambert, Lynn and Leslie Bider, Hansen Junior Juice, Beth Ziegler, Snuggie, Wells Fargo Foundation, Richard Ziman, Paul Goldenberg, Soul Food Express, Brigete Poublou, OPI,  The Medical Company, Zacky Farms, Famous Cupcakes, Sacks Productions, Sam Mudie, California Pizza Kitchen, Patricia Glaser, Iron Faires, Beverly Hills Escrow, 99 center stores, Consulate of Israel, and The Kitchen for Exploratory Foods.

Day of the Child: music group PinkESwear

There are children out there who need our attention and just a bit of attention can be translated to many benefits for both you and the child.  

For more information go to 323 944 0500

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