Canvass And Cocktails by In Pursuit Networking - Coming Together for the Youths of L.A

“When the youth of America gets together, amazing things happen. “
                                                                                 Tom Ford

When we, as a caring and supportive society, join we can help accomplish a means to an end that was never thought possible.  As a parent, I want to know that I give my child all the love and support that he needs to be successful in his life, unfortunately there exists a fabric of society that fails to follow through on the duties of providing kids with the basic guarantees of a loving nurturing home that allows them to achieve their excellence or enjoy the basic benefits of a safe home life. 

Networking creates successes

According to LAYN there are 12,000 kids living on the streets of Los Angeles, kids that see the streets as a safer place than their home environment because of abuse and neglect.

The Los Angeles Youth Support Network (LAYN) and In Pursuit Networking

Where professionals come to network

joins together inviting the public to “Canvases and Cocktails” Saturday, July 31, 2010 from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM at Paint:Lab, Santa Monica, to view and purchase the work art work of some of its youth residents to benefit the Los Angeles Youth Network’s support of homeless youths and drug dependent families where physical and sexual abuses are an inescapable part of their daily lives.

Pursuit of a dream

This is not your average art opening, your attendance and support could help instill passion in  a creative mind, or at the very least show a child that you care.  Help LAYN help the 12,000 homeless youths in L.A. before they fall victim to prostitution, drugs, violence or disease.  Your support goes a long way in what may prevent a child from a life of hopeless despair.  

 When we come together to help nurture and support our youths in a safe environment great things happen.

Socializing for a common cause

To RSVP for this event or obtain additional information click here

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