Canvases and Cocktails Charity Event by In Pursuit Networking - Painting the Future with Hope

Whether you give of your time, your heart, or your money, you give a ray of hope to a young mind looking for a better way of life beyond homeless despair.
                                Terence L Taylor

(Los Angeles, CA) On July 31, 2010 - Area residents came together last Saturday evening at Paint:Lab in Santa Monica, to offer their support to Los Angeles Youth Network, (LAYN), an organization dedicated to offering homeless youths shelter and progressive life changing alternatives to living on the city streets of L.A.  The event was orchestrated by In Pursuit Networking, which brought together its network of professionals for a charitable, social evening, and artwork showcase.

Heart full of hope

Guests were treated to an exhibition of paintings created by some of the youths from the LAYN program earlier in the day.  It is said that art is a creation of the mind and heart; in this case I’d like to throw in that it’s also a part of the spirit of an achiever that believes that he or she can have a better future if given a chance.  The theme of the artwork was based on the power of love and what can be achieved when we lend a helping hand.

Participants gather in support of LAYN

The art show was an example of what the creative mind can do when nurtured in pursuit of living life off the streets. According to LAYN there are 12,000 kids living on the streets of Los Angeles, kids that see life on the streets as a safer haven than enduring daily abuse and neglect in their home environment.  Oftentimes they compound their problems by falling victim to street crimes, peer abuse, prostitution or other unsavory conditions that a child should not have to endure.

Kelly from InPursuitNetworking showing the artwork

The inspirational art pieces sold out early in the evening.  Those who were lucky enough to purchase a painting can hang a constant reminder on their walls that they helped a child see light beyond what he or she may perceive as hopeless despair. 

LAYN team mates David Cottrell and Allison Fuller

David Cottrell, President of LAYN and Allison Fuller, Director of Operations & Marketing, were happy to share some of their success stories. The California non-profit organization has been in operation for over 25 years and can boast an 85% success rate of keeping their kids off the streets.  LAYN offers a variety of programs tailored to the individual child. 

Whether it’s counseling services, temporary or permanent shelter, or simply food and blankets, the mission is the same; to end homelessness one kid at a time.  If you would like to show your support or find ways to volunteer with Los Angeles Youth Network click here or contact Allison Fuller directly at 323.467.8466 or via email at [email protected] If you know of a young teen in need of shelter, let them know that a safe haven is out there for them.  

Loving hands lift the heart

  “When the youth of America gets together, amazing things happen.”
                                                                                 Tom Ford

To find out more about In Pursuit Networking’s upcoming events click here.

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