Bow Wow Ween Big Success for Much Love and Friends of Barrington Dog Park

Brentwood's Friends of Barrington Dog Park presented their fifth annual Bow Wow Ween fund raiser event recently, their third in conjunction with Much Love pet adoption.

Alex Tabibi of with the "Barbie Twins"

Dogs- and their people- were in costume everywhere, and it IS true what they say about people looking like their pets- and vice versa.  The beautiful people and their pets were out in droves to raise money for a great cause, the adoptions of dogs without homes.

Bow Wow Ween visitors register their pets for the costume contest

Twelve dog rescue groups were represented at the event, and some fifteen lost and homeless dogs were showcased that day.  Spayed and neutered and ready to be 'found,' the dogs looked hopefully toward going home with a Bow Wow Ween visitor.

One of the adorable pets available for adoption at the Bow Wow Ween event

Event organizer Alex Tabibi was smiling broadly as the crowd enjoyed a variety of events there including a giant silent auction, agility contests, the "infamous" dog costume contest, and even a red carpet show.

The fabulous Silent Auction tent with oodles of goodies to win

Tabibi is proud to be involved.  His own dog- "Jean Paul"- was adopted through Much Love.  'It's a great dog who changed my life,' he said.  He thinks it's important for every family to have a dog since it teaches responsibilitiy. 

Little dinosaur dog brought along caveman and cat "parents"

LA Councilman Bill Rosendahl was there, of Brentwood's 11th or 'Coastal" District, and he spoke glowingly of his companion animals, 'Rosie' and 'Lulu.'  He acknowledged Darrell Burnett, Founder of Venice Dog Park and Ed Bolke, the new director of LAAS.  Bolke included in his remarks the fact that he'd like the District to have the first no-kill facility.

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarves pack attracted much media attention

Brian Cahan of the hit television show "Entourage" was master of ceremonies for the costume judging event and provided his unique brand of wise-cracking humor.  

Ryan Newman (right) from "Zoom" and her sister walk the red carpet

Judges included Jason Biggs from Disney's Eight Below, Lindsay Zeer, VJ to the stars, Ryan Newman (Zoom), Cassie Lieman ('Entourage'), and the Barbie Twins.  Even Cahan's girlfriend, Amanda Humphrey jumped in to help on stage.

Sweet ten-year-old pug "Hime" was the Easter Bunny

Memorable costumes included a dog dressed as a bunny:  Masaaki Kawakubo and wife Akiko dressed their little darling, Hime as the Easter Bunny.  Hime is a ten-year-old pug who went blind a few years ago.  Despite his loss of sight, Hime enjoyed himself immensely, sniffing the air and feeling the warm sun and cool breeze on his fur while being pushed in a child's stroller. 

Terrior version of Captain Jack Sparrow

Several pets were representing Captain Jack Sparrow, including Michele and Michael Slavich's sweet terrior.

A glam girl standard poodle making the Bow Wow Ween scene

This year's winning categories included a "best group," a distinction easily won by a group of some ten dogs representing characters from the Snow White and the seven dwarves fable.  This lively pack included "Harley" as "Dopey," "Lucky" as "Sneezy," "Bella" as "Sleepy," "Hudson" as "Snow White," "Cody" as "Happy," and "Callisto" as the evil queen.  Six of the dogs in this group are rescued companion animals, "Lucky" being named perfectly since he was found on the freeway.

Silent Auction prize created and donated by actress Drew Barrymore

Prizes included a year's supply of dog food and a $500 gift certificate to, courtesy of Tabibi. 

Silent Auction volunteer extraordinaire Shelley Temkin

This year's Silent Auction was amazing.  Gifts to be won included gorgeous gift baskets filled with a sundry of goodies for both human and pooch pampering, original artwork by actress Drew Barrymore. and a variety of other celebrity-donated items.

Agility contest run

Dog agility demonstrations were run throughout the afternoon, courtesy of trainer Sue Epson.

Bow Wow Ween contest booth

Of course, what else at a Bow Wow Ween but a Cat Cemetary?

Another four-legged cutie in costume

Bow Wow Ween visitors registering for the costume contest

Beautiful Zoe who made the scene sans costume

.In memory of TEDE.

 Photos and text copyright 2006 M D Caprario

M D Caprario is a free lance writer and editor working in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  You can reach her at [email protected].

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