A Wedding For All - Equality For All

A Wedding For All

A Wedding For All, sponsored by the Equality Network and Arts for Equality, held Sunday night,. December 13, 2009 at the Hollywood Lutheran Church stunned everyone by the wonderful quality of the performances.  

A Wedding for All: Brooke Wilkes

Produced by Sarah Tarlow and co-produced by Alina Gagiu who also performed as Salina Is Land. Emi Agvado Asulin was the technical director and co-producer. The program was hosted by Brooke Wilkes and Todd Schroeder.  A Disney performer, herself, Brooke, a former Alaskan native, sang a beautiful duet with Paul BradleyJae Wan, a rapper, came all the way from Chicago to perform because he believes in the cause. 

Sarah Bear
sang spoken poetry about the Cherokee tribe and the inequality of marriage and The Moods sang songs from the 60’s-80’s as well as original material.  One of my favorite was the mariachi band and Spanish singer, Eduado Welter.  Soul singers Jessica Burks and Manhattan Beach Jonalyn Habil performed equally moving pieces as did the folk rock group, Nellie Bly.  Comedian Adam Dusewicz from Redondo Beach attempted to entertain us but fell short. 

A Wedding for All: Sarah Bear

In addition, Sarah and Alina sang some of their charmingly original songs as did Jon Nelson and Linda Fitak. 

A Wedding For All: Linda Fitak and Jon Nelson

Kudos went to graphic designed Tim Deplace, scenic design, Mattie Schmidt Jurchisin and sound engineer Will Blount.  The house was managed by Jessica McWhorter.  Sarah Bates supplied the recording equipment and David McCoy and Heather Logan took care of video.  Photos were done by Courtney Liska and Jerry Galerkin. 

A Wedding for All : The Moods

All involved volunteered their time to the cause of seeing that there is a wedding for all.  

A Wedding for All: Jordan Krueger and Max Buschman of Equality Network

Dedicated to helping eliminate Proposition 8 and make marriage equal for everyone, the Equality Network is a nonprofit grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to achieving social and political justice for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people.  Seeking to educate people and spread the word, they co-sponsored this variety show along with the newly formed coalition Arts for Equality.  

A Wedding for All: Emi Agvado Asulin and Will Blount

A collection of artists, musicians, producers, designers and stage technicians, the mission of the later is to fundraise for civil rights and equality oriented organizations. 

A Wedding For All: Eduardo Welter and his Mariachi band

Headed by Sarah Tarlow, their goal is to hold different themed events using local and established talent to promote variety and interconnectedness. 

A Wedding for All: Jessica Burks

In addition to working for the cancellation of Prop 8, Equality has also established a diaper bank as disposable diapers are not provided through food stamps or other services for those babies living in poverty.  Some children, they say, live in the same diapers for days causing not only infections but hepatitis and abuse.  They believe that all families matter.  Drop locations for the diapers are listed at their web site www.LAdiaperbank.org.  

For more information about Arts for Equality or to inquire about future fundraising events, call Sarah Tarlow at 323 422 8881 or [email protected] 

A Wedding For All: Sarah Tarlow and Alina Gagiu, Salina Is Land, producers

For more information about the Equality Network, go to www.equalitynetwork.org.  

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