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Here's a scenario you may recognize or even have lived: Arriving in a foreign city, let's say London, walking out of airport customs and baggage retrieval, a little bewildered as to which direction to head next. Deciphering the signs hanging from the ceiling directing you to car rentals, shuttles, trains, confused, trying to figure out if they are telling you to go straight ahead or left or right, to stop or go, etc.


Here's another scenario: Arriving in a foreign city, let's say London, walking out of the airport customs and baggage retrieval, a little bewildered as to which direction to head and then you spot him, a sharp looking English gent holding a sign with your name printed on it.

What? You've never been to London? And yet here is a friendly face greeting you at the airport. How could that be, you wonder? Well, it's rather clear to me, you must have called iChauffeur and arranged to have them pick you up and take you to your UK destination.

iChauffeur is a leading Chauffeur car hire service, providing luxury driven chauffeur cars across Greater London, Surrey and the UK.  With luxury chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage, Mercedes-Benz S Class, Mercedes-Benz E Class or luxury MPV's to choose from. They will ensure that you have the right chauffeur car, whatever the occasion.


You may think a chauffeured car is an unnecessary luxury. But when traveling overseas and dealing with time differences, the gradual onset of jet lag, the hassles of finding your way around in a foreign city, and needing to be at your best now that you have arrived, it begins to become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Truly the benefits far outweigh the deficits. First let's recap; you just got off what at the minimum was probably a 6-8 hour flight. Depending on whether you traveled coach, business or first class, you may be slightly rested and refreshed or a complete bundle of nerves, from flying like a sardine. Your body clock is all turned around because either the sun or the moon is shining and you are used to it being the other way around. You've just had to stand in line like cattle as you were shuffled through customs. You've had to wait even longer while your luggage is sent on a merry-go-round ride, before you finally figure out which one is yours and possibly get a hernia as you try to retrieve it and lift it out of the carousel. All this stress before you struggle along with your trolley car heaped full of luggage and try to decipher where you need to line up and wait again, as you get situated into whatever form of transportation you've chosen. By the time you finally make it to your destination you are tired, cranky and not in the mood to do anything except maybe eat and then sleep. You are most likely not at your top form to conduct any business or enjoy the sights.


Now, if you take my advice and do as I did on my most recent visit to London, you'll hire iChauffeur and let them worry about everything. All you have to do is locate the friendly face holding your name and leave the rest to them.

My experiences with iChauffeur were extremely positive. I was met at the airport by Andy. He took charge of my luggage, gave me a copy of the daily paper, waited patiently for me while I changed some dollars into pounds and then escorted me to my waiting car.

To my delight Andy was not only a proficient driver but an extremely entertaining tour guide. He regaled me with history lessons and fun anecdotes all the while keeping me abreast of where we were and what sites were of interest.


iChauffeur is much more than just a chauffeur car hire, in addition to many other services, they offer full and half day sightseeing from the comfort of a luxury car.

Andy, my chauffeur took me on a tour of London where I was able to not only see and hear about the beautiful sites London has to offer, but I was able to do so in absolute luxury. It turned out that Andy wasn't just any chauffeur but he owned the company along side his son Will. These two are the perfect entrepreneurs their car fleet is top of the line and immaculate. They are the soul of discretion and make all their employees sign confidentiality agreements. (This ensures that whatever happens or is said in one of the cars stays in the car. A great plus for the top name celebrities, CEO's and heads of state that they serve. Oh, it's also a plus for all of us little guys who may not be written about in the tabloids but to whom privacy is just as essential.)


In addition to offering a top of the line car service iChauffeur goes far above and beyond in the line of services they can provide. For example: A professor from a famous Georgetown University had his family joining him in London for a couple of months. When they arrived he had to leave the city for a few weeks, he hired iChauffeur to look after his family and see to all their needs while he was away. They have babysat for top celebrities, helped clients buy and sell luxury cars - like Vipers, made arrangements to get people into high end restaurants, clubs and even red carpet premiers. They have purchased property for clients, hired decorators and contractors. Currently they are overseeing the building of a home for a client. They have even flown to a resort lake in Italy where a client was having legal troubles concerning land ownership. Once there they hired translators and straightened out the entire mess.


This is a completely full service, hands on, upscale company with a client list that reads like a who's who of popular culture. (But they won't tell you who they are.) iChauffeur is much, much more than just a ride to or from the airport. Of course if that is all you need they are very happy to comply with your desires, just be prepared to be treated like a VIP.

My story with them is I arrived in London with no place to stay for my first night. Upon learning this, my chauffeur Andy called the office and had them looking for a hotel that met my rather demanding criteria. All this happened while I was able to breathe a sigh of relief, sit back into the cushiony leather upholstery and enjoy my London tour.


Besides my hotel problem I put Andy to the test with requests like wanting to drive through fairly obscure areas of London, I had read about on the internet in order to see if I wanted to go back and explore later on my own. He haply rose to the challenge and trumped me by being able to give me fascinating historical facts about the areas.

In addition to Airport transfers, you can hire them for a day of shopping, a ride to and from the theatre or an important event, make an influential business statement when they drop you in style to that all important meeting. Don't forget the sightseeing services; they can give you a tour of London, Surrey or Kent, I'm sure if you wanted to have them drive you all the way to Scotland they would. Oh and they also do weddings.


I had a great experience with iChauffeur. I loved being driven around in style and having my every whim catered too.  I most of all look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Tel:     +44 (0) 20 8400 4829
Fax:    +44 (0) 20 8847 3411
Bookings: [email protected] ichauffeur.co.uk
Email: [email protected] ichauffeur.co.uk
Web:  www. ichauffeur.co.uk

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