Tax Day is Approaching – Get it Right the First Time

As the tax deadline approaches, you start to sweat trying to find your tax documents and all of the receipts from the prior year. Lucky for you the deadline has been pushed back to April 17th this year, but will those two days actually help you. It really comes down to who you choose to help with your taxes.

The online, do-it-yourself computer software programs such as Turbo Tax are being advertised all over the place this year, telling you how simple it is. Then you have your neighborhood CPA and any other number of people who put a sign outside of there door advertising tax services. Finally you have the well known and all they do is taxes, H & R Block.

After experiencing Turbo Tax, I will have to say there is nothing easy or fun about it, and the results were iffy at best. The problem with the CPA or other tax preparer is how do you know if they are up to date on the latest changes in the tax laws. That brings us to H & R Block. There is something to be said for doing just one thing, you tend to get it right, and that is an accurate statement when it comes to H & R Block.

H & R Block really throws the gauntlet down by offering a free second look at your previous years taxes. They will take a look at your previous year tax return to make sure there are no mistakes and you received the biggest refund you are entitled to. Amazingly they find errors in 2-out-of-3 returns that they look at. You might think catching a small mistake might not be that important and sometimes you might see a very small change, but there are occasions when they can find an error that will net you a few thousand dollars. You just never know, but it certainly is a nice extra benefit for going with H & R Block. What really sets H & R Block apart from everyone else is that they have to spend so many hours per year keeping up on the tax changes.

H & R Block district manager Eileen Brown came up with a list of some of the most common mistakes or omissions that people make on their tax return. Simple math errors are at the top of the list, so computing your numbers with some type of program such as excel to check your math is very important. A few of the other items people might not think of include the qualifying relative exemption, if you take care of a parent or grandchild, education benefits and job search expenses. She also said amazingly that 20% of people eligible to claim the Earned Income Credit fail to take this credit. Also she said a number of people fail to realize that you have to pay tax if you collect unemployment. If you are having serious issues, H & R Block will help you get a free extension beginning April 1st all the way up to the tax deadline.

“Most people think it should be simple, but if you don’t know the tax laws, you can skip things,” Eileen stated. “You really need to find someone that knows the new tax laws.”

H & R Block has made it even easier for you this year as they have H & R Block Online, where you can use the tax pro-finder to help you get the perfect tax specialist to suit your needs. In addition the last day of tax season H & R Block offices will be open the final 24 hours leading up to the tax filing deadline.

If you are worried about time, getting to an H & R Block office or doing taxes yourself, Block Live will allow you to work with a tax professional right from your own home or office. You can scan all of your personal documents and email them to H & R Block and when you meet with your tax professional they will be ready for you. You can even use your smartphone to upload your tax documents. You can do a very simple video chat or you can do a meeting over the phone, but either way they walk you through the entire process and make sure that all of your questions are answered. When you are finished you will leave feeling just as good as if you met your tax professional in their office and shook their hand.

This year when you do your taxes, you only want to do them once and you want that one time to be right. Picking the right tax professional is the most important thing you can do to make sure that you get the biggest refund check that you have coming and that you don’t wind up having to worry if any mistakes might catch up with you down the road.

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