Dream Of Starting Your Own Business? - Tips To Launching A Business From Home


Renae Christine

Thinking of starting your own business from home? This has become a dream turned to reality for thousands of Americans in the past few years. Think about doing something you love, from your home while making money. Too good to be true? Not according to Renae Christine, owner of by Renae Christine and author of Home Business Startup Bible.  “The median start-up cost was $15,000 but remember, that’s the median – it means plenty of people spend much less than that,” says Christine, a serial entrepreneur who has created dozens of successful home-based businesses for herself and others.  Christine has some tips for starting a home-based business; It all starts with an idea – is yours a good one?, Determine whether your idea has been done before or if it’s brand new, Create a list of all the things you need to plan for in your business, and Name your company after yourself or give it a made-up, easy-to-remember one-word name.

First, you must find something that you love to do or want to create.  Truly love! You must be willing to give countless hours to creating and developing this idea, nurturing it and selling it. You must love and believe in your business.

You then have to ensure that no one else owns rights to your idea. If your idea or prospective business is already "out there", investigate if there is an option which would make your idea unique. Then focus on making your business "one of a kind" in its field.

Home Business Startup Bible

You have to set up a business plan - decide on management, production, shipping and customer satisfaction feedback. You should contract with an accountant or bookkeeper to help with your business plan - or you can utilize available software. Each step in the development of your business plan must be carefully planned and considered. This deliberate process lays the groundwork for a successful home business.

When naming your new business, keep several things in mind. Describe your new business in simple terms - 1 to 2 lines of what your business represents/means/produces. People do not want to be bogged down by endless descriptives. Simple presentation. Simple name. Don't waste your time on cutesy names. Your new business should have a short, easily remembered name...have you heard of Google or Etsy?  

Sixty-nine percent of all U.S. businesses start in the home and half of them are still home-based long after they launch, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report.  Take your dream, grasp the idea, and build a successful business. 

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