I was tripping when I read the numbers!

By 2018, estimates are that the legal medical Cannabis Industry will be an $18 Billion industry. But let's think small which is big in the case of weed. Everyday we are inundated with ways to earn money from driving a truck to tech colleges. For a $300 dollar investment in “an all you need to know seminar”, Pot has my vote. Of course you need a lawyer, plants, a license, lights and soil but it sure beats planting tomatoes!

The New Age Crop

You can make enough to take control of your financial future? Bored with your day job?  You'll need the best cannabis attorneys and cannabis CPA's working for you. You can get started at 420college.org and let them guide you toward your future financial independence and doing what you love (if you like to garden) 

I recently attended a LIVE two day CannaBusiness seminar course in Pasadena, CA at 420 College.  I received all the paperwork one would ever need to file with the state to open a legal, compliant collective store front or delivery service so I was impressed right off the bat. The teachers are clearly extremely knowledgeable industry professionals with decades of experience in the medical marijuana and hemp industries. The founder of 420 College (established in 2009) is George Boyadjian, who has owned several businesses in a plethora of different industries including the cannabis industry.  He has owned collectives and he teaches students how to operate by the letter of the state and federal laws to avoid law enforcement raids. Muy importante. I learned how to make money in a non-profit company and how to find everything I needed to get a cannabis business launched or cultivation of it started legally. The local CA cannabis attorney Bill McPike was extremely knowledgeable and informative as well. Plus, I learned from the intense cultivation and processing workshop on day two with Miss Tropical420 (aka Alexandra Sussin) where they taught me everything I would ever need to know to have a healthy bountiful perpetual cannabis garden! Hey. A money making green thumb! I am all in.

Miss Tropical 420

At 420 College, their goal is to have students leave class with all the tools and knowledge they will need including all paperwork, a cannabis attorney they could hire, and knowledge of legal terms and operation in the booming medical cannabis industry so they can open and operate collectives and growing operations legally so students will be successful and avoid raids.

What sets 420 College apart from other CannaBusiness classes or colleges is they offer FREE continued education to ensure success. Students can keep coming back to class for free as new info comes up and laws change. They can even follow the cannabis institute to all the states they offer seminars in: Washington Cannabis Institute, Oregon Cannabis Institute, Southern Cannabis Institute (Florida), Illinois Cannabis Institute, and 420 College for California courses.

420 College also offers online courses and 1 on 1 business consultation and full turn key
business packages and services. Check out all business services they offer here: http://420college.org/medical-cannabis-marijuana-business-services/

420 College Shield

Everyone wants to know how to pursue happiness and live the American dream.  420 College is a great place to start. Enroll at http://420college.org or contact them at 855-420-8255 when you want a chance to move up to financial freedom and be your own boss. Nothing like it! Trust me.



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