Dr. John Demartini - A Seminar To Change Your Financial Path

Financial issues are on the minds of everyone today and there is no quick fix or easy answer. If you are looking for a way to turn things around in your life and get back on to the path of prosperity, Dr. John Demartini is going to share his tips at a seminar this Wednesday, January 14th at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.

Dr. Demartini is going to help you quit focusing on the problems and instead focus on how you can change things in your life with his seminar entitled “Wealth Wisdom – Creating Wealth and Well Being through the Economic Crisis.”  Whether it is setting your goals to be in line with your values or prioritizing what is important in your life, there are a number of ideas that are waiting for change in your life and with these changes, prosperity is waiting to come back into your life.

Dr. John Demartini

“There is never a crisis without a blessing,” Dr. Demartini said. You might have a hard time with that one, but as he stated, “People need a greater stability to their lives and the economy is forcing people to get back to prioritizing.”

Don’t feel as though you have to be down on your luck to attend this seminar, it does not matter where you are at in your life, rich, poor, middle class, Dr. Demartini is going to offer some solutions for everyone in every walk of life to help them make improvements. Dr. Demartini backs up his work with 36 years of experience, he visited 58 countries in 2008 sharing his knowledge and was featured in the world-wide hit "The Secret."

"How To Make One Hell Of a Profit and Still Get To Heaven"

One of the best aspects of Dr. Demartini’s seminar is that he does not just stand on the stage and preach to you. Far from it. He will pull people from the audience and address their real-life problems and you will find many of these problems are likely to impact a number of people in the audience in some possible way. There is nothing better than seeing an actual answer to a real problem to get you on your way to change.

Tickets to attend the seminar are $30.00 in advance, or $35.00 at the door and seminar will run from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. For further information and reservations, call 866-468-7619. If you are not able to attend this seminar you can get some great information from his DVD collection or any of his books, including “How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven.”

For more information on John Demartini, visit: www.drdemartini.com

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