CredNet Credit Repair Review- Helping People Stop Living in Fear

When creditors started calling me almost every day – morning, afternoon and night to collect my debt, I began to live in fear.  I would wake up in the morning shaking, my heart pounding wondering what was going to happen to me, my credit, my house and worst of all litigation.  Every day I had anxiety and couldn't live a normal life.

I searched various credit repair companies, but CredNet stood out to me when I read “they take a highly detailed look at your credit score and all of your debts and develop a plan for restoring your credit score as quickly and as efficiently as possible.” So I called and spoke to the owner Ryan McElveen, who personally helped me understand the process by way of sending letters and other creative and effective proprietary tactics.  He further explained that if I negotiated with the creditors there is a risk that my credit score could still be damaged for many years.  He continued to explain in detail what creditors do that could harm my credit report. This made me decide to go with CredNet

The first step with CredNet is to sign up on their website which takes a few minutes.  After that I got an e-mail explaining what information they needed to start my credit repair.  I scanned that information and I sent it in online.  Thereafter they began a detailed analysis of my credit report, examining every single item and keeping a look out for anything incorrect or objectionable. There are many erroneous items on our report that affect us negatively. They take action, by way of sending letters to creditors and/or bill collectors in order to clean up this erroneous information. After scanning my credit and debt for any errors, they begin validations with the creditors.

While creditors were calling me, CredNet gave me great advice in handling my conversations with the creditors. I told my CredNet counselor that I disliked how they talked to me. He said "tell the creditors that you are recording the conversation. They don't like this so they change their attitude and the way they speak to you." This was good advice.

I consider CredNet my Credit Fairy God Mother. If I need advice, they are right there. They send me email messages instructing me on what I need to do with follow up emails as reminders. Credit repair is a long and arduous project. If I did this myself, I wouldn’t even know where to start. It's wonderful to have CredNet looking out for me.

CredNet can’t erase or eliminate my debt entirely, but they can reduce the amount I’ll owe so I'll only have to pay back a fraction of my actual debt. This process is known as debt negotiation. They are the experts and I trust them.

CredNet is affordable and offer me personalized care that I needed.  They keep my posted to ensure I understand what’s going on. Everything is still in process, but I have comfort knowing they are behind me every step of the way to improve my credit and I look forward to a fresh start.

Going through financial hardship is tough, scary and can ruin your life if you don't take the right steps to find the right people to help you.  CredNet is my Credit Fairy Godmother and I don't live in fear anymore.

Click here to read how CredNet is protecting the evironment.

Click here to see how CredNet can help repair your credit. or call 1800. CredNet (273-3638).


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