8 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Corporate Event

Event planning is a hectic process which involves communicating with vendors, planning with stakeholders and ensuring the audience enjoys the experience. While such events present great opportunities for organisations, many corporate events fail. In such a situation, your company may send the wrong message and may lose the confidence of customers and stakeholders. The following are the common mistakes to avoid when planning a corporate event.


1. Getting it Wrong on the Audience

A corporate event needs to take into consideration what kind of audience is suitable. When planning, it is important to understand the kind of people attending the event. This will help you tune your communication to deliver a highly targeted and personalised message. Your objectives and the purpose of the event should also shape the kind of audience you should reach out to.


2. Not Leaving Enough Planning Time

Any plan requires time to strategise and implement. You need ample time to organise on the delivery of essential items, arrangement of the venue and a thousand other things. Planning a corporate event requires you to source services from other planners such as food, drinks and entertainment. Inadequate planning time will lead to rushing decisions that will affect the quality of work.


3. Miscommunication

Relaying the right information is crucial. Communicate the schedules, deadlines, timing and other expectations. If the information is not clear, it can lead to low attendance. A good way to avoid this mistake is to write memos early. Posters and email notifications help you reach a large number of people at once.


Ensure you maintain constant communication with your service providers and suppliers. It will ensure you deliver items on time and everyone is aware of their role in the organising process. If there are changes, it is advisable to communicate as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences.


4. Poor Video Production

A corporate video captures crucial moments and information about the company. Video production should take into consideration the primary objectives of the business event. It applies to implementing marketing strategies to target groups. It is advisable to contract an experienced corporate video production professional with high-quality equipment to guarantee excellent quality of your videos.


5. Logistics Failure

If you organise an event at an away venue, it's an excellent idea to offer transport for your guests. Plan on picking your guest up from a central point where most of them can easily find. It's frustrating if your guests do not get to the venue because transport is unavailable. Communicate with all the service providers to ensure every item is at its required position at the right time.


6. Not Having Alternatives

When planning for any event, there are chances something might go wrong. How prepared are you? Being ready for failures and setbacks that may arise is essential. Carry out an assessment of the risks earlier and place appropriate measures if any. For example, when you’re organising a garden event it's advisable to use high pitched tents just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.


7. Failure to Confirm

As a corporate event planner, you don't want to see things turning to the worst. Always confirm and double check with the suppliers and service providers. Keep a list of all the items you require and tick as you check with the vendors. It's also advisable for providers to confirm delivery of their services in writing to avoid problems after the event.


8. Wrong Guest Estimates

The number of invites will determine the venue, food, and other services. You should be able to project the number of people likely to attend the event. Accommodating a large crowd in a small event space will affect the success of your corporate event. Furthermore, adding a small percentage of your total number of guests when planning will cater for extra visitors.

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