I moved to Albuquerque, NM. I told myself it was to better my life...

Dear Victoria,

I heard about you from my very best friend, who lives in Chicago and reads something like LASplash Chicago, all the time.  She keeps forwarding your segment to me, and I've been wanting to contact you for at least a few months, thanks to her.  But every time I go to email you, something bizarre keeps happening to my email!  It just seems to keep erasing itself, right at the time I go to hit 'send.'  I know that that probably sounds really weird to you, but it's true!  This is going to be my last attempt to write to you; and I do hope it goes through!  It's much later at night than I usually send any email, and I'm hoping that this will make a difference in having it get to you.  I have some issues I would like to have you address.  If you can help me in even one of the areas that would be so great! 

In June 2005 I moved from northern California to Albuquerque, NM. I told myself it was to better my life, to finally buy a house and to put my two teenage daughters through school.  In truth I think I was running away, mostly from my ex-boyfriend. Victoria I was so sure he was the one for me!  But he wasn't.  He cheated on me and, even though it took me a long time to find out he took money from my various accounts.  On top of that he absolutely, totally destroyed my self esteem and self worth' I was trying in every way to be the best human being I could be. 

I know I am much better off without him, but he still somehow finds his way into my conscious level on an almost daily basis.  It's been quite almost six months since we broke up, but I cannot seem to stop thinking about him. About a year ago, another psychic told me that he and I had had a very long history together, meaning from a lot of other lifetimes. Can you tell me if this history has ended or are there some more issues that I need to work out with him or maybe with myself?

Ever since I made the move to New Mexico I have been constantly feeling stressed out and vulnerable.  I'm always struggling with finances.  My career doesn't satisfy me at all, and I never get any sense of peace, ever.  I know I'm not finding myself on the right track and no not matter how hard I try I can't seem to get onto whatever the right track is meant to be.   Probably because I don't even know what that track is!

I was recently accepted by both the University of New Mexico and my local community college.  I absolutely know that it's important for me to go back to school, although I don't know which one to attend, what I should study or how I could swing cost-wise.    I currently, I have a government job as an analyst in New Mexico.

I truly believe in spirit guides and angels and have been told by some Native American healers in this area that I have many of them always around me.  In fact, I could swear that I have felt one (or maybe some) touching my cheek, or maybe my elbow, more than a few times.  I even think I have even glimpsed one out of the corner of my eye once or twice.  I ask for clarity and guidance on a daily basis, but I know that I can be hard-headed and obstinate.  I'm trying very hard to work on this but perhaps I'm just not listening well enough.

Can you help me figure out what I need to get me back on the right path so that I can be more at peace with myself?

Dear Jeanne,

Your Spirit Guides are telling me that you were definitely meant to move to the Albuquerque area.  And to be there, at least for the next three to four years.  Part of the reason that it's important for you to be there which I'll get into later, is that you are a very sophisticated old soul, and that the people that you were around in Northern California, who professed to be old soul 'teachers' and 'gurus,' each having lots of wisdom and sophistication, were actually--younger souls than YOU ARE' and who were not willing to let you see yourself for who you truly are:  alive, vibrant, knowledgeable, in synch with Divine reality, and' an important healer! In other words, you had to get away, to begin to THRIVE on who you really are.  And--who you are meant to become!  Jeanne, the soul mates who WILL appreciate you' and foster you, who you need to be around, are' in the  Albuquerque area!!

In addition, whether or not you want to believe this, you were guided to get away from the person who was taking such advantage of you' This definitely was a kharmic relationship that you were meant to experience; and, on a cosmic level (before you were born) you had made an agreement to go into an even deeper level of upset (for lack of a better way of saying this' )--than you actually, finally had to experience' I hope this makes some sort of sense to you, Jeanne:  I am being careful about how I state what I am seeing.

You were being guided to move west, to almost exactly to where you are now living.  Another way of saying this is that, you were literally 'yanked out' of a very nasty--even brutal kharmic obligation, which dated from a lifetime with him, somewhere around 300 years BCE.

Jeanne, because you have been such a good person over so many recent lifetimes, the kharma you were meant to be going through, now' has actually been mitigated.  So much so, that you're almost entirely through it! (this may not make sense to you consciously; however, it certainly does, to you, on very deep levels' please trust me on this) 

Even though you assumed you were moving to the Albuquerque area to give your daughters a better upbringing, it's actually more important for YOU to be there!  You are a great Mom, and anything you do, whatsoever, ALWAYS presuppose you're your daughters will be perfectly fine. 

You definitely are meant to attend the University of New Mexico, and to study creative writing!  Not only will a famous novelist who teaches there (sorry' I can't 'get' his name for you' alas) mentor you, you will also meet up with two important younger men' to date!  These 'boys' will be excellent for you' ie, no kharma, whatsoever with either one of them' purely and simply just to make you feel alive again; desirable, lovable and worthy of being in a good relationship.

Part of the reason you feel disoriented, depressed, bulky, unfit and bloated is that you have had some sort of a spell put on you.  I have seen this countless times:  what you're going through is your body's response to a psychic invasion...  However!  You are surrounded by an enormous group amount of truly wonderful healers of all types, who are protecting you' from the worst. 

So Jeanne everything I see for you, coming up is--good!  Although you still have some fairly major clearings to do, energy-wise, mostly you're: good-to-go!  So, please--don't even worry; just know you've been drawn to the right place, and--almost at the right time--to clean out old 'yucky energy' from the past, and to bring in all that's good, new, prosperous and romantically viable.

By the way, this WILL be a great year for you' !


For nearly a quarter of a century Victoria Bullis, the internationally renowned, celebrity psychic has been helping individuals, couples, celebrities and businesses with issues ranging from interpersonal relationships, career moves and strategies, and business consulting.  Please check out her web site, www.victoriabullis.com, for more information on how she works.    

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or business consultations, please email Victoria at [email protected], or call her at 888-686-2200 (from outside the U.S. the number is 415-978-9447).  Her web site is:  www.victoriabullis.com.

Please also feel free to 'Google' Victoria Bullis!


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