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Father's Day Gift Guide - Life's Journey

By Splash Magazine Staff

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Labor & Delivery Survival Kit


Labor & Delivery Survival Kit

Labor & Delivery Survival Kit:   Dad, soothe and support moms on delivery day with the Labor & Delivery Survival Kit:  Inside this portable mesh tote are 12 essentials for an expecting mother's comfort and convenience.  The soft, mesh carry-all provides space for additional personal items.  Whether it's packed in advance or grabbed on the go, this kit will take some of the labor out of the labor and delivery.  Contents:  Slipper socks, headband, back massager, body lotion, lip balm, breath mints, Preggie PopsĀ® Lollipops, pre-paid calling card, contact list, disposable camera, bubblegum cigars.

Website  www.msandmrs.com

Conceivex Conception Kit

Conceivex is the newest and hottest infertility product on the market, billed as the first and only FDA-approved conception kit to be used in the comfort of your own home. Brand-new, highly effective, and with a hefty target market (research reports that 7 million Americans currently suffer from infertility), Conceivex will make a timely and sensational addition to the Splash Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide. Conceivex works its magic using a little-known object called a conception cap. Couples can enjoy sex as normal, and then use a semen collector to collect sperm which is then transferred to the Conception Cap and placed directly on the cervix, putting the sperm in immediate contact with the cervix for 4-6 hours. Other goodies in the Conceivex kit include 24 ovulation predictors and two conception wheels, so that the woman can determine when she is most fertile, as well as semen collectors and three small tubes of intimate moisturizer. 

Website:  www.conceptionkit.com

Munchkin's iCRIB Baby Sound System

Munchkin's iCRIB Baby Sound

Munchkin's iCRIB Baby Sound System:  Babies are born craving music and sounds to soothe them, but today's mobiles and sound machines don't cut it. Munchkin's iCrib Sound System for babies is an innovative and cool gadget that works with an iPOD or mp3 player and lets Dad exercise his innate tendencies and love for electronics. The iCrib safely attaches to standard cribs with a handy velcro strap, and helps Dad soothe his infant to sleep with custom lullabies or sounds, or rock out to his favorite rock tunes during late night feedings. It also includes a nightlight that provides a wash of soothing lights and features an auto shut-off in 15-30-60 minutes to make bedtime more relaxing for both Dad and baby.

Website: www.munchkin.com

Due Dads

Due Dads: The Man's Guide to Labor and Delivery will provide men who are expecting their first child with advice on how to thoroughly prepare for the birth of the baby and detailed information regarding what they will experience during the labor and delivery process. This DVD is the ultimate guy's guide to the biggest birthday of their life. From the trip to the hospital to the trip home and everything in between, the Due Dads give you the inside scoop on labor and delivery. Tour a hospital. Peek inside a labor and delivery room. Laugh along with a pair of veteran dads that have cut the cord and lived to tell the tale. "Push" play and be ready to "breathe" easier.

Website: www.dadlabs.com



ARISTABRAT is a line of high-end infant & tween apparel and Swarovski Crystal embellished infant accessories which are established to exceed the expectations of even the most posh adolescents. ARISTABRAT's signature line of novelty Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips, Nail Clippers and Rattles are generously blinged out with up to 1,000 Swarovski Crystals in original and impossibly intricate patterns. The ARISTABRAT fashion line consists of onesies from newborn to 24-month sizes, emblazoned with original artwork, tongue-in-cheek slogans and Swarovski Crystal studded embellishments as part of the design and decorating the snap closures. ARISTABRAT is 'For the Haves and the Have Mores..." 

Website:  www.aristabrat.com

Baby Art Pencil Portrait of a Child

Baby Art

Baby Art is a truly unique service offered by a talented artist, Tomomi Simpson. A customer provides a photograph, then Tomomi draws a pencil sketch. There are many so called "art" out here being generated and modified by a computer from a scanned image. Baby Art is done completely by hand from a blank piece of paper. It is a real craftsman's work. Service offered:  Pencil drawing from your favorite photograph; make a digital image from the art for you to use your own; create custom products such as t-shirts, mug cups, US postage, mouse pads or tote bags. Great for unique gifts!

Website:  www.thebabyartist.com


A Boy's First Diary

A Boy's First Diary by Glenn K. Currie, released in April by Snap Screen Press, takes us on a journey filled with humor, as seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy. The book, which is a great gift for Father's Day, is a collection of one page stories that tracks the chronological events of a boy growing up in the 1950s in the Boston suburb of Stoneham, Massachusetts. The attractive hardcover book contains 78 diary entries written in non-rhyming quatrains and several black and white photos. A Boy's First Diary reminds us, with humor, how much life has changed for our children. To readers who experienced those years, it will all seem very familiar. Others will remember how they wrestled with particular stages of life. Young readers may be inspired to start their own diaries or try their hand at poetry.


The Possibility Thinker Doll

The Possibility Thinker Doll

The Possibility Thinker Doll. The P.T. (short for Possibility Thinker) character doll is a great family toy perfect for new parents. P.T. will encourage, motivate, and inspire people to be the best they can be. The true sparkling gem of the adorable P.T. is the interchangeable embroidered Heart Messages that come attached to P.T. chest. Some of the Father's Day messages are World's Best Dad, World's Best Grandpa, WELCOME TO OUR WORLD, Celebrate YOU; you're Worth It, When I Count My Blessings, I Count You Twice, You R Our HERO, and many, many more. P.T. earned a rating from Toy Tips, Inc., which specifically highlighted P.T. strong ability to help build positive character skills and emotional development. All profits from the sales of P.T. dolls are donated to support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis and to various children's charities.

Website: www.ptthinker.com




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Father's Day Gift Guide - Life's Journey

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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