Sharilyn Wood Stalling Review – A Multi-Gifted Healer

This is the second article I have written on Sharilyn Wood Stalling. My first interview is titled DNA and Past Life Healings by Sharilyn Wood Stalling 

I met Sharilyn when she was traveling from her home base in Arkansas to L.A.. She was working out of a healing center inSanta Monicaand I went to see her. Since that meeting we have kept in touch.

Let me tell you a little more about Sharilyn. She says she comes from an unbroken line of clairvoyants, mystics, seers and healers on her mother’s side. Her earliest spiritual memory comes from the age of three being taken to church where her mother told her the preacher was going to talk about God. She remembers being perplexed because what he said had no relation to what she knew God wanted her to learn. At twelve she began to have visions. She later married and her visions and psychic abilities increased. She states “Pictures became alive. People I would see in public would change as I looked at them, their clothing and body melting into a past life dress, hairstyle and demeanor. Sometimes I would even see a past life scene - where they had resided. Men dressed as Roman soldiers clanged when they walked by me because the metal studs at the base of their leather skirts touched their swords that hung at their sides.”

Sharilyn’s early childhood and early adult life were tumultuous. Among many hardships and tragedies she had to endure was suffering through the death of a child. This event led her to leave her husband and begin a battle for her life and sanity. She called on the help of Jesus, pledging if she were to be healed, she would be his handmaiden and serve him.  She received her healing and eventually began her healing of others.

The first session I had with Sharilyn took about a month for me to feel the full benefits from and those benefits were a new clarity around the issue and a sense of an opening which allowed me to figure out what was happening with the issue I had brought to her. From that opening and the knowledge I gained from her on how “curses” work I had the ability to finally see clearly what I was dealing with and was then able to heal around that issue. As the world is shifting so quickly now and with the many new energies coming in, I felt like I was in need of some additional work. I thought another session with Sharilyn was in order. I called her and we arranged for a session to be done over the phone.

With this healing I am not going to go into any details about the issue or what happened during the healing. I wanted to record my session to share with you but Sharilyn suggested not to. She didn’t want me to re-charge the issue, by listening and revisiting the session as I transcribed it. My second healing took a lot longer than I expected. I will share with you how much energy Sharilyn gives to her work. She must be exhausted after them. It has taken much longer for me to feel any results from the second session. I even began to wonder if her work didn’t take. Shortly after our session I had experienced some family emergencies that took me off course from my daily life. I had to leaveL.A.for about a month and the situation consumed a lot of time and energy. I’m not sure, but this may be the reason it took longer to feel anything and then again maybe it had nothing to do with it and it just took longer. What I know about healing and how spirit works is that the spiritual side has a much different time frame than we do. So I kept the faith because I have respect for the work Sharilyn does and I believe in our abilities to be healed and to heal ourselves.

As I write this article it’s close to three weeks that I have been back in L.A.; from my family emergency.  I’ve had a little more time to myself to focus on the work that I did with Sharilyn. I’m beginning to see an opening in myself and things in my life are starting to shift around for the better.

I mentioned earlier that I respect the work Sharilyn does and also I think it’s important to have people be aware of what is available in the world of healing. So, I want to write about what Sharilyn offers. She performs several modalities that many other healers do as well, such as psychic readings, chakra balancing, dream interpretations, past life work, DNA healings, and soul retrievals. Then she offers healings which as far as I am aware are unique to her; like Angelic interventions and curse removal. 

In addition to that she is a self educated expert on why the Bee’s are dying out across the planet. She has consulted various parties and for a documentary on the issue. She is an author and has co-written with her mother, books on the reincarnational stories of the twelve apostles of Jesus. She has also drawn the illustration and book covers for the books. All her books start out with the title of “The Gift of…”.  Titles include: The Gift of…Judas, The Gift of…Peter, The Gift of…James ben Alphaeus, The Gift of…Judas ben Alphaeus also know as Thomas.

In her Angelic interventions Sharilyn reminds us that Angels are always there to help us. They just have a non-interference policy. Because of free will they can’t assist us (unless it is a true emergency) until they are asked for help. When they’re called upon they are there ready and waiting to assist us in whatever we need. Large or small issues, it doesn’t matter, the key is to remember to ask. For example next time you are frantically driving around looking for a parking place take a small moment to be still then out loud or in your head call on the Angel of parking spaces to help you find a space. Is there really just one angel in charge of parking spaces? I don’t know and it probably doesn’t matter just stating your intention of wanting help allows whatever angelic beings which are around you at the time to step in and assist. Sharilyn’s point is we forget there is help available and we think we have to do it all ourselves. The truth is we aren’t alone and we have assistance, we just have to ask.

Her work in curse removal is the one which intrigues me the most. First of all the idea that a curse could be real and not just something from aHollywoodmovie or an Egyptian mummies tomb, captured my imagination and attention. Then when I questioned her about it and she explained what a curse really was, it made perfect sense to me. A curse is an intense emotional charge coupled with a focused intent to hurt yourself or another.  Here is an example I came up with: A bride is left at the altar by her fiancé who runs off with his secretary. When he doesn’t show up and she finds out he ran off. In her anger and pain she blurts out “I hate him! I hope she cheats on him and he is never happy in love again!!!” She just laid a curse on him. 

Sharilyn’s explanation of how a curse works is this. “A curse is like a virus waiting for the perfect conditions in your life for it to become enlivened. It can come to you through your family line or it can be focused on you. Either way it is a block to you being in the flow of abundant life, blocking happiness, success in love, work or relationship. God’s Love removes these as easily as it removes anything that is not love.”

Probably the one thing that I have always taken away form the healing work with Sharilyn is her firm belief in God’s love.  I’ll leave you with a quote I took form my first article with her. “There is nothing we can be, do, say or think that can separate us from God’s love”. 

This is a deep reminder to me of the simple truth that love is the most powerful force there is. I’ll close with a quote from myself also taken from my first article with Sharilyn. “We are extensions of the creator and of love. Because of this we are not now, nor can we ever be separated from God. And that the pain we have is because we have forgotten that simple truth.” Sharilyn’s journey seems to me, to be about remembering and reminding us all, how loved we are and how love heals everything.

For more information check out her website: The gift of…

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