Penn Foster College's Veterinary Technician Program – The Ideal Online Vet School

Since I was a little girl, my dream has been to work with animals.  During my last year of high school, I did what every high school student should do; I applied to universities and for financial aid.  However, the schools that offer animal science courses are expensive. These institutions offer limited course work and I also found many classes were rapidly filled.  I quickly realized that not only was getting the courses I needed to pursue my dream difficult, but even with financial aid I would still be in debt when I finished.  Financial aid was not enough to pay off any school I was planning to attend, and the entire traditional process would take longer than it should.


I decided to not attend college for a year so I could save up money.  This gave me time to think, plan, and seek an alternate route. A short time went by and the absence of school bothered me. I saw school commercials and heard my friends talk about college and it made me aspire to continue my education.  I may be young, but I don’t have time to waste, right? I decided to look into online courses. I was surprised to see how many online schools are out there but I needed to find the perfect school for me.  So I just made it simple and Google searched, “Online Vet School”.  It wasn’t hard at all to find the perfect online school as Penn Foster College was the first link that came up in my search. I immediately clicked on the link and was in awe with what Penn Foster offered in their Veterinary Technician Program.


The first thing I noticed was the organized way the website was set up and how easy it was to navigate through the pages.  I easily gathered all the information about the program. After all, I was looking for the specific information that matched my goal. While exploring the site, I was very excited to learn that the program is AVMA accredited, which is a crucial factor in my career goals. This accreditation ensures the highest standard for a veterinary medical education in the United States and gives employers confidence to hire you. Of course, everyone looks for certain attributes in a school, but I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more from Penn Foster. Penn Foster offers a Veterinary Technician sample lesson to give an idea of what the classes consist of. The curriculum is provided on the site to know what classes would be taken each semester. Furthermore, since I work in retail, my work hours are a little crazy at times so I need something that will accommodate my schedule. I found the Vet Tech Program is self-paced, meaning that I would be able to work on the lessons during my free time and at any hour in the day.  There is no concern of a professor rushing me to finish anything or getting to class at a certain time and definitely not about classes getting filled.


In addition to the beautiful idea of a self-paced school, Penn Foster has partnerships with two of the largest Veterinary hospitals in North America.  These are institutions where a student can gain hands on experience during practicums. The practicums make Penn Foster’s Vet Tech Program a lot like traditional Veterinarian school.  This is important because hands on training is essential to applying all knowledge acquired throughout the program under professional supervision. Penn Foster’s Vet Tech Program and many of its other programs are accredited. Lastly, what makes all these convenient features even more valuable is that I find the cost completely affordable. I really couldn’t ask for more so I requested additional information. I started to get letters and brochures in the mail providing me with details about the Vet Tech Program and all its assets.


Really, just by looking at Penn Foster’s website, I knew that my journey of becoming a Veterinary Technician was only beginning and needed to sign up as soon as possible!



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