The Clumsy Person’s Guide Enjoying a Stress Free Life

When you are clumsy, you are also overly self-aware and that does not help your problem too much. Clumsiness may not be a serious problem, but it can impact how you perceive yourself, and it can lead to the development of insecurities if it is left unaddressed.

Luckily, it is not too serious of an issue that you can’t deal with. There are several good techniques that can really help you out and ensure you have a stress free life. Try to follow these suggestions and you can be sure that you’ll witness improvements.


If you are scared that you might hurt yourself, or that you will break or lose something important and expensive, then you can always get some insurance. You can get life insurance that compensates you if you get hurt and are perhaps unable to work, and if you have an expensive cell phone, you should get phone insurance, or insurance for any other expensive gadget you are carrying around constantly as well.

These are the two essential things your clumsiness can put in jeopardy. The insurance itself won’t make you more careful, but you at least won’t have to worry as much and feel that you’re under constant pressure.

In fact, very often the stress itself prevents you from functioning normally, and being too cautious can make you even clumsier. If you are not too worried about how things can go wrong, you will be able to sleep easier, and act more natural.

Don’t take unnecessary risks

The best way to avoid awkward situations is simply to stay out of them. If you are uncertain that you can pull something off, then ask yourself if it’s really worth the trouble. For example, if guests come over and you need to serve coffee or drinks, you might want to bring all the glasses out at once on a big plate. If you are not sure if you have the balance necessary to pull it off, then simply bring each glass individually.

This is just a simple example, and you should not accept your flaws; you need to work on them and conquer them of course. However, that takes time and practice, and creating more situations where you end up being clumsy won’t do your confidence much good, so avoid them until you are ready to take them on.  

Work on your anxieties

Like it was mentioned in the section with insurance, stress can be one of the elements that make you clumsier. You can easily start to develop social anxiety due to overthinking things. You might begin to feel that others see you as unreliable, or you might think that this flaw impacts your self-worth in a negative way, and when someone is hesitant to entrust you with safekeeping something, it can be really hurtful.

You must not allow these toxic thoughts to take root, and you need to work on these minor anxieties. You can do things that boost your confidence like start to work out, or do something you are good at and enjoy. You can go get a massage and have a spa day, or simply visit a professional therapist.

In fact, you can use your clumsiness as a motivator, you can do a lot in terms of self-improvement, and even start to do everything more diligently, just to make sure you didn’t make a mistake, and being thorough is a nice virtue that can come out of this bad situation.

Don’t do things in haste

When you try to rush things, you are more likely to create an accident. The reason why you do this is because you are out of your comfort zone and want to get it over with as soon as possible. Do not do this, take your time, and take a deep breath to compose yourself.

It will help you be more focused and therefore reduce the chance of something going wrong. Besides, think of it this way, if you rush it and things go wrong, you’ll have to start over, and if it takes a bit more time but everything works out, then you come off as more competent and it is more time-efficient.

Do not try to multitask

One of the most common reasons behind any mistake is our inability to pay attention and look out for multiple things at once. So, if you lack focus, don’t push your luck. Do one thing at a time to mitigate the chances of situation going south. Besides multi-tasking is only an additional source of stress and it doesn’t help you in any way.

Be more focused and aware of your environment

When you are in a situation that you can create a mess if you are not careful, apply some changes, to help you worry less. For example, you are sitting at the table and there is a coffee, juice and water in front of you. The first thing you should do is scan the table and see if there are any items that can get damaged if something spills.

Make sure these items are placed somewhere safer, so that even if you do make a mistake, no harm will be done. It is a great exercise to hone your risk assessment skills and, in a way, a good approach to help out people you are with, since anyone can make a mistake.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Everybody makes mistakes, it’s just that it happens more often to some people. No one should criticize you for doing something unintentionally. It can happen to anyone, and if you made the necessary efforts to avoid the situation, then no one should be mad at you; we can’t all be good at everything. If you are working on yourself and making progress, it means you care, and no one has the right to call you irresponsible or careless.

To sum up, you need to identify the flaw, see what you can do about it and see what factors increase the chances of an accident happening. As long as you work on these things, you will feel better, things will get better and you’ll be able to forgive yourself.

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