We are afraid of what's going to happen...a lifetime similar to Marie Antoinette's...

 Dear Victoria,

There are several questions that I need to ask you.  One, my office is going through a lot of changes.  My co-worker and I have been praying that God would send us a better boss, to take the place of the one who is leaving. 

We are afraid of what's going to happen, but we both have a lot of faith.  Can you please give me your insight on who it will be, and if he will be a good person for us to work for? 

My husband and I started a home building company last year.  So far, we have sold one out of the four homes we built.  This company has always been his dream.  Now he is thinking about starting up a framing company.  But, I am fearful that we will be spreading ourselves way too thin, and will make mistakes along the way because we won't be on top of things.  What is your advice for me on that, and how I need to handle things with him about that?

Also, are we going to be successful with our house building venture? 

My daughter is nine years old, and is having trouble in school.  She hates to read because she does not read as fast as the others in her class.  There was a medical reason for this, but it has been corrected.  She is so bright and so smart!  I am trying to get her to understand that whatever she does or doesn't do in school, right now, will have an affect on her from now on.  But, she doesn't pay attention to what I say because she's angry with me, partly because I pushed her to go into a mainstream class, when she didn't feel good about it, and kept telling me so.  I know I should have listened to her better, but now I'm trying to make amends, and am trying to do whatever I need to to help her, in the best way possible.

Do you think she will turn this around and, also how can I get through to her better, now that I understand everything?  I so realize that I made a huge mistake by trying to make her feel that she would fit in, and get would over her sight issues easily, because I wanted her to be in a regular classroom, too much.  

I would appreciate your answer,

Laurie B.

Dear Laurie,

Even though it appears that you do have several questions, they are all very much interconnected; each seemingly individual one has relevance for the entire family (more than you think!)' You may by now be familiar with a phrase I frequently repeat, 'Everything Affects Everything Else'' ? 

Laurie, all the issues you mention have to do with your making sure that everyone in the family is humming along--ie, that everything is going smoothly for everyone, all the time.  You're actually quite consumed with having all the affairs of the family fit into nice, neat boxes, so-to-speak; everything must always appear to be anywhere from handled--to:  just perfect!  Perhaps a little bit like the ideal family life styles as portrayed on American television during the 1950's, such as on The Ozzie and Harriet Show.  

Whether or not you realize this, you also apply the same 'm.o.' at your place of work (m.o. =  modus operandi; or--a way of doing things). You've even gotten a co-worker to see things the way you do:  you mentioned that you and she have been praying for someone who will make it more 'pleasant' for you there, in the office.  That includes having a new boss, who will be nicer, more copasetic with you both, etc.' There's nothing at all in your questions re making the company be run better, having better working conditions or pay raises, nor the company being bought out by a larger firm (ie, better for you, financially), etc!

Please don't think I'm judging you, as I'm not at all.  Never do.  Ever.  With anyone.  In fact, except for the situation with your daughter's reading 'dilemma,' you have had great deal of success in making everything work out well!' It's just that I believe I can help you see things in a bit better way, one which will allow you to also experience a great life; not just everyone else around you, only.   

Laurie, you are THE pivotal person in your family, the one who holds everything and everybody together, no matter what.  Even  (perhaps I should say 'especially'' ?!) at great expense to--yourself!  You try extremely hard, and constantly,  to assure that all those around you are forever happy, successful and doing their best.  By the way, I am known for being repetitious, sometimes even ad-nauseam (!), when it feels as though it would be helpful to be so--such as here, right now. 


Just before I get to the nitty-gritty of everything, it's important that you understand that you have been doing a great job.  Here I am, being repetitious again' !  For a good reason.  Please do listen carefully to the following:  you have been instrumental in helping hubby with his venture into the construction business  (and, by the way, it really is his business--even though you called it something like, yours-and-his:  I do believe that you understand precisely  what I'm saying, here!).   And, Laurie, you have done a great job by your daughter--especially after realizing that you were trying to gloss over that things with her weren't perfect in school; ie, her reading skills (Hey!  Don't be so hard on yourself! You've already learned that lesson, and are making great strides in turning it around:  more on that, coming up' !) 

Okay.  Laurie, from here on in, this is about you' And, I truly hope that I haven't 'put you off' by being so blunt re with what I was able to read between the lines (intuitively, of course!), from your questions. 

Yes.  The house building business is destined to be extremely successful.  Even though your control mechanisms about the way it works has helped it to be lucrative, to some degree, once you look at it in a different way it will begin to be wildly successful!  What I mean is, that instead of trying to make everything happen so perfectly--just let it flow' You're actually interfering a lot with your own process!  You and your husband are both very old souls, and have been involved with virtually every aspect of the building industry, since very ancient times:  you've both been master woodworkers, ceramicists, stone masons, glass makers, painters, etc.; you've each attained levels of mastery in all of the above--plus more!  You've laid cathedral foundations--the whole gamut. 

So.  Please don't even begin to worry about any future financial success; it's just about a 'given.'  Where I can help you create even more, though, is that if you begin to learn and employ feng shui techniques, you will be successful beyond belief;  and I do mean that.  There are countless books, cd's, audio tapes and seminars available on this ancient Chinese belief system' One example, is that the placements of every door, window, the plumbing systems, and so on have an extraordinary effect on those who reside within the structure.  As well as their finances, health and so on.

Over and above these principles of design and construction, there is another concept that I would like to introduce to you, here.  And that is to, literally, offer yourself up to The Divine intent for each piece of land that you work with; ie, whatever is Divinely meant (and, there IS a Divine intention' ) for each and every parcel of land, building, vacant lot, subdivision--etc.  One way to do this is to (approximately) one-to-four times per week, just before going to sleep, put out your intention to the Universe, that you are a Divine vehicle for whatever needs to take place with any parcel of land, building, etc. that presents itself to you, through some land deal, business opportunity, or whatever. 

Lastly, a bit more about your daughter.  You and she are working out major control issues from other, including recent, lifetimes.   Her anger relates to the fact that she, before she was born, had felt that everything would be perfect this time around, with you and your hubby as parents.  Her issues about reading in school relate to a lifetime similar to Marie Antoinette's, where she mis-read, so-to-speak, the political climate of her then-country.  She didn't realize that some of her advisors (you, being one of them' ) were trying to help her to do better, and to escape what looked like would be an inevitable, nasty ending.  You and the other advisors truly loved her.  However, she hated hearing the truth, coming from you, especially (other lifetimes' ), and--had you put to death.  I'm sorry to be the one to relay this to you, but it is so very common, a kharmic reality. 

The reason you glossed over her reading issues in school is that you didn't feel that she would believe you this time, either.  I.e., no matter what you would try to have her understand, she wouldn't 'get.'  So, you decided not to worry about it, and, in this day and age, go for the 'greater good of the family'' By the way, by explaining this to you the way that I just have, I can 'see' that you have understood, on a deeper level what truly did happen.  Hopefully now you will forgive yourself for any little mis-appropriateness re her classroom situation:  it's over, she needs to get over it better, move on--and create wonderful things together you and her father.  Which you are destined to do!

Best of luck,

For nearly a quarter of a century, Victoria Bullis, the internationally known celebrity psychic, has been helping individuals and high profiled celebrities, such as Anthony Michael Hall and Maria Conchita Alonso, with everyday issues such as relationship and career ventures. 

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or consultations on how to enhance and make the most out of your business, contact Victoria at [email protected].

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