The Secret of Deliberate Creation ~ Live Your LIfe by Design

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all, while others have very little and continue to suffer? Do you believe that struggle is normal? Is your life one long series of struggles and worries? Then you just may embrace Dr. Robert Anthony's self-help series called 'The Secret of Deliberate Creation'. It can open doors to amazing success you never even knew existed. The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a powerful and dynamic approach to attracting anything you desire into your life. It is a course you can learn in the privacy of your own home or office. A course that can catapult you into a powerful new future. A course that can empower and enhance your life. 

As a life-long student of metaphysical philosophies, I've read many author's works and listened to numerous self-help programs. I found this to be the most straight-forward, no nonsense, results producing personal development program I've discovered. I was so inspired, that I wanted to share this. It is distilled from Dr. Anthony's study of every major philosophy, religion and psychological system as well as dozens of master teachers he's known, his personal work with others over 30 years, and his own personal evolution. The whole goal of this series is to enable you to live your life by design, and not by default.

Dr. Robert Anthony

Doctor Robert Anthony's self-help series of 6 CDs, The Secret of Deliberate Creation, starts out with a refreshing disclaimer.  He explains up front that what he will be telling listeners on the tapes is not the 'Truth'  but simply what works for him.  This is a key to all self-help, where the operative word is 'self.'  Everyone who wants to build a better life has to do it from a different place choosing the tools that are right for them.  Other people can give guidance, but each person is responsible for finding what works for them.  Good guidance suggests tools and encourages belief in the outcome but each person learn to use the tools and hold onto their belief.  This is exactly what these audio CDs help someone do.

Unfortunately for people wanting to change, a lack of belief in the possibility of change is their first obstacle.  Dr. Anthony uses quantum physics to challenge habitual beliefs about what is real and what is created by the mind. Quantum physics is simply a science that explains how everything in our world comes into existence. He helps you understand how your beliefs shift the universe and produce what you believe in. One of the benefits of understanding the basics of quantum physics is that you can finally see clearly how your thoughts, ideas and beliefs control the outcome of your life.  Science speaks to the conscious mind about the possibility of 'Deliberate Creation' in terms it can accept.
Dr. Anthony encourages people to start living by design.  To do that, they need a vision they can believe in.  So once the doubt has been cleared away, the work of designing and manifesting can be undertaken with enthusiasm.

A key idea of Dr. Anthony's is the 'Law of Attraction.'  If you accept
the premises from physics about the vibrational, electrical nature of
all matter, then you can see how the alignments of your thoughts and
actions can create a resonance that attract and repel results.  One of
his goals is to give people tools to attract what they most desire.

Unfortunately, for many people, their heart's desire is often vague.
The audio spends a fair amount of time helping listeners define and
embrace what they desire.  Until a person has 100% certainty, they can
be turned aside by the negativity of their habitual thoughts and of the negativity of others. The program enables you to identify how you sabotage achieving what you truly desire by buying into fear and negativity and doubt and how to turn that around.

Another important set of concepts in the program teaches people to find their inner compass.  He talks about a Mind-Set versus a Heart-Set, a person's 'Essential Silent Partner' and 'Inner Guidance System' to always make the right decisions.

Ultimately, any success story includes huge amounts of perseverance. 
His program covers the lure of making excuses, of self-sabotage and
other mental blocks. If you are finding yourself stuck, perhaps the
reminder of how important it is to keep on keeping on.

For anyone ready to help themselves, these tapes can offer a host of
tools and concepts to build the future they desire by design. You will be amazed at how much power you have and how easy it is to produce the outcome you desire.

The program addresses:

*  Why Most Self-Improvement Programs Fail and How You Can Make Sure This One Works For You.

*  Quantum Physics The Key To Creating Your Future.

*  How to Make The 'Law of Attraction' Work FOR You Instead of AGAINST You.

*  How The 'Collective Consciousness' of Others Can Control Your Life.

*  How To Use Your Inner Guidance System To Make The Right Decisions All The Time

*  The Secret of the 'Flip Switch'

*  Introducing Your 'Essential Silent Partner'

*  Mind-Set vs. Heart-Set.

*  How To Know What You Truly Desire With 100% Certainty.

*  Creative Magnetic Energy and The Law of Critical Mass.

*  Communicating With Your 'ESP'.

*  Understanding 'Time' and Your 'Point of Power'.

*  Allowing vs. Resisting - The Key To Magnetic Attraction.

*  How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Mental Blocks Forever!

*  Settling for 'Limited Probabilities' or 'Unlimited Possibilities'

*  How To Know When It's Time To Take Action

*  The Road To No More Excuses

*  The Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life By Design

The Secret of Deliberate Creation comes attractively packaged in a 6 CD set. The average running time for each CD is around 45 minutes. Also, when you order the six CD set, you will also get a bonus package of 7 eBooks, Intention Activator software program and the "Quick Start Program" including a Rapid Manifestation Audio CD,  worth well over $300, free when you order.

About Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony is an undercover secret to some of the most successful people on the planet. For the past 30 years he has spent his life unraveling the mysteries of the mind. During that time he has earned a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology from Pacific Western University and has worked as a psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, master hypnotist, and personal performance trainer.

He has authored over 15 books, which have been published in 22 countries. His flagship books, Beyond Positive Thinking and The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence have sold over a million copies.

Dr. Anthony has taught and lived in the USA, UK, Sweden, Russia, New Zealand, and Australia, where he now operates an international consulting company.

Unlike most other "mind performance" and "self-improvement" experts, Dr. Anthony hasn't thrived on publicity to make a name for himself. His reputation has been built on his ability to take complicated ideas and present them in a simple, but profound way that gets immediate RESULTS. He has been featured as a keynote speaker and has presented over 5,000 prestigious seminars and training programs all over the world to clients who have paid thousands of dollars to attend.

His training goes much deeper than "motivation" or "positive thinking". Instead, he shows you how to align your personal power with the natural laws of the Universe to reverse the polarity of your life. So rather than trying to eliminate the things you DON'T WANT, you become naturally attracted to the things you DO WANT. This is the ultimate formula for success.


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