Sexy Dreams - Dream Coaching by Kelly Sullivan Walden

Dear Kelly,

Here's a very weird dream I had recently. I was traveling in a train with a friend, and I realized I had my boyfriend's penis in a paper bag. I was touching it and it responded, so I figured I'd better not do that. A few minutes later there was a commotion inside the bag - as if it was trying to break out. I listened to the bag, and then heard the contents sigh inside. I realized the penis had know, all by itself. My next thought in the dream was cleaning up any mess. But then I woke up.
In the dream I was with a girlfriend. I don't know where we were going, but we were sitting opposite each other with a table in the middle - like the cross-country trains I have been on in England (I lived there for 9 years) - although she is a friend I met her in the US - and the penis is American (hahaha). I don't think she knew about the bag's contents.  This was just something I was dealing with. What does this mean.

I hope you can shed some light on my strange dream,


Dear Melissa,

When you consider that our nighttime journey (aka our dreams) begin when our conscious mind takes its bow for the day, exhausted from 16 hours of appropriate, politically correct behavior, stuffing animal instincts into man-made cubicles of efficiency and order, squelching our desire to hump the leg of the first attractive person to walk by---it makes sense that our nighttime dreams are so bizarre… and in many cases XXX. Consider that all that is suppressed by day gets expressed by night.

Sex dreams, when looked at literally, are about physically release and the bodies need for the expression of pent up energy.  However, sex is a potent metaphor for bonding, embracing an aspect of oneself, as well as being symbolic of desire, creativity, and passion.  Erotic dreams also help a person to balance out unsatisfied or secret physical attractions, longings, and desires.

Now, about the “Penis in the Bag”…

Dreams of a penis represent masculine power, virility, potency, sexuality, strength and a feeling of being competent in the world…capable of producing and manifesting your creative ventures.  This dream could be about a desire to “curb your boyfriend’s enthusiasm”—to reign him in, or train him to keep his penis and sexual spunkiness under wraps.

I also suggest looking at the dream from the perspective that everyone and everything in the dream is you (or an aspect of you).  From this perspective, the “penis in the bag” represents your own potency, passion, desire (sexual or otherwise) that you are keeping hidden from view for fear that it would become too messy to deal with if exposed. The “friend” sitting opposite you represents the aspect of yourself from whom you are hiding your longings and sexuality.

The fact that your dream ends with you wanting to clean up the mess represents a desire to present an orderly front, to keep your wild “other side of the tracks” aspect of self in line. Dreams like this reveal the effort we exert in our attempts at reigning in our wildness into tight, socially acceptable packages. Perhaps this dream is showing you that it is time to clean up your shame and let your passion out of the bag!


Kelly Sullivan Walden is a Hypnotherapist, Dream Coach, and author of Warner Books’ I HAD THE STRANGEST DREAM…the Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century, and DISCOVER YOUR INNER GODDESS QUEEN, an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen. For Dream Coaching or speaking engagements, you may contact her at:  [email protected]

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