One share of stock: a Holiday gift as unique as the person you give it to!

Every year I gather around the Christmas tree with my family to witness the anticipated, frenetic, and rather athletic ripping open of the Holiday gifts.  Hours of preparation, wrapping, note cards, and careful positioning under the sparkling tree are all decimated in about ten minutes amid a cyclone of flying ribbon and festive paper shards.

Stock certificates are genuine works of art! Your gift will come framed and read for hanging.

More than not, as I survey the chaotic pile of debris after,  I can't help but conclude that 90% of the gifts strewn before me are ones that in reality no one really needs, much less wants.  As a matter of fact, I sometimes see family members slyly edging the original packaging towards their stash, knowing their plan is to 'return and exchange' as soon as possible.

A great gift to an old friend from an even older one!

If, in fact, it is really the 'thought' that counts, why not actually THINK about the gift you are giving and give one that not only fits the person, but also can teach, perhaps inspire, make someone feel special, and also remain a wall-mounted reminder that it was you who gave the best the gift of all!

San Francisco based can make you that distinguished, thoughtful gift giver..

For the Girl who has everything!

The company has made it possible to purchase one single share of stock from scores of the most desirable and popular publicly traded companies in the world.  They take care of all the red tape, you can do it all online, and the selection is huge.  The gift is a genuine, beautifully framed stock certificate (which is a work of art in itself), and you can personalize it with your own message to the recipient.  This message can inspire heartfelt tears or hysterical laughter: it's up to you!

You choose the stock and write your own message, like this one for Budweiser!

Got a teen that is sports crazy?  Watch their eyes bug out when they get a share of Nike stock.  Trust me; nothing impresses their friends more than seeing a framed Nike certificate on the wall it means they are owners.  Someone special you know into music?  A share of Sony will do the trick.  My own nephew is planning on taking the music industry by storm, and the first credential he showcases is the share I gave him last Christmas. 

Dreamworks stock certificates are one of the most popular with both kids and adults

There's a stock to fit everyone you care about: Tiffany, Coca Cola, Disney, Harley, Budweiser, DreamWorks, Martha Stewart' .the list goes on.

The coolest thing is that you can personalize the stock with a message.  Some of my favorites include:  Coach 'To my dear friend Mindy, from one old bag to another!'  - Tiffany: 'Diamonds are THIS girl's best friend!' - Budweiser: 'To my best friend James: you drink enough of it, now you own it!' and Martha Stewart: 'To Mom, who also has done time in the kitchen!'

Someone special can own a piece of Martha Stewarts pie!

Kids also can get turned on to the importance of investing, and it's a great way for adults to be involved with that process.  Once kids get a taste, they are inspired to learn more.

In addition, as an owner even one share of a company, you receive information and sometimes discounts on your company's products.  As a shareholder you receive all the perks!

A great start up book for kids is included for free: "Stock Matters" by Bryon Beach

Byron Beach, author of the book 'Stock Matters' says; 'Teaching kids good financial habits should be like teaching them to brush their teeth' a simple daily activity that can pay big dividends in years to come. Kids grow up with thousands of images that teach them how to spend, but almost none about the power of owning, investing or spending money wisely.'  (Tip: you can request Beach's book when you order your stock and receive it FREE along with the 'One Share Starter Kit' at no additional cost.)

If you're looking for intelligent, thoughtful, and meaningful gifts for your family and friends this year, has got you covered.

Check out all the possibilities at or call toll-free:  1-888-777-6919


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