My husband has an aunt who was something of a hippie, back in the 1960's

Hi Victoria,
My husband has an aunt who was something of a hippie, back in the 1960's.  I'm almost positive that that was when she bought a house in Katmandu (Nepal); I know she's had it for a very long time, maybe even for around 46 years ago.  From a lot of pictures I've seen in her scrap book and from stories she's told, her home is a 'row house,' which means that it has shops underneath the living quarters of the shop owners.  His eccentric aunt still spends around a third of the time there; the rest she spends in England, Singapore and South Carolina.

Edward my husband comes from a large family.  All of his father's many brothers and sisters think that her house is haunted.  So do most of my husband's cousins, and even I do also.  I would like to know if we can find out for sure if it is haunted, and if so, by how many ghosts?  Who they are?  What centuries did they come from?  Did they die there, and was it by natural causes?  My husband especially thinks that there are a lot of ghosts in that house, that something fairly powerful must have happened on that sight any number of centuries ago.  I should tell you that he is pretty intuitive!  He keeps saying that he has a strong intuition that one of those apparitions is a little girl, and he has even seen her, himself, when he was there visiting.  Can you please write back to us?  We are all eagerly awaiting your information (there are about 18 or 19 of us!).  We've never done anything like this before, meaning that we've never gone to a medium (at least, I think that's what you do?)  My aunt is kind of kooky for lack of a better way of saying it, and has gone to a lot of psychics over the years.  Even though she is totally blase about the idea of dealing with psychic information in any way shape or form' she still refuses to discuss her house in Nepal with anyone.  She isn't usually so secretive, though.

None of the rest of us are not exactly sure if there are any ghosts there, but we all think that there is something at least like 'dark energy' in the place, and we are all worried about her, that maybe she is in denial about possible danger' or even possessed.  At the very least I feel 'creepy' whenever people talk about the place or whenever I look at her photos.  That's why I am asking for some clarification from you.

We are all hoping that you will give us some insight about this. 

Thank You,

Dear Dawn,

Please don't worry so much about your husband's aunt.  She has owned the place for nearly five decades, and has been living there thus far without any seeming harm from ghostly beings!

On a very positive note, it's obvious to me how much your husband, you, his cousins, plus the aunts and uncles, are all so concerned about her.  ' I know the concern is genuine, and it's truly a lovely thing to observe!

Part of what your husband is sensing about the negative energy surrounding the place has actually been cleared up already.  A decade or more before the aunt purchased the place, it had been used as an opium den:  I can psychically see people, mostly men, lying on low tables smoking opium pipes.  The back part of that shop was an opium den for about 60-65 years; I see the walls being a dingy brown/gray, due to all the smoke.  Because 'Auntie' had inhaled a substantial amount of marijuana over several years, she was attracted to buy the place' in part, because of the energy emanating from the shop; i.e., from so many people having been 'blissed out' there, even though nothing had happened on the premises for numerous many years.   

By the way, all of you involved (including hubby, his aunt, all the relations' and, even you)--were together in an ancient, Druid life.  You were, as a group, considered to be spiritual leaders, partly because the entire group was always 'out of it' (due to whatever aphrodisiac was in vogue at that time)!  Another way of saying this is, in that lifetime you were all 'blissed out,' 24/7!  But, because someone ended up taking advantage of all of you at that time, you still have some issues to deal with, re being 'out of it' due to some particular plant-substance.  In other words, each one of the people you mentioned is a very rigid person, and pretty much feels the need to be constantly alert all times, in case something negative might happen, if they aren't.  Except 'Auntie'--who worked that through, a few lifetimes ago. That's why she is so neutral about the place in Katmandu:  she doesn't have any issues any more with being taken advantage of, while she is 'on something!'  I guess what I need to say is that all of you, except for your husband's aunt, is concerned about being taken advantage of in some way.  Yet another way of saying this is, that she is finally over that Druid lifetime, and is absolutely fine with wandering around the earth' in whatever state she wants to be in!  She is so much more of a free spirit than any of you are, that each and every one of you can learn a lot from her, re the concept of feeling a sense of total freedom and joy about life itself!

Dawn, to answer a specific question of yours, yes there are some ghosty-type beings all around that area.  In fact, they are every where!  Some will even wander in and out of her place from time to time.  But never when she's there! ' She has somehow, unconsciously, learned how to create a space for herself that she loves, and will not let anything, even ghosts, invade that space!

Please stop worrying about her; she's together enough to what she needs and wants to do.  By the way I can tell that she's about ready to turn 70 years old, soon.  I propose that all of you throw her a fabulous party' in Katmandu!  Next June, specifically' Surprise her, appreciate her, and learn to be a tiny bit like her (minus the drugs, of course!); none of you will ever forget that celebration! 

Dawn, you're the best person to do the arranging of that event. 

' Best of luck with it,


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