My husband and I have tried to start a family for a number of years...

I have been following your newsletters each month for a long time and I make a huge attempt to implement at least one of your suggestions into my life every month.  As a result, I have felt inspired to work on at least a couple of new things already this year.  One of them is to get into shape. My husband, a friend of mine and I started to go for walks each evening and on the weekends, and I recently joined a health club.  This fitness club won't actually be opened until later on this year, probably some time in the autumn; however, the owners of the facility currently have us all working out in a big, cavernous, industrial-like space.  As a bonus for working out in this temporary gym, I get to have personal fitness trainers give me sessions for free, until the real gym finally opens.  I really think this was Divine intervention working in my life.  Although I realize that it is still somewhat early in my goal for 2006 (my goal is to get into shape, and to lose weight)' I'm starting to feel great!  I am amazed at how much more energy I already have, and I know I am handling stress so much better than I ever did before.  In some weird way I know that I am making this a real aspect of my every day life, even though I can't explain it very well.  I have to tell you that it all feels really wonderful. 

The other thing that I am trying to work on is getting pregnant.  My husband and I have tried to start a family for a number of years and had even attempted (last year) seeking medical help to go through unique fertility treatments.  A couple of months ago, we decided together that we needed to take some time off from working with the fertility doctor, even though she is very good; some friends of ours recommended that we go to a Naturopath (a holistic type of doctor), instead, to see if she would be able to work with us in some different type of approach.  I have already been to see her (once).  She helped me to realize that I might have some sort of mental or emotional block such as fear, stress, etc., and suggested various, non-traditional techniques.  She mentioned that these might be good places to start with, and I am asking you for your advice on what she suggested:  feng shui; meditation; aromatherapy; and hypnotherapy.  She even mentioned having a long weekend get-away to an exotic beach with my husband!  I have been trying to work with my Spirit Guides and Angels, the way you always suggest doing.  Sometimes I get really frustrated because I don't seem to be able to grasp their messages.  But, at the same time I do really feel that they are around and that they want to give me messages.  It is so very frustrating for me!  I am seeking their wisdom, but feel blocked about receiving what they are trying to say.  Victoria, I do feel that you can interpret to me what they want me to know.  Please do help me. 
Thanks for all of your guidance! This particular year your messages seem to especially hit home with me.

Dear Nadine,

It means a lot to me (truly!) that you have been following my newsletters for a long time, and have been attempting to work with the information I've channeled each month.  Hearing stories such as yours is exactly why, after all these many years, that I still find a lot of joy and satisfaction in continuing to work in the way I do!! 

A huge proportion of the letters I've been receiving from readers about their primary goal for 2006, concern losing weight; so, you may find this following fact yet another inspiration to realize that you are not alone, that many other readers are working through exactly the same thing as you are.  By this I mean much more than just the fact that there are a lot of people out there who have the same issue:  I mean something infinitely more cosmic.  It has to do with the synergy of many, many people all working throughout this year on a shared goal; in your case, weight loss (But I also mean ANY of the shared goals that people are working through this year' such as finances, relationships, moving, etc.), in a Divinely inspired way.    

You are correct about the health club.  The owners of the fitness club are very concerned about having the final facility be well received, profitable and successful.  So, they are currently working very hard with the members that they have, to make all of you feel comfortable there, and are trying to be very generous.  Because of this genuine caring and integrity, it's a very good place for you to be a part of, to work out at, and--I feel certain that you can negotiate a great package when the new club finally does open (which feels more like beginning of next year, not autumn!).  Keep up the good work there.  It's also been good for you and your husband to share this workout facility together, and I am encouraging you to add other quality-time activities, especially painting.  In several other lifetimes together, you were starving artists together.  For you and him to be able to literally walk into an art store and easily purchase canvases, paint brushes, a multitude of colors and mediums, would actually do wonders for both of you.  Looking into your future, I see you selling your joint works at flea markets and farmers' markets, initially, much as did the artist who created the 'Blue Dog' series (I used to see him selling his own works, many dozens of times at a farmers' market in northern California, back in the 1980', he is a multi-multi millionaire!). 

Before I comment on your pregnancy, I need to tell you that any information I give you is purely my opinion, as I am not licensed in the medical field.  What I do intuitively get, though, is that it would not be a good thing for you to get pregnant yet.  Your Spirit Guides are telling me' and you did ask me to interpret their messages for you!' that you need to drop a substantial amount more weight, and keep it off for several months at least, before becoming pregnant.  The reason you haven't gotten pregnant yet, is partly from their protecting you from what might not be a positive situation, health-wise, during a pregnancy.  In addition, the little baby that I see that wants to come to you, wants you to have a healthy pregnancy--and, also, just isn't ready to be born yet!  FYI, I'm seeing a cute little girl who wants to be born in early 2009; February of that year would be ideal for her.  It feels to me that you can, physiologically, become pregnant before then, through artificial fertility methods.  But what I am hearing from your Guides is that you'll most likely have two babies.  At least...!  Nadine, do whatever your heart tells you; my suggestion is that you do wait for this adorable little girl, and in the meanwhile enjoy each other as a couple:  travel; create several income streams (real estate being one of them); and persue together a variety of athletic and other activities.

I absolutely concur with what your Naturopath recommends.  I actually practice every one of these modalities, myself, even on a professional basis.  Feng shui, meditation, aromatherapy, and hypnotherapy (even that exotic beach vacation routine)--they're all a part of my life!  I also suggest you look into four of my other favorites: reiki; acupuncture; message and reflexology.  Do run these by your Naturopath, for her opinion.  You may want to ask her about yoga, also.

Your Guides and Angels are giving you messages, Nadine.  It's just that you haven't yet been able to tune into the 'frequency' where their information comes through.   But you will,--probably quite quickly!  As you learn these various modalities, have a clean diet, with organic food, water, fewer carbos, meat, etc.  You will feel yourself 'lightening up,' in more ways than the way, it's almost impossible to grasp higher frequency information, when one's body is weighted down with pesticides, too many carbos, sugars, stimulants, etc... 

Here's a sweet little message from my Spirit Guides AND yours:  you are doing a great job, Nadine.  Just try not to worry so much, and you'll be amazed at how different life looks to you in about five to seven more weeks.  

Good luck in all your goals,

For nearly a quarter of a century, Victoria Bullis, the internationally known celebrity psychic, has been helping individuals and high profiled celebrities, such as Anthony Michael Hall and Maria Conchita Alonso, with everyday issues such as relationship and career ventures. 

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or consultations on how to enhance and make the most out of your business, contact Victoria at [email protected].

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