My 15 year old daughter has major learning disabilities...

Dear Victoria,

I have listened to you every Wednesday for some time, and I've wanted you to give me advice too, since at least last Fall.  My family has been going through some huge issues for over two years.  I have been so weighted down by them that I don't know how to cope any longer.  I've seriously thought about contacting you before, but I didn't have the courage.  It's only been the last few days that I felt that I absolutely had to write to you, to ask you if you would spend a little time helping me out with one of my problems, the very worst one?  This one has to do with my oldest child, but affects all of us in the family all the time. 

My 15 year old daughter has major learning disabilities (primarily maths, plus her ability to process information.  This last one has mostly to do with information she hears in the classroom from her teachers, but also comes from what she has to study at night in her textbooks).  School has been a huge struggle for her, and it constantly affects our whole family.  Her father and I, plus her other sisters and brothers work with her every night to help her complete her homework assignments.  We also all have to do many things that are above and beyond what all the other families do in helping their children who are in the same classroom with her. 

Sometimes my daughter feels that she is such a failure in her studies that she wants to give up school entirely.  However, she is quite artistic, and has a great sense of color and design.  She is tall and very, very pretty and has long blonde hair.  Recently, she has been talking about going to a vocational, technical training school near us, for her last two years of high school.  But every once in a while she also mentions wanting to go to a local university, if she's able to graduate from the school she's now in.  My husband and I genuinely want to support her in having a vocation that she will enjoy, and that will give her some measure of independence.

Can you please tell me what you feel will be the best thing for her to do in her remaining years of high school?  I find that I worry about her and her future a lot of the time.  Victoria, Samantha is a very good hearted person, and I know that she does have real talents, but I am at a loss to know how to help guide her in the right direction.  You talk about people having a life's purpose, and I believe that that is true.  I just can't seem to understand anything about what her purpose is supposed to be, and how I'm meant to help her to achieve it. 

I'm also feeling ashamed that I have to make the whole family spend most of their evenings helping Samantha just be able to get through school. 

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated...

Dear Meg,

I hope that by the end of my answer to you, you will have felt that you have come to the right place!' You may have heard me mention that my first career after university was as a primary school teacher.  Even though it's been many years since I taught school (and, I did teach little ones, not 15 year olds...) I do feel that because of my developed intuition, my working with other adolescents as a psychic, and those years of hands-on experience with youth, I can help you. 

I am able to tune in easily to what's going on with your daughter.  In addition to what you've already told me, I can tell that she's also been ridiculed (which is a form of bullying) by some of her school mates.  Please don't be in denial about this!  Even though she probably hasn't mentioned this, I feel very strongly that this is taking place, and is affecting her, deeply on a self-esteem level' She, like so many other teenagers in school today, have enormous pressure on them to conform to whatever is the norm for that school.  Those who don't are somewhat of a  'square peg in a round hole;'  ie, never fitting in the way the others do. 

Meg, I want you to purchase a book entitled The Indigo Children, by L. Carroll and J.Tober.   It's been quite a popular book for about a decade. The premise of the book is there are children being born in this day and age who have extremely unique talents.  These children, who happen to be truly old souls, all have important roles to play later on, to help humanity in some big way.  Many of them, such as your daughter, do not fit into a traditional school environment' partly because they have such deep-seated needs to be doing something out in the world later, that many-to-most of them don't want to conform to anything that's been done in the past' including learning about the past (which is what most education is about' !).  These ancient souls know that they, in order to be viewed at some point in the future as normal human beings, must go through the usual educational process.  However, although it may seem ironic the bulk of them do not want to fit in with that very same educational process' as they're afraid of losing themselves in some way, becoming like their younger-soul classmates' and thus (potentially) forgetting how important it is that they remain aloof from group patterning (in order to be alert later to Higher information which may concern the beginning her, if they become accepted so much into some huge group, they may 'buy into' the persona of that group vs. remaining open to retaining their uniqueness).

Part of Samantha's problem, like so many of her Indigo cohorts is actually very far ahead intellectually ('light-years,' in some ways' ), so that it is extremely difficult for her to sit there in a classroom situation, and try to make sense of what people are teaching these days: because, to her, on her soul-level's reality, this is like pre, pre, pre-kindergarten!

Whatever you think of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt' at least consider Angelina Jolie being somewhat of an indigo-child example' None of us is perfect; despite what her previous issues were, she is truly attempting to make a difference out in the world.  And, if you've ever read the story of her adolescent years, she strove to be as much out of her schoolmates' reality as possible.  I'm saying this without judgment, condemnation or praise. 

An important reason that she seems so talented in a creative-type way, is because she is extremely creative--as a soul.  Meg, here is something important for you to grasp:  not only is she able to create artistically on paper, as a sculptor, or even as a painter, but is brilliant (and will be seen as such, later) as one who is known to be creative, instantaneously, to come up with solutions to major problems, for the world'   Big ones, Meg.

Now, back to the school/family scenario.  One of the most basic solutions is to change her school, to one where the administration and teachers 'get her.'  Another solution is to have her have a few hypnotherapy sessions, to go back in time to where she made the decision to come to earth in the form that she did' your daughter.  In those sessions she can also change her current belief system that says she can't conform to the way other students are, or she will forget what she needs to do later on.  Yet another is to get her involved in as many creative endeavors as possible; pretty much anything she's drawn to, and does well at:  being in the school band and playing a variety of instruments, plus singing; soccer and other competitive sports, and so on.  Getting her to journal would also be very helpful. 

I wish I could spend much more time with you on this; I could write an entire book on who your daughter really is and what she wants to do on Planet Earth, over the next several decades.  However, I hope I've helped you to shift at least somewhat, how you and your husband currently view her' which is as something of a liability in school and within your family (' you did allude to the fact that you hope that she finds something to make her 'happy' and that would give her some measure of independence:  to me that implies that you believe that she will never be entirely independent and that she will have to continue rely on you [or others] down the line...If that isn't what you are implying, I do apologize.  I see your daughter as an up and coming major star, believe it or not in the field of politics and humanitarianism. 

Right now, you (and your family), feel that you are at a disadvantage, just trying to help her get through school.  Please, please shift that belief system!  Please--work on believing something radically different, almost virtually the opposite of what you now believe:  the belief system I am understanding for you that would be just about perfect, is that you are meant to support her for the next couple of years, while she's still in school, for giving her the foundation that she needs to have--to be who she is meant to be, who she is destined to be.  To learn how to live in today's current environment, so that when she is doing the important things out in the world that she is meant to do, that she will always love, respect, admire and be grateful to all of you, for giving her the foundation that she needs to be who she is meant to be who she is very much destined to be' I hope this has made some kind of sense to you.  If not, I commit some extra time, to helping you see more of what I know about who she is.

Best of luck,

p.s. The reason you felt a need to mention how beautiful she is, is that she, on a soul level, would like very much to be seen for the next several years as a successful' model!  This will enable her to open some doors, eventually, in quite a unique way' you will be amazed at how quickly she takes to the catwalk (a recent past life). 

For nearly a quarter of a century, Victoria Bullis, the internationally known celebrity psychic, has been helping individuals and high profiled celebrities, such as Anthony Michael Hall and Maria Conchita Alonso, with everyday issues such as relationship and career ventures. 

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or consultations on how to enhance and make the most out of your business, contact Victoria at [email protected] and visit her website at



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