It is obvious to me that you and Tim would absolutely be kind, loving, compassionate parents...

Dear Victoria,

My partner and I have been trying to have a child together.  We've been together for a little more than three years and we've been trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half.  We both think that we would be very good parents. 

My soul mate, Tim, and I talk almost every day about how we would bring up a little girl or boy.  Each of us wants to give it the very best type of  life we know how to.  I've heard you mention several times about how some soul needs to come to a certain set of parents at a particular time.  That way, the child is born with the perfect astrology, genes and upbringing so it can do what it needs to in its life.  I think I remember you saying that there is a big sort of a bond (connection?) from other lifetimes between babies and their parents.  Then everyone will try different ways to work things out than they did in other times and places.  Something about it being a new start and new chances to make things better.  For some reason thinking about it like that seems to inspire me.  I suppose it makes me feel that our lives are not just random.  

My big question to you is are Tim and I meant to have a child together, and if so when?  Also, if we are destined to, how did we know this child before?  And why do we need to come together in this life?

Thank you so much,

Dear Penny,

Before I received the answer to your 'big question,' i.e. re whether you and Tim would have a baby together, it was obvious to me that you and Tim would absolutely be wonderful parents;  kind loving, compassionate, giving whatever child you'd have the best life possible.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I gave you a 9.825 (There actually is no such thing as a complete, or perfect 10.  There are always at least minimal variables to any scenario or situation; nothing is absolute)!' fyi, the intention and integrity levels you share re parenting are commendable.  

By the way, it always warms my heart when I learn that I've been able to positively affect how someone views life.  As in your scenario, with how you went about phrasing your question:  you understand that children aren't born in a random way to their parents, but are part of a Plan (that is, a Divine Plan' ).  The vast majority of couples who want to have a child think only of 'getting pregnant,' never wondering what kind of child they'll have, whether or not it will be healthy, if there's a time frame when it's meant to be born--or the ramifications to that family with that particular child being born into it'  

The good news is that yes, you and Tim together are meant to be Mom and Dad.  However--not to have just one child, but at least three.  I say 'at least three,' as there are five who are clamoring as souls to be born to the two of  you!  (You'll decide yourselves later, whether you'll go for babies # 4 or # 5: that will be a good 12 to 14 years away, and a lot will happen between now and then...)  The main reason that tyke # 1 hasn't arrived yet is that--it wasn't the right time for him to be born!  You mention that you have heard me say each soul is meant to come to earth at a particular time for a particular reason;  this is correct.  And, your first little baby-to-be is getting ready to begin the timing process to be human again, although you're still going to have to wait several more months to get pregnant! 

What I'm getting from your Spirit Guides--and the baby himself--is that he will want to be conceived somewhere between the middle of July and the beginning of August 2006.  I hope you've gotten the hint by now that your first child will be a boy!  As I take a look at the life he is destined to live, I can see that when he is about 36 years of age he will play an important role to a large group of people.  By the time he is two, you will already have noticed that he has leadership skills;  you will also recognize that he has a very strong personality.  He'll be a handful, but will also have an adorable side to him, and will be very mischievous.  He's letting me know that it's of great importance to him that he have a certain name, Jonathon Michael.   Those names have meaning to him from three other lifetimes, when he also achieved greatness in some way. 

The way it has been 'set up' amongst all of you as souls is that infant # 2, a little girl, will be born about four years after Jonathon Michael.  That's as much as you need to know at this point to have a sense of peace about the parenting issue, as well as a heads up about how to strategize the next several years. 

By the way, Jonathon wants you to read up on France's history, during the 14th century.  The three of you knew each other very well then.  This future son of yours was a key government leader and confidant to the then King;  you and Tim formed an important liaison with him to spy on the activities of the Spanish and German armies.  The King erroneously thought that you had all turned traitor.  Your son-to-be was captured and executed;  you and Tim escaped, but spent the rest of your lives feeling guilty, that you could have helped him escape also.  Which was true.  So, in this lifetime you're meant to reverse history, to look after him well, protect him (as parents do) and bring him up to be a strong, powerful but compassionate adult. 

I feel that you and Tim definitely need to go out together more to have fun, in a variety of ways.  Begin some sort of sport and/or exercise regimen together, do a lot of traveling--and get ready to bring into the world a very active child, one who'll be occupying most of your waking moments! 

Best of luck and Happy Holidays,

For nearly a quarter of a century, Victoria Bullis, the internationally known celebrity psychic, has been helping individuals and high profiled celebrities, such as Anthony Michael Hall and Maria Conchita Alonso, with everyday issues such as relationship and career ventures. 

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or consultations on how to enhance and make the most out of your business, contact Victoria at [email protected].




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