I used to be very open eyed, bushy tailed and with lots of passion...

Dear Victoria,

Recently, I found your information in this online magazine by googling Spirit Guides.   It was inspirational to me and I am going to give your ideas a try, to see what happens.

I used to be very open eyed, bushy tailed and with lots of passion.  But the older I've gotten the more I've found myself becoming negative and frustrated about plans I had not working out they I wanted.  I know I'm still quite imaginative, and full of original ideas. But I really don't know how much good these will ever be for me?  I want to know why I given any of my gifts (or talents), only to be hammered down each and every time I try something in those fields.  Also, no one ever seems interested at all in what I have to offer, anyway.

People are always telling me "Oh you're in such a competitive profession!" or "I think you're aiming too high!"  Well if that's true, why then have I chosen this path... or was it chosen for me?  Please tell me if my guides are sitting back cheering for me.  Or are they just sitting back?

These thoughts are why I keep looking for more and more information like on your web site.   I'm constantly looking for more help for myself.  I do think I'm a very open minded person, and I know that I am sensitive to energies.  I'm even probably too sensitive, so I feel things that will help me such as being directed to things such as a competition in a magazine.   I felt so good about it that I was sure I would win, but I lost the competition, and was devastated.

I think my Guides have directed me to you for some important purpose, at least I hope so. The very fact you have displayed an email where I can contact you is certainly a plus.

You probably can picture what sort of a person I am or maybe even exactly what I am like.  And, maybe why I'm always feeling frustrated and sometimes bitter.  I am hoping very much that you will shed some light on my issues, or anything else about me.

I appreciate any advice or direction very much.

Kind regards,


Dear Amy,

Unfortunately you neglected to tell me what your chosen profession is! 

The way I select clients to respond to in this column, is purely and simply from a message I receive through my Spirit Guides.  So, having said that, I know it was absolutely meant for me to give you some guidance on your current lessons in life.  However, I wish you had been more specific regarding the gifts and talents you alluded to; the more specific the question I receive, the more specific my answer.  

I agree with you: you did used to be innocent (you called it 'open-eyed, bushy tailed'), and full of passion.  That is because that is the real You' ! 

You, like many people I've worked with, believe that in this lifetime, that you were meant to be who you truly are as a soul, on earth.  Versus people around you who have had influence on you, trying to make you who they want you to be. 

Here's one of the messages I'm meant to impart to you:  that you are a truly loving, giving, open, compassionate and free spirited soul' and, meant to be able to be that way in this lifetime!  The 'issue' is that there are so few people around able to be the way you are, that  no one understood you; or, the few that did, resented you and rejected you' because they couldn't bear the thought that you were someone they couldn't be themselves.  Or, so they thought.

Because you are not able to find anyone of your ilk, and because there were so many of 'them,' you began to believe that you would never, ever be able to be who you wanted to be, and do the things you wanted to do.  Amy, this is a common thread that I hear so very often' ! 

You might look at it as glass-half-empty/glass-half-full.  Here's glass-half-empty:  you don't fit in, you don't belong, no one likes you, that whatever you try to do somehow doesn't work out for you' Is this making any sense, by the way? 

The glass-half-full version looks like this:  that you are a loving, loyal, kind hearted, free spirited woman' and that you are still in the process of seeking out your true soul mates, who are just like you.  And, that no matter what things look like, you will never give up being who you innately are; that you will keep moving forward until you find your soul group, who will embrace you, love you, accept you and appreciate you.  And that is truly what is meant to be.

So, to answer your question re whether or not your Spirit Guides are cheering for you' hopefully, now you realize that they are, and that's why I was led to respond to your email:  that they wanted you to know this!

Yes, you are sensitive to energies; in fact, very open to energies.  So open, in fact, that you can't, yet discriminate between the information you're receiving from your Spirit Guides and Angels, and other 'beings' that are trying to interfere.  You are attracting a lot of activity from the Spirit world; you need to have someone explain to you what information to trust, and what is not for your highest good (Anyone of us who learns to deal with The Other Side, has to go through the same process that is coming up for you to do, yourself).  So, find a mentor you feel entirely comfortable with, to help you discern who and what to trust as far as information is concerned.  

You mentioned being intuitively drawn to a 'competition in a magazine,' but that you lost.  Don't give up; practice does quite often, make perfect' !  

Lastly, whether you know it or not, you've already begun expecting to lose at whatever you attempt, because you have lost so many opportunities before' it's like a programmed response' A couple of ways of working out of this belief system is to do some 'booster' such as affirmations and visualizations, which will retrain your brain to have you believe that you deserve a different response (check my October web site for tips on how to do both affirmations and visualizations' ).

Amy, you've just needed an angelic 'kick in the tush' to get you back on the wonderful track you started out being on' and are meant be get back on, right now! 

Your Spirit Guides asked me to end this response to you, in the following way:  'With Love and Light,'


For nearly a quarter of a century Victoria Bullis, the internationally renowned, celebrity psychic has been helping individuals, couples, celebrities and businesses with issues ranging from interpersonal relationships, career moves and strategies, and business consulting.  Please check out her web site, www.victoriabullis.com, for more information on how she works.    

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or business consultations, please email Victoria at [email protected], or call her at 888-686-2200 (from outside the U.S. the number is 415-978-9447).  Her web site is:  www.victoriabullis.com.

Please also feel free to 'Google' Victoria Bullis!


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