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I'm able to look into your future, and see you amassing quite a large fortune...

By Victoria Bullis

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Hello Victoria!

I think I have a fairly reasonable understanding about what The Other Side is like.  I also have a feeling that my beliefs are similar to yours, that we are never alone, that we have 'unseen helpers.'  I have a sense that our loved ones who have died still stay around us to support us, but exist in some sort of a different 'frequency.'  Therefore, we down on earth aren't able to tune into them, and so we don't realize that they are actually here.  I am not a psychic, but am 'sensitive' enough to know that if we pay close attention, we can pick-up signs (I know you call them 'clues') from our loved ones who are trying to let us know they are present.  Such as my husband Mark who passed away recently.

Now that I've told you what I believe, which I think is similar to what you do from reading your columns, here is my question.  Actually, I guess it has more than one part to it;  I hope you will answer as much as possible.

How is my husband, Mark, trying to communicate with me?   I'm pretty sure one way that lets me know that he is here, is by having me find coins--lots of them.  Who was there to meet him when he went to The Other Side and, is he still in some sort of orientation?  Are there any other signs from him that I'm missing? 

Thank you!


Dear Barbara,

I'm impressed with what a good handle you have on how things work on The Other Side.  You're correct, that I look at things in a somewhat similar way to you (By the way, the concept of not just a soul's--but also a human being's--changing frequencies is going to be talked about, studied and worked with, starting in the not-too-distant future' Much more about this in upcoming issues of LASplash.) 

In response to your question, I can see your husband Mark who is appearing to me as being very mischievous.  He's indicating to me that there is a reason for his constantly having you find coins.  He tells me that it is related to a joke you had together at one time; I can't quite get exactly what this joke was about, but he is showing me the title of a very old movie, 'Three Coins in a Fountain,' as well as a picture of a famous fountain in Rome.  I'm hoping this makes some sense to you:  it's definitely an inside joke, between you and him! 

He's asking that you keep the coins in a red, heart-shaped box under your bed, and on your side of the bed; you may want to get a few large, red heart-shaped boxes, since I can tell you'll be continuing to find A LOT of coins!  As you find the coins, place them in the box, and just before you go to sleep visualize the coins all turning into gold ones.  Mark himself is sending me this metaphysical visual; the more you do this, the more you will begin to believe that little amounts of money will become huge.  Not only is this sort of visualization popular with people intent on manifesting (manifesting = creating what you want in life, including wealth), but is actually something Mark is going help you directly achieve.  Please don't take this lightly--I'm able to look into your future, and see you amassing quite a large fortune.  With Mark's help, all the way. 

You'll be doing a lot of foreign travel especially to Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.  Take along with you when you travel one of those red, heart-shaped boxes' Because you'll be finding lots of coins in these places too!  Your hubby is truly enjoying me having take dictation from him.  Please do the same thing in your hotel room with the coins in the country you're in.  The very last day you're in each country, go to a bank, and get a crisp, new note to represent the amount of the coins you've been saving.  Keep them in some sort of a special place, perhaps shiny gold envelope; eventually you'll be guided to do something with these.  Also, in each place you go, take a shiny coin, find a fountain somewhere, make a wish and toss it in.  Although this probably sounds kind of 'hokey' this is a request from Mark to you;  know that as you do this, he will be with you, and you will strongly feel his presence.  FYI, Stockholm, Sweden is the first place he wants you to visit.  May is the month to go there; you can make it happen! 

When Mark died, he transcended that 'tunnel' experience that we've all heard about, rather quickly.  In the 1980's I had a near death experience myself, and did go up through a beautiful, light filled tunnel myself; your hubby tells me that his tunnel had a basic similarity, but saw only deep colors such as green, purple's and blues, and a couple of brown shades.  I guess everyone sees something slightly unique to him or her.  Awaiting him were about 44 people, including the archangel Gabriel, the apostle Matthew, several ancestors especially on his father's side (some going far back as having been born in another country), the person known as St. Teresa of Avila and someone who died when he was under 4 years old, who has been a close Spirit Guide to him throughout his life.  I'm also seeing a couple of soldier buddies when Mark was a Roman Centurion in Gaul, now called France.  As I'm seeing this picture of him with his army friends (about 150 B.C.E.) I noticed that there is some importance to him around the concept of coins, then also!  He tells me that some of the coins he used then, still exist deep in the soil in Normandy; he says there too far into the earth to uncover now, eventually some children will be playing in the area and due to some upheaval the coins will be raised up to the surface level, and will be picked-up.  Much the way ancient Indian arrowheads are found today in North America.  At some point, I know that you will be able to go into some sort of a meditative state yourself, and meet up with the very people who were waiting for Mark when he left the physical plane.  In fact, it wouldn't be that difficult for you to do. 

Yes, Mark is still processing his life, in the 'orientation' you alluded to.  But, and every case is different, he is allowed to spend at least a quarter of his time staying around you, being with you.  After about March, you may not feel him around for a few weeks-to-months, as he will be off somewhere in a school-like scenario.  I'm not allowed to tell you what he will be studying at that time, but just know that it is something meant to help a significant group of people at some difficult time coming up.  After that education process, he will be much more fully a 'hands on' Spirit Guide for you.  I even predict that you will see him almost as vividly as you did when he was alive. 

You and he have an extremely strong bond, and you have only just completed one aspect of that bond; other manifestations will be experienced throughout the rest of this very long life of yours.

All the best,


For nearly a quarter of a century, Victoria Bullis, the internationally known celebrity psychic, has been helping individuals and high profiled celebrities, such as Anthony Michael Hall and Maria Conchita Alonso, with everyday issues such as relationship and career ventures. 

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or consultations on how to enhance and make the most out of your business, contact Victoria at [email protected].


Published on Dec 31, 1969

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