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Pump In Style, Advanced Backpack breast pump by Medela (  Loaded!  Comes with backback, protected picture frame, ergonomic padded straps, removable cooler carrier with ice packs, and so much MORE!  Most advance retail pump available!  (Will let you know how it works when the system is up and running.)
Medela offers a range of breast pumps and their newest model, the Pump In Style Advance gives moms on the go the flexibility and ease to pump quickly and discreetly anywhere.  This unit offers a durable, multi-pocketed, professional-looking bag with a reliable pump that can handle two breasts at once in a very short period of time. Included are a battery pack, which allows pump to be used anywhere, and basic accessories needed to start pumping.  An improvement I noticed is that the breast shields are removable for easier washing.  This unit is ideal for any Mom on the go who chooses to breastfeed.  You can pump a bottle to allow others to participate in the feeding process.  You can even pump virtually anywhere thanks to the battery pack.  The unit is quick, easy, and painless to use.  While the cost seems restrictive initially, you will still save in the long run as compared to the cost of formula.  In addition, you and your baby will reap the benefits of breastfeeding.  Why not do it in style and comfort?


'Winner of a 2006 JPMA Innovation Award, the light and sporty BabyBjarn® Baby Carrier AIR provides the vital closeness that a baby desires while keeping him or her comfortable all year round.

AIR combines three different, breathable mesh fabrics to offer up to 138 percent better heat dissipation and up to 30 percent better moisture dissipation than other baby carriers.  BabyBjarn Baby Carrier Air delivers on all the classic BabyBjarn standards of safety, function, quality, ease-of-use and style.  Like all BabyBjarn Baby Carriers, AIR is machine washable and its material is Öko-Tex Class 1 certified, which means it is guaranteed harmless to infants.  BabyBjarn Baby Carrier Air has an MSRP of $99.99 and is available in three colors: the new BabyBjarn Blue, gray and white, and blue and white.'


Baby Bella Maya ( Designer cover for

BabyBjorn (or Snuggly) - Elegant fabric with stunning, intricate design.  Will make any baby feel like royalty!  Our Designer 'Front Pack Covers' are created with the mother in mind who enjoys combining the safety and comfort of a front pack with a little style and elegance.  The covers are handmade from a specially selected silk/polyester and rayon blend. Designed to fit most Baby Bjorn Original front packs, as well as City Active front pack carriers and Snugli's Nicole Miller, Classic Soft Carrier and Comfort Vent Soft Carrier. The reversible cover slips on and off easily with an invisible zipper on the side. To finish the look, matching strap covers simply attach with Velcro and you are ready to go.
If selection is what you are looking for the 'Covers' are available in 6
stunning and trendy patterns, we also carry a camouflage design for dads, all reversible from print to solid. Take your choice of one or more from our selection of 'Sweet Ellie Pink' to 'Midnight Dreams Black


The Simple Change Diapering Collection was designed with  the experienced parent in mind - those seeking simplicity, convenience and a little less weight on their shoulders!   The Comfy Infant Change Pad easily fits into a diaper bag, tote or tucked under your arm. It is perfect for baby's first year.  The fold & go design and secure hook and loop closure makes diaper changes a snap.  By Pineapple Cove



The Koo Koo Kidz Children's Travel Activity Bag is the smartest invention ever made for busy families. There are 2 styles to choose from. A handy tote or a backpack. Both bags come already packed for you. Included in each is a coloring/activity book featuring the Koo Koo Kidz Characters, a doodle pad, twist up crayons, antibacterial wipes, and Koo Koo Kidz character stickers. This bag is fast becoming "the must have bag" with young families. If you want to take the boredom out of car trips, airplane rides, or waiting for your meal at a restaurant, then you must get a Koo Koo Kidz Travel Activity Bag. These cleaver bags have been part of many luxury gifting keep a look out for some of Hollywood's Celebrity Kids toting the coolest travel activity bag to hit America!  Visit the Website at:


Time Out Spots Created by teacher turned mom, Heather Sievers, Time Out Spots are the solution to unsuccessful time outs. Heather was inspired by her then three year old son, Hayden. She started his time outs on a little wooden stool, which immediately became a problem. The stool would get flipped over and scooted around. The last straw was when he picked it up, held it to his bottom, and walked around saying, "I'm still in time out, my bootie is on the stool. Time Out had turned into a game. The family needed a new time out spot!

Deciding that a rug would be great for this, Heather designed the Time Out Spot and went on a mission to have it manufactured.  Time Out Spots are 27 inches in diameter and are machine washable. They are super soft, 100% acrylic, similar to a bath mat, and have a non-skid back so that children cannot 'scoot' around the room while in time out. Time Out Spots are currently available online at They are also sold in over 100 retail stores (26 states & 3 countries), continuing to add more each day. The retail price ranges between $22 & $25. Time Out Spots are ALWAYS a hit gift (to the parents anyway). All Time Out Spots come bagged with a matching hangtag and ribbon closure. Time Out Spots are a fun, yet practical item. They have been used with not only children but with husbands, pets, and at the office as well!  All little darlings can be mischievous. Put them on the spot with Time Out Spots. The perfect place for when the going gets rough!


Crib Set by DwellBaby -  Dwell baby has arrived!  'We have taken our modern geometrics and scaled them down to baby sizes.'  Baby has never been so chic.  The crib sets include a reversible quilt, reversible bumper, fitted sheet, and a crib skirt.  Dots/Thin Stripe crib sets will come with Dots fitted sheet and Thin Stripe skirt. Cubes crib sets will come with colored background fitted sheet and white background skirt. See 'collections' section for details.  (



Diapees and Wipees ( - 

"Doing Diaper Duty in Style" Adorable, bold carrying pouch holds a travel pack of wipes and 2 or more diapers.  "A Stylish Change"  Diapees & wipees is a unique bag designed for fashionable Moms.  What makes diapees & wipees so unique, and unlike traditional diaper bags, is that it's designed specifically to hold a travel pack of wipes and two to four diapers.   Guaranteed to keep your little ones diapers nice and neat just like when they came out of the package.  Say goodbye to wadded, scrunched up diapers!
Use diapees & wipees with your diaper bag and oversized handbag and when you want to lighten your load, just grab the diapees & wipees bag and go!


Snugglebug Baby was founded by Maquel McQuarrie, a mother of two who was tired of lost, dropped, and dirty pacifiers.  As I shopped for a solution to my dilemma, I was dissatisfied with the current clips on the market.

The strings or ribbons used to attach the pacifier to the clip quickly became dirty. It was clear to me that the world was in need of a pacifier clip as unique and adorable as the babies who use them.  The main focus of our design process was to create a functional pacifier clip that would reach beyond its original purpose and become the perfect accessory to showcase each child's particular style.  After months of testing and design, Snugglebug Baby successfully launched its line of Pacifier Clips in January 2005.  Whether you are interest in elegant, feminine pacifier clip for their little princess or a masculine clip for their baby athletes, they are sure to find it in our collection.  The pacifier clips retail for $25.  They can be purchased directly from their website,, or from many elite retailers across the country.


Give the gift of supreme opulence from head to toe with Noodle & Boo

  - a premiere leader in luxury personal care products made specifically for you and your newborn.  Noodle & Boo offers the most comprehensive line of safe, gentle, and effective products that nourish and protect the most delicate skin with their exclusive sweet creme formulas.  Founder Christine Burger, created this adorable line of products to not only treat her sons' ultra-sensitive, eczema-prone skin but to also make a difference in the lives of children in need. Twenty percent of Noodle & Boo proceeds are set aside for children's charities.   Noodle & Boo is fast becoming a celebrity favorite. It's used by celebrity moms including, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Denise Richards and Sharon Stone. Everyone's going gaga over Noodle & Boo!
For more information please log onto


Build-A-Bear Workshop® is much more than a store; it's a beary special interactive experience. Enjoy the fun of making your own stuffed animal friends and personalizing them with hundreds of fashions and accessories. Choose from bears, bunnies, dogs and more to make. Stuff it, give it a heart filled with your wishes, dress it, name it and make a birth certificate. Walk out, hand-in-paw, with your new best friend.  Build-A-Bear Workshop  PHONE: 314.423.8000



Los Angeles based infant and toddler apparel line, Shrnk, is making a name for itself as a consistent player in the increasingly competitive children¹s business.  Owners / designers, Gia Von Sylcott and Lena Wu-Fuentes take their cues from the adult contemporary market shrinking themes and trends into smaller sizes. The result is a fun, fresh line that speaks to the trendy customer yet remains age appropriate for kids and baby.  The Shrnk girls met on the job working for an apparel manufacturer and soon discovered that they each had an interest in starting baby line.

Combining their 30 something years of design and production experience, they jumped into the world of infant apparel manufacturing and Shrnk, an acronym for stylin' hip rags for newborns and kids, was born.  For a while they worked their day jobs and worked on Shrnk at night. Last year realizing that they had a real company with some real business, they quit their day jobs to focus on Shrnk full time. The result has been that their business has tripled, now selling hundreds specialty stores and on line retailers, all baby styles outlets, and over 50 Nordstrom doors. Their ABCD (ACDC) tees have become a popular item, selling out at retail and frequently popping up in celebrity gift bags. They have launched a new playwear/loungewear division, Just Hangin¹ for fall 2006 and hope to add other categories for 2007.  With Lena just having her first baby, the Shrnk girls have some real inspiration, so be sure to keep an eye out for what is


The Peaceful Nursery
Preparing a Home for Your Baby with Feng Shui
Home and Life Design experts, sisters, and co-founders of  The Art of Everyday Living Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes have created the ultimate guide for expectant parents in their new book, The Peaceful Nursery: Preparing a Home for Your Baby with Feng Shui,  The authors show parents-to-be how to unite the basic principles of Feng Shui, interior decorating, life coaching and healthy living to create a warm and nurturing home and nursery providing peace of mind for parents and their newborns.

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