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Sharilyn Wood Stalling Healer

ME (singing): “Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed. A poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed.” (Tinkling banjoes are heard in the background)

Ok, I haven’t even started and I digress. I do have a story to tell you, yes. But it isn’t about a mountaineer man unable to feed his family, whose name is Jed. Also, there are no banjoes around me at the moment.

So, why did I start out that way? I have no idea, it’s just the way my brain works.

“Or is it?” Maybe I am sharing with you a little about a past life regression I just had. ?. . No, it has nothing to do with my recent past life regression. It’s just my odd brain at work.

Human DNA

However, now we are on the subject would you like to hear about my past life regression? If you’re answer is "NO", click on the Style & Fashion Section and read about L.A. Fashion Week, good stuff! If the answer is "YES", sit back take a sip from that double soy, extra hot latte and read on. Comfy? Good! Ok, what I found out - I was an ancient queen, a knight - shining armor and all, and a prostitute.

"Groan" - I still can’t get my story straight. I wasn’t the Queen. That person came from my mothers’ ancestral line and the knight came from my fathers’ ancestral line. The prostitute however, guilty as charged but I’d like to say in my defense I was abducted into it.

Knight in Shining Armor

You may be asking me “Girlfriend, what are you doing with your time? It sounds like you just may have too much extra time on your hands.” "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps." There I go again, sorry! Anyway…

I heard about this woman her name is Sharilyn Wood Stalling and she is a DNA Healer. When I heard about her, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to have an appointment.

I called her and met her at Healing Body Works in Santa Monica, a healing center she is working out of while she is in town. Sharilyn is visiting her daughter for a few weeks, when she is not in Santa Monica she lives in Arkansas.

When I arrived at Healing Body Works I was met with a big hug by Sharilyn. She escorted me back to a treatment room pointing out that they all were named things like Faith and told me she had selected the “Love” room for us to work in.

Sharilyn talking about love

I asked her to explain a little more about her work and how she performs her healings. Several times she told me that she didn’t want people to be confused, she healed no one she just was a conduit for God’s love and the healing came through God.

When she spoke about her work she went on to say that we all came into this lifetime with both positive and negative emotional charge from events either we or our ancestors experienced. When anyone dies in great trauma, it leaves an imprint of intense fear that creates phobias, psychological disorders and or a propensity for specific physical ailments. There is also another phenomenon which is created when intense emotional charge coupled with a focused intent to hurt another can produce what we commonly call a curse. A curse is like a virus waiting for the perfect conditions in your life for it to become enlivened. She stated that it can come to you through the family line (ancestral) or it can be focused on you (past life). Either way it is a block to you being in the flow of abundant life, blocking happiness, success in love, work, or relationship. It is her belief and experience that God’s Love removes these all of these situations.


Angel healing DNA

Sharilyn says her forte and expertise as a healer is in being able to open the doors to past lives in order to deal with the real causes of present day problems which may only be symptoms of the past. She begins the process by looking at your chest / heart area. If she sees part of a telephone wire coming into you that curls into a hook shape, she knows that you have a genetic code defect either from your father's blood line or your mother's blood line. Sometimes she sees two hooks, one on either side of a person’s upper chest. This means that the problems today (that you came to her for) are impacted by both sides of your ancestry through their emotional/spiritual belief systems.

She then goes to the time of the greatest pain (around a given problem you came to heal). These appear to her as dark spots and she goes to that person of the past and merges with them so they are one and she can know what that pain is and what the given circumstances around that pain are. She finds out what that person thinks of God and then goes back deeper into the past to a time when that person is happy. She then finds out what they thought of God at that point in their lives.


Open Door


After identifying both these points she turns the pain over to God and asks for it to be transmuted. Asking for that old pain and curses to be ended and cleared for that past person and all of their descendants up until you her client. (This clears up the genetic code defects in the DNA.)  When those blocks and curses are removed then the blessings, benefits and love can flow freely into your life and into your families life.

I don’t want to go into any detail of what it was that Sharilyn told me. I will say that we touched on a Queen like figure who was abducted and forced to learn the dark arts, and later killed by a dagger to her chest.  A knight in shining armor who was hurt during a jousting match and then later killed by someone his wife hired to get ride of him, making it to look like he died of his jousting injuries. And a woman abducted possibly by pirates tortured and then sold into a brothel where she was forced to be a prostitute.  Some sort of magic was used to convince all the women in that brothel that they would never believe they could be able to make a go of anything on their own and were forced to stay in the brothel to survive.


Ancient Queen

I’ve waited a few days to see how I’ve felt after my healing. I did develop a pretty big headache the night after the healing, which is one of my “detox” side effects I can get after healings. Sharilyn told me it may take a while to see things change and that I should be extra aware of any kinds of  opportunities which may present themselves and that these opportunities may not come in as they usually do or as I would expect them to so to keep my eyes open and act on anything which presents itself. So, except for a little detox pain, I don’t know that I feel or see much difference in my life, perhaps a little more hopeful, but I am keeping an open “lets wait and see” mind.


A few things I found interesting and wanted to share with you.  Sharilyn works a lot with Angels and she states many times they want to step in and to help us but cannot interfere with our free will and so are waiting eagerly for us to ask for help. In anything big or small it doesn’t matter they are ready and willing, we just have to ask and trust. The other is a statement she told me before we began and that I heard her repeat over and over to the “people of the past”. “That there is nothing we can be, do, say or think that can separate us from God’s love”.  We are extensions of the creator and of love. Because of this we are not now, nor can we ever be separated from God. And that the pain we have is because we have forgotten that simple truth.

Ask and trust your angels

Sharilyn Wood Stalling

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