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Maria “Dancing Heart” Hoaglund is a transition coach, a spiritual counselor and bereavement specialist. Dancing Heart is a graduate of Yale and the Chicago Theological Seminary. For many years she was a parish minister and then she transitioned into hospice work and bereavement counseling. When she received the name Dancing Heart she knew the purpose was for her to grow into her own dancing heart, and as she began a journey of healing herself she found the desire and ability to heal others. She is also an author of two books; The Last Adventure of Life:Sacred Resources for Living and Dying from a Hospice Counselor and The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready? Both books center around inspiration stories, anecdotes and poems dealing with helping people see the interconnectedness of all life and the spirituality of dying.

Maria "Dancing Heart" Hoaglund

I met Dancing Heart when she called into the Splash Magazine offices with a question about her “Soul Baskets” (goodie baskets filled with her books, healing oils, music, etc) which are featured in our Gift Guides. I could hear her on the phone speaking with our publisher and she referred to herself as a transition coach. Immediately I knew that I wanted know more about her and her work, so I grabbed the phone and started in with the questions. My first one was with a name like Dancing Heart I’ll bet you’re a healer. Are you? She of course replied in the affirmative. My next question was, do you deal with death? The transitioning part of her title hinted at this. Of course her answer was again the affirmative, yes. I then went on to ask if she had ever dealt with animals, or animal communication. Another yes, Bingo! This is exactly what I wanted to hear.

My back story: The reason for the “twenty questions” was I had an ulterior motive. Our Magazine Mascot Daisy (a 14 + year old Dalmatian) had been Ill and I wanted to find someone who could help her feel better. The truth is I was convinced she was dying and I wanted to ease her suffering as much as possible and help her in her transition. So lucky coincidence (if you believe in them, I don’t) to have Dancing Heart call the office.

As I spoke to Dancing Heart the first thing that struck me was what a gentle and kind person she was. Her voice was calm, steady and comforting. She spoke to me about a healing technique called “Heart Wall Healing” and offered to do a healing for Daisy.

Let me take a moment and explain to you what Heart Wall Healing is. It is a technique created by a chiropractor named Dr. Bradley Nelson. A Heart Wall is an emotional barrier you put up around your heart in order to protect it. Dr. Nelson states that your mind literally forms an energetic field of trapped emotions around your heart. Your mind forms the wall with the intent of protecting the heart from feeling negative emotions. Dr. Nelson has said “ Half of all the pain, that exists, I believe is due to the emotional events we are holding [not consciously] onto. Somehow these trapped emotions get stuck in the body. During those times and for some reason we don’t understand the emotion itself can become lodged in the body. When that happens, two things occur; that energy now will distort the normal energy field of the body…also it tends to make us resonate with it.”

Splash Magazines Mascot Daisy

Dr. Nelson also states that we can measure the energetic frequency of emotions, for example anger is a much different vibration from depression or sorrow. And that when you feel an intense negative emotion your whole body can vibrate with the frequency of that emotion and it is possible for that energy to become lodged in the body. He calls this a trapped emotion and states that for example if you have a trapped emotion of depression, because part of your body is feeling that vibration all the time you can end up a depressed person. These trapped emotions can happen at any age as children, adults and we can even inherit them. Dr. Nelson has developed a method using magnets he calls the Emotion Code, where he releases the trapped emotions. The most important part of this Emotion Code centers around the heart where these trapped emotions actually form an energetic wall around a persons heart, thus Heart Wall Healing. By releasing the trapped emotions it clears the wall resulting in significant changes such as the ability to fall in love, or more deeply love the one your with, the disappearance of emotional difficulties, depression, physical problems and the ability to more deeply feel an enjoy positive emotions such as joy and happiness.

Back to my story - Dancing Heart explained that a Heart Wall Healing was something she could do in person or long distance. She asked for a picture of Daisy so she could feel connected to her and stated the time she would be working on Daisy. I sent her an email with Daisy’s picture and looked forward to hearing from Dancing Heart how the healing went as well as seeing Daisy and observing her progress. Later that evening Dancing Heart sent an email confirming she had performed the Heart Wall Healing for Daisy and that she had released the feelings of panic, helplessness, overwhelm, hopelessness, and despair. The next day Daisy was feeling livelier, happier and she had a smile on her face all day long. Daisy’s emotional mood continued to feel happier and lighter even when she obviously wasn’t physically feeling well. Dancing Heart checked back in with us and checked in with Daisy as well but found there were no more trapped emotions that needed to be cleared.

Soul Baskets

It is with extreme sadness that I have to report Daisy passed away on the 18th of December. Exactly, one month after her work with Dancing Heart. It turns out that the healing that came through was a little different than what I originally asked for. Instead of physical healing and restored health. We all experienced a more profound healing, that of the soul and coming to terms with mortality. But such is life. Did the Heart Wall Healing work? Yes, I think it did. I have to say Daisy found in herself a determination and drive that I didn’t know she had, an ability to fight that she wouldn’t have had if she were stuck in lower more negative feelings. Beyond that, working with Dancing Heart was truly lovely. I found her to be kind, caring, calming and with a passion to help people gently navigate their journey of transformation. I’ll leave you with a quote about Dancing Heart and one of her books. I feel it speaks to the healing work which came through for us at the Magazine and for Daisy.

Maria Dancing Heart is a great help to open us to come to terms with our mortality and at the same time she helps remove the sting from Death. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once had a patient who said to her 'I want to live through my dying.' Anyone who shares that sentiment will find The Last Adventure Of Life a way to expand their consciousness and to prepare for that moment.“ - Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Maria “Dancing Heart” Hoaglund

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