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A good friend of mine channels a Native American Spirit Guide

By Victoria Bullis

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Dear Victoria,

There have been so many occurrences in my life and in the lives of people around me that I'm constantly amazed.  A lot of these incidences leave me with so many questions and even trepidations that sometimes I can't think straight.  I would like you to let me know if I have some sort of a gift like you do.  I think that I might.  My grandfather had a great affinity with water.  He used to try to teach me some of the things he knew, especially knowing how to find water underground.  By way of background, he used to "witch wells" on almost all almost the old farmsteads across most of this entire state, and into North Dakota.  A lot of older people still remember him, and how he would walk up to some place, and say that there was water right there underneath where he was standing.  Everyone says that he always got it right.  He is still something like a legend for a long way in every direction.  He's been dead for more than ten years, but I have an eerie feeling that he is always with me and is still trying to pass on this ability to me.  I wish I had paid attention to him more when he was alive and remember more of what he explained to me.

Also, I have very vivid dreams.  Some of them are like stories that explain things to me.  But I also have other dreams that leave me kind of leave me confused, depressed or afraid.  Sometimes really weird things happen in these dreams so that I cannot make heads or tails of them.  I think that they happen more somewhere around the full moon.  At least I start to get afraid when I know the full moon is beginning to happen.   

A good friend of mine channels a Native American Spirit Guide, who talks through her in riddles.  She gives me messages but I can't understand what the messages are, and I get frustrated and feel worthless. 

Besides that I'm able to see ghosts and other kinds of entities, and I have things happening to me that can't be explained in a regular way.   Sometimes things get moved, or I come home and closed doors are open.  I don't know how to communicate with these hauntings and I don't feel good about this kind of thing happening in my house.  I just need some guidance or a good shove back to the path I wandered from since I was a little boy.  I want to have the dreams and visions I used to have, which were good ones, not the scary ones I have these days.  I think I closed myself off when I was very young because I didn't know how to deal with what I was seeing, which nobody else saw, and now I don't know how to get anything like that back. 


Dear Nick,

Yes, you do have a 'gift,' and you will be able to reopen those areas of yourself where you closed down as a very small child.  Also, it is true that your grandfather is working with you from The Other Side, to help you with everything you've just mentioned; he is to you a true, close, protective Spirit Guide.  Now, then, you can relax at least about those three topics! 

Believe me, I understand what you're going through in more ways than one, as I had a few issues which were similar to yours when I first began taking classes in psychic phenomena!  However, I didn't have anyone from my family history (the way you have had with your grandfather) who was in any way 'into,' for lack of a better word, anything in the paranormal realm' I can see that you in some way  feel it's a liability to have had  ancestors lead the way for you; I feel that it is a major benefit!

I am easily able to communicate with  your grandfather, who must have had a great sense of humor as he is giving me a huge smile while he 'rolls his eyes'--in the picture he is showing me of himself, he has beautiful, pearly-white teeth.  The way he is emphasizing his smile (and teeth) indicates to me that either he was very proud of his own teeth, or that he had a beautiful set of caps or dentures; or, that he had awful teeth, which he would have liked to have had fixed, or fixed better' ie, he's giving me a message that in some way this image I'm seeing will mean something to you, re his smile/teeth. 

Although finding water under the earth's surface will begin to become both easy and comfortable for you fairly quickly, what I am hearing for you is that you are meant to take grandpa's innate connection with the earth to far greater heights.  Part of what you're meant to do in this lifetime is to truly master a connection with the earth--and everything on it, in it and above it.  In other words, everything below the surface, on it (plants, animals, waterways, geology, humans, toxins, etc., etc.) and above it--the air, weather patterns, ozone holes, and so on. 

Start with doing research on the web, in book stores and libraries on the following topics:  geomancy, ley lines, feng shui and sacred geometry.  Without having the space to go into  any explanation, these are very much like 'homework' for you; another way of saying this is that these are the foundations that you must begin with, before being able to make transformations to any of these.  And you will' Initially, you probably will feel overwhelmed with some of the information, but if you keep persevering in your research, you will be able to find some simple explanations for all of these, and/or mentors to help you with your basic understanding of how the earth's energies work. 

Re the 'hauntings,' yes you do have ghosts and other apparitions around you.  From having lived on earth since ancient times, you are very attuned to 'other-worldy' entities;  you somehow connect with them easily--and they all tend to follow you home!  It would take me too long to explain how to disconnect from these parasites, but you need to learn how to do so.  Find a Native American shaman--and I know there are many wonderful ones in your area--to help you with this.

Re your friend who channels in riddles:  sometimes she actually is connecting with a powerful Native American Spirit Guide; other times, because she is naive, and thus indiscriminate in how she works, she has a group of not-so-positive beings that convinced her that they are wonderful, shamanic spirits.  She doesn't understand how to guard her herself when she is trying to channel, and so deals with some rather unpleasant 'tricksters' (a very common Native American term, often associated with the animal, coyote).  I suggest that you learn to receive information from the Spirit world, yourself.  And, not on your friend, who is only giving you information that only confuses you anyway.  In fact, some of the energies coming through her can do more harm for you, than any good.  Although I know you don't want to hear this, you don't deserve to hear anything from anyone, who will bring you down!  (By the way, that's why I'm always suggesting to people that they don't use Ouiji boards:  spirits WILL come through and give answers--but you don't know, unless you're absolutely sure of what you're doing, if you have a good one--or a nasty one!

Here is a way of connecting with granddad better, plus begin to learn to receive your own information:  before you go to sleep at night, one to several nights a week, do a little ceremony.  Have a picture of grandpa in front of you, perhaps light a blue candle (he specifically likes blue).  It would help to 'cleanse' the room energetically first; one way would be to buy what is called a sage bundle, or sage stick, made by Native Americans (I'm sure you can find these online).  The premise of working with these is, to create smoke from lighting this bundle or stick, allowing the smoke to transform anything negative in the room.  Then ask grandpa to be with you (he will, always, even if you can't see or sense him around).  Have a chat with him, and ask him to help you to only  have positive dreams and positive experiences, the way you used to as a child, when working with anything in the paranormal area.  Then say something like, 'Grandfather, please share with me some wisdom while I'm asleep tonight, and help me in the morning to know that you were actually working with me.' You may, in your first waking moment, remember a dream--if so, write it down immediately, in vivid detail.  Or, you may have a sense of his being around you as you awaken;  perhaps smelling a familiar scent such as a pipe he smoked, or a food he loved eating.  You may even actually find some small object in your bedroom having been moved--but, in this case, it would be a good thing, as it would be from granddad, versus the ghosts that you currently have experiences with! 

Your grandfather wants me to tell you that he loves you very  much and is encouraging you to also learn about your family lineage, as well as to dowse (ie, find water) yourself; he's telling me that you would end up loving this, and even see it as a little sideline business!

All the best to you, Nick.


For nearly a quarter of a century, Victoria Bullis, the internationally known celebrity psychic, has been helping individuals and high profiled celebrities, such as Anthony Michael Hall and Maria Conchita Alonso, with everyday issues such as relationship and career ventures. 

For personal readings, speaking engagements, seminars, or consultations on how to enhance and make the most out of your business, contact Victoria at [email protected].

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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