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Understand Sales Personalities To Make The Best Hire

By Lenard Johnson

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As a hiring manager, you and your team make certain that every open sales position is filled with the most competent employees who, from what you gather in your interviews and from their resume, can meet the quotas your company needs to continue being successful. It’s an industry that many strive to enter as it allows employees to leverage their earning potential and land a job where their strong performance can yield immediate results. Why is it then, that despite their competency on paper, so many salespeople quite simply don’t work out?


When under immediate pressure, with leads they’re having a difficult time managing or following up with, hiring personnel tend to make rushed decisions. They choose hires based upon how they think a great salesperson should perform, rather than really taking a comprehensive look at what makes their enterprise successful – what personalities and strategies work, what exactly it is about their best employees that make them the best.


This begs an organization to really reflect and consider their inner workings, as opposed to basing their hiring decisions on assumptions, but how to start? Deciphering what type of sales personalities are compatible with your way of working are the first step. With Sales Test Online for example, you can ask your strongest salespeople to complete a mock personality test, the results will then produce a unique, ideal profile for your organization. In order for those in the sales industry to be successful, they must use a consistent and effective sales process. Comparing applicants against this optimal sales personality when they’re tested themselves will show, even before the interview, whether a potential candidate will be the right fit. It saves hiring managers time in the long run and alleviates the possibility of yet another hire that cannot follow through, or doesn’t suit their business.


Even the confident interviewee can have trouble putting selling into practise. In order to meet quotas, they must also be able to read the intentions of their prospects and needs of their customers. They must also overcome objections, and see them as opportunities rather than allowing themselves to be discouraged. Furthermore, they must believe in the process, and trust that it may take a few tries before landing a sale. Each sale then is a long-term investment, and so should each salesperson be. By implementing a sales personality test into your job application, you can rest assured that with a 95% accuracy rate, the top scoring applicants will be a better long-term fit. With a 97% re-order rate too, it’s apparent that the companies using this formula are satisfied with the results.


With so many applicants for one sales position, the hiring risks increase, particularly when it’s so challenging to see how someone will perform until they’re already months into a job. There are tools however, like sales personality tests, that make the hiring process more transparent and give insights into an applicant’s true abilities and approaches before they continue on further. 

Published on Aug 02, 2017

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