myHalo Monitoring Device Review – Automatic Fall Detection

I am 97 years old living with my children in a two-story home and obviously I need to have some kind of protection device. For my last birthday I was given a “ myHalo Monitoring Device”.

I was told that this was far a far superior device compared to the pendant I have been using for years. The pendant would be of no use if I were to become unconscious, or be unable, or unwilling to press the pendant's button. Even with this knowledge, I was uncomfortable with the thought of a new device, one that I was sure would be uncomfortable as the best monitoring is done with a strap that would be over my chest. I was sure that I would need to change to the belt model that is also available. However I was motivated to try it out because in addition to being a kind of alarm device, it is also a monitor.

Finally the big day arrived when the device was going to be set up.

Easy to setup

All  instructions on what to do, how to connect, and so on, were conveyed over the phone in a thorough, pleasant manner.

 My son-in-law listened and transmitted the information to my daughter who did as instructed. We appreciate that the transmitter box is smaller and lighter than the pendant model which is great when I travel to another home and need to bring the unit with me.

Transmitter is small and light

Both my daughter and I didn’t think I would like it because of the strap but we were surprised when I said, “I'm not even aware it's on.” That very evening we went to a gathering. It was so comfortable that neither I nor anyone else was aware that I was wearing it, and I was amazed that I was able to comfortably sleep with m yHalo in place!

I was able to comfortably sleep with myHalo in place!

The only improvement I would appreciate, is something to bridge the gap during the daily  one-hour recharge process.   I continue to be comfortable and delighted. I look forward to enjoying the comfort and security this device provides me.

Chris Otto, CEO of Halo Monitoring. Says “myHalo allows seniors to preserve their independence and live at home where it’s comfortable and familiar by assuring help will be called automatically if they fall, there’s no need to push a button,” “While myHalo is not a substitute for professional care, there are many situations where seniors are unnecessarily admitted to skilled nursing facilities as a result of fall risks. myHalo can deter or avoid these admissions and extend the seniors stay at home.” “ myHalo provides families peace of mind knowing help is always available for an elderly loved one no matter how far away they live,” adds DuBois. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for seniors. Through the use of a small, comfortable, wearable, wireless device, the advanced myHalo system sends an automatic alert in the event of a fall. myHalo is also the first system of its kind that monitors heart rate and temperature allowing family members or designated caregivers, using a secure website, the ability to check on an elderly loved ones’ situation without invading a senior’s privacy.

In addition, Halo Monitoring’s products assure security for seniors and peace of mind for their caregivers. The advanced myHalo system is the first medical alarm that sends an automatic alert- no need to push a button- in the event of a fall. While most medical alarms are only able to react to an emergency, myHalo is the first system of its kind to provide 24/7 activity and health monitoring. Seniors get proactive care when they need it, while remaining independent. Website:

Why myHalo?

o 40% of all people over 65 will fall this year.

o Falls are the #1 cause of death among those over 65.

o If someone over 65 falls, the first four hours are the most critical. Serious consequences such as dehydration and pressure sores can occur over a short period of time.

o 4 out of 5 people who use a traditional manual medial alarm with a panic button are unable to push the button after a fall.

o Manual medical alarms do not provide the necessary protection in the event of a fall.

Automatic Fall Detection

How does myHalo work?

1. Following a fall, myHalo’s automatic fall detection immediately alerts the emergency response team and caregiver.

2. Caregivers will be notified via text, email or a call from myHalo’s 24/7 professional call center, according to the caregiver’s preference.

3. If the fall is serious, an emergency team is sent to the fall site to immediately administer support.

About HealthTech Marketing Group:

HealthTech provides aging-in-place technologies and services to the adult children of the senior community, to facilities and agencies that service and house seniors, and to professional caregivers including doctors and service providers. HealthTech has a U.S. agent force in excess of 180 professionals located across the country. HealthTech is headquartered in Novi, Michigan. Website:

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to experience this great approach to safety. It is a very secure feeling for me and my loved ones.

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