Recreational Activities For Your Parents - A Guide

To keep their residents engaged and happy, most assisted living facilities today, are taking a holistic approach to designing activities that allow seniors residents to stay connected to their interests.

Seniors, just like any other age group, have the same basic needs for their life – to laugh, have fun, and live life to the fullest. Though their faculties and abilities diminish with age, their longing to enjoy the best of being human remains. Thus, the significance of activities at independent living facilities, or assisted living facilities cannot be underestimated.

Besides, participating in carefully planned, meaningful activities has shown to help shield seniors against anxiety and depression which are the most common risks witnessed in long-term care living. While exercises and aerobics help improve mobility and benefit overall health, games, excursions, karaoke and movies offer social and cognitive simulation, assist in venting frustration, and reduce the feeling of loneliness.

Common recreational activities at Assisted Living facilities

The concept of offering recreational activities isn’t new. However, assisted living facilities are slowly moving away from the traditional mainstays of senior care activity, commonly known as the 3Bs – Birthdays, Bible, and Bingo and are now offering more engaging and dynamic activities.

What’s more, experts are of the opinion that activities for the engagement of seniors should not just be a weekends-only initiative. Rather, each day should be full of activity. This helps keep seniors active and organized in their mind and body, and keep them from falling into the state of depression. It’s also important that such activities be planned keeping in mind the preferences and interests of each resident.

A few trending activities at Assisted Living facilities, include:


Ranging from Luau with the Hawaiian dancers, to Frank Sinatra impersonator event, movies at the Boulevard, etc … Entertainment has become a mainstay in the list of activities at an assisted living facility. Others in this category include choirs, dramas, bands, opera and stand-up comedy events.


It’s more than just the usual morning stretching. Senior living communities are increasingly considering advanced and better fitness activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi, with the intention of making exercise a pleasure instead of a chore.

Workshops and Classes

Learning is lifelong process, and a joyous one too; a senior living activities plan is incomplete without it. Be it learning new languages, or how to communicate with their loved ones through the internet, or writing workshops. Learning workshops are becoming a popular part of every well-planned senior living facility.

Outdoor Excursions

Seniors may not have the same energy levels as youngsters, and hiking 10 miles may no longer be an option. However, that doesn’t mean that the outdoors cannot be enjoyed. Escaping from the city’s hustle-bustle into the great outdoors air is vital for refreshing and relaxing the mind. Many senior living communities are organizing frequent outdoor excursions for their members.


Just like dancing, singing too is great for the soul. Many senior living activities directors say that karaoke is one of the favorite activities of their residents, be it organized by the facility or by themselves (in the form of “American Idol” type competitions).


Dancing is perhaps the most common activity across assisted living facilities. In fact, for many communities, it’s an everyday affair, be it in the form of swing dancing, ballroom dancing, or line dancing.

This is just a small sampling of the variety of activities organized by senior care facilities in today’s world; the list can go on and on. Senior care facilities are ever evolving their approach attributing more and more importance to designing creative, engaging activities for the physical and mental well-being of their residents. Activities are slowly becoming one of the primary hot buttons for family members in choosing an assisted living facility for their loved ones.

About Retreat Senior Living

The Retreat Senior Living is an organization based in St George UT which is dedicated to offering high-end independent and ST George Senior Center to seniors throughout the Southern Utah region. One of its primary aims is to help seniors age on their own terms. Its apartments are known for being the most opulent and forward thinking. Its care services and fine dining have consistently been rated #1 by its peers. Its investment and emphasis in outdoor amenities for its residents is second to none.

Image Credit:- Sunbrook Assisted Living

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