A New Docu-Reality Series - 'On The Move'.


Producer Dr. Scott Kaiser

Dr. Scott Kaiser, a geriatric doctor and health media fellow at UCLA, has teamed with actor Paul Petersen, ("Aging Well in LA" “The Donna Reed Show”) to host a new docu-reality television series, “On The Move.” The program follows the lives of twelve older adults aged 66 plus, as they take on new challenges to become active and get fit. 

 Kaiser says he created and produced this series as an innovative way to promote healthy aging by encouraging older adults to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. 

 “Among older adults, regular physical activity is an important determinant of future health, quality of life and maintenance of functional independence,” explains Kaiser.

“Unfortunately, less than 50 percent of seniors are exercising regularly and less than 25 percent of people over age 65 are meeting recommended guidelines for physical activities and exercise, and these numbers have not changed in the last ten years,” says Kaiser.

Yet, despite the high prevalence of sedentary lifestyle, he believes that many older adults are interested in exercise and physical activity.

“I was down at the beach and they were shooting a soft drink commercial and it occurred to me that  these companies are not selling their products by telling the people the ingredients,” noted Kaiser.

“They are selling a feeling. They’re doing it with a sense of excitement,” he explained.

“I realized that we wanted to do something similar with health education. We make it fun and exciting, but stay true to the science and the facts.”

The result:  ‘One The Move,’ which premiered recently at 8:30 p.m. on LA Cityview Channel 35.

On The Move

This exciting new series takes us on a 6-week journey in which twelve contestants transform from sedentary self-professed ‘couch potatoes’ to active, fit individuals.

Each week the program visits a new location where contestants try new activities, meet inspirational guests, and learn healthy tips to achieve their goals. As the weeks progress, contestants put their newly healthy skills to the test and score bonus points for their team.  Only one team wins on the show, but all leave winners with better healthier lifestyles.

The Red and Blue Team

“I now see that I am responsible for my health,” says contestant David Epstein who lost more than 15lbs from the program. “I always wanted to be the guy who took the steps instead of the elevator, now I am. I live in a four-story building and I walk up and down the steps. I only use the elevator when I take my laundry to the basement.

Believe me, I would not be doing this, if it wasn’t for the program.”

Motivated at each step along the way by a team of enthusiastic health coaches and the energizing Kaiser, ‘On The Move’ contestants overcome a variety of obstacles.  

Special guests including Stanford Physician and Author Dr. Walter Bortz, Television Personality and former wife of the late Jack LaLanne,  Elaine LaLanne, UCLA Physician and Author Dr. Gary Small, International Council on Active Aging President Colin Milner, Nutritional Pioneer and Expert Patricia Bragg  and Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge.

Exercises on the show include a core walking program, along with weight training, stretching, yoga, tai chi, dance, water aerobics, and even a virtual Zumba fitness video game workout on Kinect for Microsoft Xbox 360.

Beach Yoga

“Exercise staves off diseases like obesity, depression and diabetes,” explains Kaiser. “The transformation of the twelve contestants starts a conversation with viewers in their homes, with families and in senior centers that getting active and staying active are essential parts of staying healthy as we age.”

Co-host Paul Peterson agrees. “People when they watch ‘On The Move’, will realize they are looking at themselves.”

A project of the Los Angeles Community Academic Partnership for Research in Aging, the series is produced by the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging with assistance from the Partners in Care Foundation.

On The Move’ airs Thursday 8:30PM on LA Cityview 35



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