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Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET, is a mind-body modality based on the understanding that emotions reside not only in our brains, but in our bodies as well. Anyone who’s ever experienced a lump in their throat, a gut reaction, or butterflies in their stomach knows this to be true!  

Neuro Emotional Technique: NET

NET was originally developed to address chronic or recurrent subluxations (a partial dislocation of the spinal bones, often resulting in pain or impaired movement,) which would not resolve with repeated standard chiropractic care.As it so happens, NET turns out to be just as effective for any other recurrent and/or chronic physical or emotional issues! Best of all, NET is safe and effective, and is a natural way to resolve long-standing health problems by resolving the emotional components underlying the symptoms.  

NET was developed by Dr. Scott Walker, D.C., of Carlsbad, California, and introduced in 1988. NET culls from the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and Eastern healing techniques, and combines it with the latest scientific research. Utilizing kinesiology (muscle testing) to pinpoint the energetic underpinnings of a presenting health challenge, NET is a powerful healing tool used by thousands of licensed practitioners representing most if not all disciplines of the healing arts, and is practiced in over 30 countries around the world.

The Premise:

When painful or difficult emotions are not fully processed and resolved, they essentially take up residence in the cells of the body. This happens most often during times of vulnerability due to stress, illness, or situations in which tools and insight are lacking – as is often the case in childhood. Over time, this can result in chronic or recurring negative emotional states, physical dysfunction or pain, and limiting belief patterns. For anyone who has read Candace Pert’s “Molecules of Emotion,” Deepak Chopra’s “Quantum Healing,” or the like, or who has received or practiced various modalities of energetic or body-mind healing, these concepts will be familiar.

Neuro Emotional Technique's "Home Run Formula:" Structural, nutritional, environmental, emotional

NET practitioners are trained to assist the body's healing process by identifying and balancing these unresolved emotional influences. NET facilitates the release of these old influences, actually changing the body’s physiology and interrupting negative thought patterns and emotional triggers, decreasing or even eliminating symptoms. Of course emotional underpinnings are only part of the picture; the NET “Home run” formula includes structural integrity, addressing nutritional deficiencies, and eliminating toxins from the body. However, those cellular memories are often the most powerful component driving a complaint, or keeping it from being healed. 

Unfortunately, in most traditional health care settings, the emotional component is probably the most frequently overlooked (assuming it is even acknowledged), especially with respect to physical complaints. And, with emotional or mental difficulties, it is often the body that is ignored – for example, with traditional talk-therapy. While NET does not take the place of traditional forms of therapy, many psychologists, social workers and counselors use the technique), it provides the added – and crucial – element of changing the physiology which in turn makes the talk therapy component far more effective and efficient – assuming it remains necessary at all!

Dr. Theresa Pigott, D.C., Certified NET Practitioner

Here in the Detroit area, we are most fortunate to have one of the first certified NET practitioners in the USA, Dr. Theresa Pigott, D.C. of The Authentic Living Center in Troy. In addition to chiropractic services (offered separately), she offers NET to patients as an integral part of her private practice. Dr. Pigott has seen her own life and those of her patients’ transformed time and again with NET…including those who start out as skeptics! Dr. Pigott can relate – she was one herself when she first learned the technique 18 years ago!

In addition to administering NET to patients, Dr. Pigott also offers themed group sessions at The Authentic Living Center, at very affordable per person rates, which are offered free of charge to those who are currently unemployed (see website for details).  In addition, she has been hired to take NET it to couples, families, church and community groups; she’s even travelled - usually by invitation! - to far flung national and international locations, and many government officials have received NET sessions.

The Authentic Living Center, Troy, Michigan

The information and first hand descriptions that follow are, by definition, a superficial overview of the process. The fact is that NET is the sort of thing that has to be seen – or better yet, experienced – to be believed. Following is an overview of a case study that I was fortunate enough to follow with Dr. Pigott and her client; after that I’ll share a summary of my own experience of NET with Dr. Pigott.

A Case Study

First, a question to the reader: What do a 5 year old recovering from an ear infection and a 95 year old woman having difficulty with “arthritic” knees have to do with one another? In the world of NET, and the mystery of the human body-mind, a lot more than you might imagine.

I was privileged to observe 3 sessions of Dr. Theresa Pigott in action with a 95 year old patient, Ruthie. Ruthie was experiencing increasing pain and inflammation in her knees, resulting in difficulty walking and limiting freedom of movement.  Most 95 year olds would just resign themselves to that predicament, but not Ruthie. And it’s a good thing...within days after her first NET session, she experienced more improvement in her knees than she’d experienced in the past several years with a variety of other treatments.

Dr. Theresa Pigott, D.C. applying the Neuro Emotional Technique to a patient

Over the few years, Ruthie’s experience included conventional medical care, which offered no assistance; some alternative treatments that seemed less than helpful; and some alternative methods which provided some degree of temporary improvement. Overall she continued to experience a decline in mobility, and accompanying increase in swelling and pain. After her first session with Dr. Pigott, however, Ruthie commented “The other things have helped a little – but I think Dr. Pigott is going to help a lot.” She was right.

When she first met with Dr. Pigott, Ruthie was walking with a walking stick and/or a walker. Upon examining Ruthie’s knees, Dr. Pigott observed the very visible and significant difference in size between her right and left knees; the result of a trip-and-fall injury some weeks before. The first step in any NET session is to determine whether or not there is in fact an emotional underpinning to the symptom. In Ruthie’s case, it was determined that there was – but only with her right knee – and in some way related to her ileocecal valve. Through the NET process, the current day “trigger” was determined, which became the doorway through which the original emotionally charged incident (which was still being held both physically and emotionally) came to light.

Reception Area at The Authentic Living Center

More NET testing determined the emotional flavor of this “primal wound;” that it took place at age 5; and that it related to a male adult.
Amazingly, this process tripped a switch in Ruthie’s body/mind:  a clear memory flooded back - one which had been long forgotten since its occurrence some 90 years ago! Suddenly, she became that vulnerable 5 year old girl again. She recalled the time that she lay in her bed, recuperating from an ear infection, drawing on some paper. Her bachelor uncle came in and, rather than inquire after her wellbeing or offer words of warmth or comfort, he mocked her drawing - all in “jest,” of course.  The pain that Ruth had been too young to understand or fully process at the time now made itself known –decades later - in emotional tears. After 90 years of taking up residence in her body, this wound could be quickly and painlessly healed with NET.

At the end of the NET session, Dr. Pigott tested Ruthie on a NET homeopathic remedy which would support the work of the session in the following days or weeks.  In addition, she did a little manual manipulation of the knee joint, and gave Ruthie a couple of non- NET related suggestions: to sleep with cabbage leaves wrapped around her right knee to bring down the swelling (no surprise to any nursing mother who’s ever used cabbage leaves to decrease engorgement or to “dry up” her milk supply), and Traumeel (a homeopathic crème) to assist with the inflammation and pain. 

Reception Area at The Authentic Living Center

Within one week, the swelling in Ruthie’s right knee was all but gone: her knees were the same size; her feet were hitting the floor more evenly; and walking was less arduous and painful. After 2 weeks, the homeopathic remedy (and cabbage!) was no longer needed… and neither was her walking stick!

Currently, Ruthie does continue to use the support of the walker or stick when she needs to traverse distances longer than the walk into and through the doctor’s office (“it was a miracle, but not that big of a miracle!” she jokes).  Several weeks post treatment, Ruthie experiences a freedom of movement and absence of pain comparable to about 2 years ago. She is thrilled at the progress she made after just one session (her subsequent 2 visits addressed other issues in equally powerful ways)…and she loves seeing the stunned reactions people have when she tells them about the cabbage leaves!


I had only one session with Dr. Pigott, and aside from being really “packed,” it definitely whet my appetite for more! With NET, she pinpointed more than one long-standing issue which had been causing me recurring angst and stress. I was astounded – truly dumbfounded – by the cellular memories brought to the fore by the process and the myriad “nails” that were “hit on the head.” I was perhaps most amazed by what followed over the next several days.

Immediately after my session, I walked out of the office feeling a real sense of relief; of weightlessness - as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt more joyful, more calm and positive.  Over the following days, it was obvious to me that my ability to “shift” into “positive” gear was far easier than it used to be, as was my ability to stay there. A just-beneath-the-surface tension that had been a constant companion was almost imperceptible.

One of Dr. Pigott's treatment rooms

Most amazingly, within about 48 hours of my session, I was “tested” by a number of challenging circumstances having to do with finances - one of the topics which had been specifically addressed in NET the session. In the past, such a challenge – let alone a series of them - would have been met with extreme angst, anger, and distress on my part. This, of course, would only snowball with each subsequent insult.  However, what happened this time was just short of miraculous.  Much to my husband’s shock (“who are you and what have you done with my wife?”) - and to the delight of us both - I barely flinched!

Instead of flying off the handle, I remained calm, matter of fact, and forward thinking. Rather than the usual ruminating about “woulda-coulda-shoulda’s,“ I simply did what needed to be done, without drama or fanfare. Basically I responded like…a mature adult - which had not been my usual modus operandi in such situations in the past!  I continue to be amazed by the internal shift that was both incredibly subtle and profoundly dramatic.

Give NET a try. It’s fast, fascinating, and sometimes even fun! Most importantly, it can dramatically improve your state of mind, overall health, and emotional well being. You’ve got nothing to lose, except perhaps some pain!

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