5 Ideas to Organize the Perfect Bachelor Party

Your best mate is about to tie the knot and he chose you to be his best man. This means you’ll be in charge of the most important task before his wedding – organizing a buck’s night. A bachelor party or a buck’s night is one of the most important moments in a guy’s life, a symbolic farewell to his single life and the “last” day of ultimate freedom. So, you don’t want to disappoint your pal and you plan to give him the bash of a lifetime.

Prepare everything until the last detail, pick your entourage and give your mate some amazing memories he’ll never forget. Here are some ideas that will get you started on planning a perfect bachelor party that will be remembered for life.

1.A standard bachelor party


Most guys think that there’s no real bachelor party unless some hard partying and naked ladies are involved. Be wise and let the groom decide. You don’t want the groom or the bride to get mad at you. If your mate doesn't want strippers - don't force it. If you decide to give it a go, there are several options. First, you can go to a strip bar or a nightclub with hot topless waitresses. Or, you can organize a private party at your place and have dancers come to you – it’s your choice and each option has its pros and cons. Whichever you choose, be a friend and look after your buck!

2. A road trip


Road tripping is always a cool buck’s night idea. However, in this case, it may easily transform into a buck’s week! Just grab your closest mates and set off to a secret destination you have prepared yourself. Leave nothing to chance – it’s a best man’s duty to plan every single detail. If it’s summer – enjoy the stunning beaches and resorts on the coast. Whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong – but opt for the one that’s closest to your city. Avoid traveling by plane - all you need is a minivan, booze, snacks and loud music and your trip is guaranteed to be a blast.

3.Take your pack to a buck’s cruise


All across the country, you can find organized boat cruises with included food, drinks and entertainment programs. When we say entertainment – yes, we’re thinking of exotic dancers and partying hard. Such boats usually operate around most big coastal cities in the country. There is one more option - rent a yacht for a night, go and do what you wish (and invite who you wish). Bring lots of first-rate booze and celebrate with style.

4. A sports day


If the groom-to-be loves sports more than anything else in the world, don’t bother with parties and strippers – organize a sports day or a sports trip. It may include sport-playing or sports-watching, maybe even placing some cash. Rent a minibus and take your mates to see a football game. It would be a good idea to make some custom T-shirts and ball caps to make your “wolf pack” differ from the others. Before you head home, do some pub-crawling and have a memorable night out! If you think that watching a game may be boring, take your mates to Go-Karting or engage in any other adrenaline boosting activity.

5. A city break


If you don’t have time for a long road trip, a few exciting nights in the city will do. You don’t have to experience “The Hangover” to have a great time. Take your bunch to a place that offers great steaks and continue to a place with organized poker and gambling. The rich entertainment offer in big cities (casinos, bars, restaurants and nightclubs) will surely satisfy your appetites!



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