What To Look For In An Ingredient Supplier

Ingredient suppliers can target multiple markets, like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the Personal care industry. If you are a member of one of the above markets, you might have difficulty choosing the right supplier that suits your needs as a client. Here is a helpful guide to see what ingredients can be offered for your industry, and what qualities you should look for in a supplier. 


The Food Industry


Ingredient suppliers can focus on ingredients for various markets in the food industry: baking; confectionary; meat and seafood; snacks and cereal; and seasoning are all markets that source ingredients from suppliers. Even the pet industry relies on the same suppliers for ingredients for their pet food. Ideally, a company’s portfolio of ingredients reflects the current food market and adjusts with cultural trends, innovations and production issues. 


Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Industries


These ingredients are sourced for products found in all the aisles of your local drugstore. Pharmaceutical ingredients are available for more medicinal products like creams, capsules and sanitizers. The Personal care industry focuses on personal hygiene and beauty, so their ingredients are sourced for products like antiperspirants, body washes, cosmetics, creams, lotions and cleansers. Personal care products utilize ingredients like conditioners, foam boosters, colours, essential oils and butters for their specific formulas.


What To Look For In A Supplier


If you are a member of the food, pharmaceutical, or personal care industry in search of an ingredient supplier, look for a company that is multi-faceted and reliable. For example, the supplier CCC Ingredients has over 25 years of experience selling food and pharmaceutical ingredients, and they supply high-quality ingredients to serve their diverse list of clients, and they continue to innovate for future demands.


CCC Ingredients is an ideal choice because they use global scouting and sourcing to stay aware of the trends for the markets that they serve. For example, after Madagascar (the world’s biggest exporter of vanilla) was hit with a cyclone, the price of vanilla skyrocketed. The company Solvay Aroma Performance noticed that this was an opportunity to market their product line for Vanillin as an alternative to vanilla pods from Madagascar — the manufacturer Solvay Aroma Performance is one of CCC Ingredients’ major partners. The company also keeps an eye on trends in the Personal care market, which is always booming even during financially turbulent times. A supplier that consistently evolves their ingredients to match market trends will be a highly profitable and rewarding choice for your business.


A supplier needs to have more than high-quality ingredients in order to be considered an exemplary choice. The ideal supplier needs to be reliable, experienced and aware of all the changes occurring in the markets they serve. If they supply food ingredients, then the company needs to constantly evolve with trends and cultural desires, like veganism or fad diets. If they supply pharmaceutical and health ingredients, the company needs to adhere to shifting ideals in health, beauty and sustainability. The right supplier is prepared to evolve with their clients and consumers in order to deliver the best results. 

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