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Someone living in America is not immune from random acts of violence. According to the FBI in America violent crimes are decreasing. Yet in 2013, an estimated 1,163,146 violent crimes occurred nationwide, yes a decrease of 4.4% from a decrease from the 2012 estimate but still too many.

In American, every 107 seconds a person is sexually assaulted. Annually the U.S. Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)—collects data and there is an average of 293,066 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year. This is also a decrease of more than 50% in recent years. But if you are assaulted it does not matter what the stats say.  

The bottom line - Every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States. A violent crime occurs every 26 seconds!  Experts all agree, staying alert and aware in your surroundings is an important first step in self-defense. Yet devices are now made to help keep us safe. Such as, devices we wear can provide some safety, perhaps act as a deterrent to crime.

A Chicago area inventor/entrepreneur, Caroline Olah, wanted to keep her family safe. She invented a bracelet that is ready to defend at a moment's notice, when seconds count! Her bracelet is fashionable, water resistant, and weighs only ONE ounce.  The Little Viper bracelet is loaded with pepper spray. It is a fashion accessory that can come in handy during a life threatening emergency.

Caroline Olah stated “I have two daughters and the way this world is going, I am very afraid for them. I believe that we all need to work TOGETHER and STOP this epidemic! We cannot control other's behavior and just assume or hope that by educating, inspiring, or trying to reason with others, sexual assault will cease to exist! Women and men need to DEFEND themselves and not assume the 'problem' will be taken care of by others! We need to inform others of all the 'tools' they have at their disposal.”  

The following is a suggestion of how to be safe with the Little Viper. When you sense that you are in danger, keep your wrist (with bracelet on) ready. Know where the nozzle for the pepper spray is on your bracelet.  Pinch the canister section between your thumb and index finger. And then point and spray short bursts at the face of your assailant.

Pepper spray, used by nearly every law enforcement agency is an excellent self-defense product. It is derived from the cayenne pepper plant, oleoresin capsicum.  Cayenne peppers, are some of the hottest peppers in the world. The extraction of oleoresin capsicum, OC, takes place in an organic solvent such as ethanol and involves finely ground capsicum.  Pepper spray was used by the US Postal Service in the early 1980’s as a dog repellent. It is non-lethal and very effective when sprayed at the facial area and in the eyes. It puts distance between you and your assailant. The spray gives you time to escape and seek help.

The Little Viper features:

  • Weighs only 1 oz!
  • 10% OC pepper spray (.04grams)
  • Contains 3-6 bursts with a 3' range!
  • Adjustable silicone bracelet (8.5" long, one size fits most) with world’s smallest pepper spray canister!
  • Fashionable, low-profile design so no one will know you’re carrying pepper spray!!
  • Water resistant for joggers/runners and sports enthusiasts.
  • Maximum strength formula to cause coughing, choking, and an intense burning sensation while forcing the attacker’s eyes shut.

Little Viper was featured on Steve Harvey , NBC Chicago 5 Morning News, and KTLA 5 Los Angeles, Suncoast View ABC7 (Sarasota), Fox 6 Birmingham, Fox 5 San Diego, KCTV 5 CBS Kansas City, and CBS 2 New York.  

The Little Viper is a device that looks like a fashion statement but offers protection on the go. It's a useful personal self-defense item because it's non-lethal, safe for the user yet immediately effective on the attacker and gives you the opportunity to get away!  

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