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Packaging is an important part of any move. The right packaging ensures the safety of every transported thing. Companies, which provide moving services, always pay attention to this stage of preparation of things and furniture.

This allows you to avoid unwanted external influences that occur during the transportation. The right chosen packaging protects against shock, scratches, making the subjects protected from external irritants. It reduces the influence of extreme temperatures, sunlight, hides the object from dust and dirt.

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In addition, it protects items during their prolonged storage, suggesting different seasonal effects, such as heat and cold, excessive dryness or moisture, condensation, temperature changes.

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Different types of packaging

What kinds of packaging are used while moving:

  • Boxes of different sizes;
  • Cardboard sheets;
  • Paper;
  • Packing blankets;
  • Stretch film;
  • Bubble film;
  • Adhesive tape.

Characteristic of packing materials

The main and most frequently used type of packaging is cardboard boxes. They are divided according to purpose: for documents, office equipment and cardboard wardrobes (also known as a box for clothes).

Boxes for documents are widely used in the case of office moving and apartment moving. They carry not only books and documents but also any small items from the desktop.

PCs, monitors, printers, multifunction printers and other dimensional items are always packed in boxes for office equipment

Cardboard wardrobe is a tall rectangular box with a cross inside. There are hung items outerwear like suits, shirts, cloaks, coats, fur coats, etc. It protects them from dust, moisture, dirt and other such influences.


Paintings, plasma televisions, stands and other items having large dimension are usually packaged in cardboard sheets. Cardboard sheets are standalone package and must be ordered separately.

Bubble film and packing blankets are universal and most frequently used type of packaging that hides the surface of various goods from external influences. Bubble wrap is single-use packaging, but the blankets are for multiple using. They are intended to eliminate chips, scratches and other damage while driving.

In packing blankets or bubble wrap they pack pictures, plasma screens, glass tables, cabinets, chairs, in other words, objects which may be accidentally damaged.

Stretch film. It is wound on the surface of various pieces of furniture, pulling construction, which prevents it from slacking. It also protects from moisture, dust and other contaminants.

Adhesive tape. It’s necessary attribute for move, irreplaceable and the most consumed material. With its help they fasten cardboard boxes, the surfaces of packed items.

Labeling the packed objects plays a very important role, because you must specify where the top and where the bottom of the object, where the most fragile part (the screen or a plasma panel). This will allow you to properly transport the subject in a normal position and avoid its damage.

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