Moving To LA With Kids - Tips To Helping Them Adjust

Thinking of moving cross country to the great city of Los Angeles? If you’re looking for great weather, a diverse community, lots of fun activities, and a great place to raise children then you’ve made the right choice. Moving, whether across town or across the country can have an emotional impact on children of all ages. Not wanting to leave their comfort zone, family members, and friends behind they can begin to display these emotions in various ways.

While their emotions don’t necessarily have to prevent you from changing your plans to move, you’ll want to do everything you can to help them adjust. The best way to do this is to show them how much fun life in Los Angeles can be for children. Below are some suggestions on how to help your children adapt to the move.

1.  Show Them Kid-Friendly Attractions

Do some research on fun things in or around the Los Angeles area that your kids might be interested in trying. For instance, there are fun things like Big Bear Mountain if they’re into winter sports. There are also other attractions that include skating rinks, zoos, beaches, and more that they might enjoy. By showing them the fun they can have by moving to LA, the adjustment will be a lot easier for them to handle.

2.  Get Them Involved in Local Activities

The hardest part of moving to a new location for kids is being the “new kid on the block”. They have to start all over making new friends and this can take time. However, you can help them by involving them in local activities for children. If your kid is into sports, allowing them to join a school team or local community team is a great way for them to connect with other children their age. If they’re into musical instruments like the piano or guitar, you can look into music programs in the area. If there are none, you can also look online for an instructor who offers guitar lessons.

3.  Let Them Visit The School

Prior to their first day of instruction why not schedule a visit for the school your child is enrolled in. Allowing them to see the school and familiarize themselves with some of the students, you can eliminate a lot of those first day gitters that kids get. Many schools are open to visits or tours of the facilities and they may even allow your child to introduce themselves to the class ahead of time. This can make making friends a lot easier.

4.  Host a Kid-Friendly Function

As if moving and unpacking aren’t enough, once you get settled, hosting an event at your place for the children can be a great way for them to get to know their neighbors. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can do something as simple as a meet and greet where you serve a few refreshments and allow folks from the neighborhood to come over and get to know you and your children.

5.  Allow Them to Bring Part of “home” with Them

Another great option when trying to get your child to adapt to live in Los Angeles is to allow them to bring a part of their old home with them. Take pictures of their room, allow them to take pictures with their friends, and even exchange numbers. When they have a way of looking back on where they once lived, they don’t feel like a big part of their life has been left behind or forgotten.

At the end of the day kids are more resilient than adults. They will eventually bounce back from the emotional affects of moving, but it can’t hurt to help them adjust. By finding fun things to do, getting them involved in local activities, hosting functions, and reaching out to the schools you help to ease some of your child’s fears as they transition into their new life. In a few months or so, they’ll probably forget that they ever doubted moving in the first place. s

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