Luxuries Bring it on

Recently I had a crash course in Luxury. It was amazing to think that
too from a Saint who had relinquished his extremely wealthy lifestyle
to become a wandering saint from city to city with just a single piece
of clothing and not a single possession in the world.
So luxury and sainthood…hand in hand… GOD IN GUCCI OR LOUIS BUTTON.

He told me” He never has to look after anything in his life, because
he has no possessions, he has no home ,but has one house in
practically every city in India, more than what Mukesh Ambani ,the
world's 4 richest man, who has recently built a 3 billion dollar home
in Mumbai,he  can
boast of.These homes are well maintained and he does not have top worry
about their maintenance,he does not have to even bother with their
running efficiently, he eats only when hungry so no storage, to top it
his devotees invite him home and each of them makes about seven-ten
dishes and he had a feast of 40-50 dishes per meal to choose
from.Wow!again more than even what the richest can speak about. He
never puts on weight because he walks everywhere, hence no diseases,
he only wears white which is always in vogue so he’s a fashionista, he
sleeps at sundown so no need to leave a big carbon footprint”.
I heard this in amazement and wondered am I chasing a mirage, because
he sure is on the right path and he doesn’t have a care in the world
.He looks fresher and younger than me and is at peace with himself. So
where am I going wrong???I think all of us know the answer we are
running after things that are transitory and stuck in a vicious cycle
of acquisition with little dispensation, our little worlds of meanness
a,hierarchy,bossing over the poor and we then get our comeuppance from
someone who has a bigger better deal from someone more powerful. Look
at ahem Mike Tyson(where is he now?),OJ Simpson,the Egyptian President
the list is
But I hope we learn and move on to the REAL LUXURIES…THE LOIN CLOTHED
(The dots are the envy and pain we feel)

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