Exclusive Interview with God


God is sitting on a high backed chair dressed to the nines and his/her demeanour and razor sharp intelligence can give me a run for my money. Instinctively I smarten up and mentally prepare for the interview of a lifetime


God: Hello, I believe we need no introductions as we have known each other for a while.

Me: Yes, of course. So what is going on with the world today? Why is there a complete emphasis on materialism at all costs?


God: When man was created there was no price tags attached on various bodily functions. The brain, arms, legs, the internal systems like digestive and respiratory were created for free. Over a period of time they have a diminished value and when the human body, which is priceless, is now being recreated for a price –a better nose, slimmer legs, you can imagine the importance of money as a cure for all ills. There is a belief that Money can buy you anything.


Me: Can money buy you anything?

God :( wearing a bemused expression) Sure. You can try and see if it can buy you peace of mind, truefriendship, unconditional love, a mother’s love for her child, a calm sleep. I think humans have coined the phrase, Time is money, so just wondering whether money can buy you time that has already gone by.


Me :( Very confused) If it can’t buy all these things then why are we running after it?

God :( LAUGHING ALOUD) That is the funny part. The best things in life like sunshine, air we breathe, the trees that sway, moonlight are free.Besides, I also have a little joke that I have played on humans I control birth and death so all the money in the world can’t buy you even one additional second of time on earth. I have granted all the priceless treasures to human beings and all I tell them is to live well and be human.


Me: Can you elaborate on that?

God: I’m afraid our time is up. So maybe next time.

Me :( trying to hanker for some extra time and then knowing by looking at God about his views on time….I depart gracefully, hoping for a second interview soon)


Till next time from God and me

Peace, love and value yourself



Vandana Shah is the award winning author of “360 Degrees Back To Life” and the Editor of Ex-Files


Email me on [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter: Vandy4PM




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