Christy Little Jones and My Relationship Revolution

Are you Wife Material? Ask yourself:

1.    Am I everything that I want my husband to be? You will manifest who you are. If you have a laundry list of what you want in your husband, be sure you are those things too.

Christy Little Jones and My Relationship Revolution

2.    Am I expressing myself authentically in my relationships or am I shrinking the greatness of who I am to make others more comfortable? It’s very easy to play small in an effort to reach the goal of being in a committed relationship or even marriage. But, I promise you, if you do not fully express YOU now, it will eventually come out and it will not be pretty.

3.    Am I a people-pleaser? Do I morph into whomever the person I am in relationship with wants me to be? This is tiring. As you age, you will realize that this way of living is impossible and for the birds.

4.    Do I know who I am? Do I understand my identity? You were born for greatness! In spite of what you have been told or how you have been raised, you have the power within you to make decisions that can change your life…forever.

5.    Am I living in fear or in the pain of past relationships that are ultimately blocking me from experiencing true love and happiness? Fear is a beast! If you don’t face it head on, it will constantly pursue you until it wins. A life of “just existing” is the result.

After experiencing a failed marriage, Christy is committed to sharing her message that encourages and equips women to become authentic and confident as single women before getting married. Christy believes "the credibility of marriage" has gone down the tubes. With relationships shown in the media and the plethora of couples who 'play married' but 'shack up' instead, this weakens hope that a marriage can actually end up happily. There are way too many women who reduce their magnificence in order to obtain their dream of marriage. As a result, they end up marrying beneath them. Then they find themselves either trapped or filing for divorce.”

With her very transparent, no-sugar coating approach, Christy prepares women to make one of the most important decisions in their life…marriage. Even more, Christy inspires women to wake up to the truth that each person has a mandate to show up real and ready for life – to consciously and intentionally design every day in a way that inspires action and influences change in that person and in relationships.

More about My Relationship Revolution:

My Relationship Revolution is a national coaching and resource center helping women who desire to get married and who want to get the most out of their life. By discovering your true identity, embracing your power influence and living what you believe, you manifest who you are. Christy believes that, "before moving into powerful relationships, women have to first find their power within and become who they want to attract."

More about Christy Little Jones:

Christy is a highly sought after national speaker that passionately expresses her love, joy and experience as a single woman, wife and mom in a very real and engaging way.

With a successful father hailed the NFL Football Hall of Famer, Class 2010 (Floyd Little: Denver Broncos) and a mother graced as one of the first black models in Seventeen and Mademoiselle Magazines in the early 1960's, Christy has maintained that invigorating entrepreneurial spirit and ventured into the world of marriage and relationship coaching. 



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