Are Dads the New Moms? Blog Review - A Step Forward in Emancipation

The blog by Stephanie Azzarone on gives us some insight into a new trend towards emancipation. Instigated by a modern society with advanced telecommunication, flexible working hours and the economic recession, men see themselves pushed into the role of stay-at-home dad. Still a bit uneasy with their new tasks, they turn to online blogs for help and support from other dads. As Azarrone mentions, mom blogs are very common these days but this is not because there are more traditional mothers around, women just thrive on interaction and sharing experiences. Instinctively, men are more inclined towards ranking and competition and house holding just does not provide enough of a challenge. If these elements are naturally missing from their environment, they will just go around and create it themselves. Blogs give fathers the opportunity to brag and brawl about their kids and newest cooking and cleaning gadgets. They are not online to exchange tips on potty training and diaper genies, and they are certainly not becoming like the new moms.

Stay-at-home dads are reaching out for help on the web

Stephanie Azzarone and the rest of today’s society will need to let go the concept of absolute equality between men and women. Sociologists in the eighties supported the idea that men and women were born equally and differences between them only occur due to upbringing. Failed experiments proved them horribly wrong. David Reimer was a Canadian boy from Winnipeg who lost his penis during a badly performed circumcision when he was only eight months old. The doctor and psychologists decided to let him grow up as a girl. They believed that gender does not stem from genetics but from nurture.  However, David could never identify himself as a female and he eventually he killed himself.

It seems that especially females are looking for commonalities between men and women in order to portray themselves as victims of a macho culture. Azzarone turns an economic phenomenon into a step forward on the path to gender equality. Men do not want to be stay-at-home dads nor will they ever aspire to continue to be one. Dad blogs are a temporary solution for men who are looking for a challenge and male bonding. In her blog, Stephanie Azzarone points out how men mainly focus on sports, technology and beer brands. Dads are trying to hold on to their male identity in a female dominated field through online communication with other daddies.

men in a women's world

Azzarone was right about one thing: dads are trying to cope with the loss of their jobs. To pull themselves out of the isolation of the house they go online and reassure their manhood with other dads. As long as cleaning and raising children cannot entice men, women will be expected to take over the business as soon as the economy pulls itself out of the recession. Dads may be faced with a job in a women’s world but they are not settling for the position of new mom. Just remember that boys will never be girls.


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