6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Garden

When you need to improve your garden, it is better to begin with simple and effective steps that will give you quick results. Then you will be encouraged to take more steps to achieve a full garden makeover. Here are 5 steps that you can take now to improve the appearance of your home garden.

1. Do Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is removing the lower branches from shrubs and trees. This can make them look very attractive. It will enhance their shape, clean them up and cause air to circulate round the plant and create opportunities to add more plants below them. Focus on branches that are disfiguring the plant or touching the ground. To do this, ensure that you sharpen your cutting tools to give a clean cut.

2. Dress the Top of Your Pots

Scrape off the topmost 5 centimeters of compost from the pots of plants that have very firm roots. This will help you to take off dead leaves, moss and weeds. Replace this with a fresh layer of compost. You can also add decorative mulch then water the new compost. If you discover any stubborn or perennial weeds, remove them with a garden knife.

3. Add New Garden Furniture

Add new furniture in your garden or patio to create a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself with friends and family. New furniture from reputable companies like Outdoor Art Pros will provide a place where you can enjoy outdoor meals, barbeque and even host garden parties with your neighbors. 

4. Create New Flowerbeds

If you have some lawn space to spare, dig it up and add a few new plants. Use a spade to cut into the desired part of the lawn. Then insert a spade horizontally to lift it. Make a few cuts along the area so you can lift manageable portions of the turf at a time. Loosen up the ground by digging around it and them add a few new plants. 

5. Clean up Your Pots

Cleaning up your pots will make your patio look polished and attractive. So fill a medium sized bucket with warm water, add some detergent and get to work with a scrubbing brush. One after the other, scrub the external part of your patio pots. It will bring out the beauty of the pots and your plants.

6. Remove All Old or Tired Plants

If you discover that some plants are longer doing well, you should be bold enough to get rid of them. Any old shrubs that are loosing vigor or limping along in your garden should fall into this category. Dig them up to improve the look of your garden instantly. 

Those are some of the simplest ways to improve your garden immediately. Without spending a lot of money, you can use these tips to make your garden a more beautiful and attractive environment.

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